The legend of the Bermuda Triangle was given new life by author Charles Berlitz’s best-selling book, The Bermuda Triangle (1974). They checked the trunk, the seats, the engine, everything. Everything seemed to be going the way Paige wanted it to, but then her little family’s happy life came to an abrupt halt when, one day, she just disappeared. They already had an idea of what Paige would do during the week, they now knew who she had appointments with and where she would meet them. They’d long believed she was dead but the confirmation was devastating. Paige, 34, worked more than three jobs to give them everything they needed. Edwards’ disappearance has been the subject of several books. The killing of President John F. Kennedy in 1963 has gone down in history as one of its greatest mysteries. On June 28, 2007, Paige met up with her first husband for the afternoon. Their analysis confirmed that the geoglyphs were modeled after three bird species: hermit, pelican, and guano. One story claims that the river of Jordan stopped flowing and was completely still while priests carried the ark across. Tudor King Henry VIII tore down the church buildings in which Richard III was buried making him one of the very few English monarchs with an unknown burial place for a time. At first, he denied knowing Paige, then admitted that he’d had a naked massage from her. Paige didn’t ask for help from anyone. Over a thousand artifacts, including coins, broken statues, and pots, were found; however, Cleopatra’s tomb remains a secret. The car was completely stripped in an effort to ensure nothing was missed. Scientists claim that it is still too early to confirm why the pre-Inca humans showed interest in non-native birds. The key was to uncover the reason why Paige and Lester were always calling each other. A few miles away, her belongings were found scattered on the highway. It was Paige’s red car, two miles away from her home. In a different interview, it was Callie, Paige’s sister, who revealed the last sad truth of this tragic tale. The police read the details Paige had written out in the planner. But there was more than one side to this seemingly simple woman. The limousine carrying President Kennedy was a 1961 Lincoln Continental four-door convertible, code-named ‘the X-100’. The two might have survived as castaways before meeting their untimely death. They would then work together to transport these pillars within distances as far as 100-500 meters. The former is a natural product of the surrounding area, while the latter is believed to have been brought from afar. The divers said that the search on water was different and more difficult than the search on land. Aside from tombs, the pyramids are also filled with images and paintings that depict the lives and colorful history of ancient Egyptians. Legend has it that long ago, evil spirits rose out of that lake and killed hundreds of people near the area. How could Paige leave her three kids without even a message? His joy was abruptly cut short when he stumbled across something that chilled him to the bone: the undeniable form of a human skull.. Unsettled, he immediately reported what he had seen and it was collected by experts for examination. Her mind was entirely occupied with arriving at that special place and seeing the face of someone she once loved dearly,  again. The original work was simply a circular bank along with a ditch enclosure. The tallest one is 16 feet in height, and the most massive ring is 65 feet in diameter. The presence of these etchings in the Nazca Lines remains a mystery. Their father had made some risky gambles with his business so, by the time they separated in 2006, he was declared bankrupt. However, Kaufman is yet to reappear to prove his claims. In 2012, partially-buried skeletal remains, later revealed to be Paige Birgfeld, were found by a hiker. Sasquatch is described as a 15-foot tall monster, standing erect and emitting a warcry-like high pitched sound. The Mona Lisa is the most famous, if not the most beautiful painting in the world. Cyclops carried around 11,000 tons of manganese ore and was almost 550 long. The Hanging Gardens would have needed over 8000 gallons of water every day. The Great Sphinx is one of the few surviving sculptures of the ancient world. Did He Leave “Forged in Fire”? They had so many questions about where their mum was – but no one had the answers. She was beautiful, with a smile that lit up a room, and she was utterly devoted to her three children. In 2009, Zahi Hawass, an archeologist, claimed that the temple of Taposiris Magna, west of Alexandria, is the burial site for Cleopatra and Anthony. After her divorce with Rob, she had to work single-highhandedly for her three children. According to his close friends, Kaufman often joked about faking his own death and returning after a number of years, claiming that it would be the “ultimate prank”. Some of them say that Atlantis is in Cadiz, between the waters of Spain and Morocco. Initially, scientists thought that the unusual hue was due to poisonous gases, but seismic activity tests proved otherwise. Far from complaining, Paige just worked harder with her pre-school dance business and took on other jobs to make money. DNA testing confirmed that the body belonged to none other than King Richard III. It was not until he called her home two days later that he found out she was missing. Upon arrival, they witnessed the strangest thing: the usually bright blue waters of the lake turned into a deep, murky red body of water. Frank and Suzanne Birgfeld, Paige’s parents, left Denver. The search parties swore the canyons and valleys had some kind of deceptive magic in them. The police had to tiptoe while doing the investigative work. Nearly three years after the disappearance, the fate of the aircraft was still unknown with nothing to show for their work, and all the search efforts had been called off. He also stated that the unusual objects traveled at a speed beyond the capabilities of the most advanced aircraft of the time.

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