2018-11-2, Blizzcon 2018 Overwatch: What's New Panel, BlizzCon 2018 Overwatch: What’s Next Panel Transcript, 'Overwatch' Devs Discuss McCree and Ashe's Relationship, MORE ON OVERWATCH HERO “ASHE,” ABILITIES, GAMEPLAY, “REUNION” ANIMATED SHORT, The next Overwatch novel stars a young McCree and Ashe, Overwatch McCree Short "Reunion" post-credit scene, BLIZZARD GEAR: PAST, PRESENT & FUTURE PANEL UNVEILS LOTS OF NEW GEAR, https://overwatch.gamepedia.com/Ashe?oldid=118908. D. Va's Defense Matrix can block all of Ashe's attacks and her Boosters can chase down Ashe and maintain a close-range advantage. Sigma | can capture the Point or push the Payload as a normal player can. The knockback from Coach Gun is consistent across its hitbox, but the damage lessens the further away from Ashe an enemy is. Ashe is less effective at close range and relies on her Coach Gun to maintain distance from her opponents. Ashe views her Deadlock Gang as her family (as a substitute to her neglectful parents). Quotes Page is hacked, B.O.B. Additionally, they gave the rifle a unique and satisfying reload mechanic, with Ashe reloading one bullet at a time in a dynamic loop that can be interrupted to resume firing. McCree attempts to be friendly towards Ashe, but she is mercilessly vengeful against McCree: trying to kill him in a shootout and threatening to rip off his 'other arm'. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. Origin Her principles: keep your word, don’t work with the law, respect each other’s territory, and always punish betrayal. However, McCree got the upper hand with a pack of grenades that Zeke had dropped on the ground earlier in a panic, shooting them mid-air and incapacitating the gang. B.O.B. were robbing a military train carrying various weapons when McCree arrived having intercepted the train to secure one thing being held by the train:The android Echo who is one of Overwatch's agents, after having intercepted Winston's recall. Ashe: OW Heroes wiki and database. Deadlock Rebels To steal back what was rightfully hers, Ashe teamed up with B.O.B. Explore Overwatch. At Ashe's suspicion that his presence was not a coincidence, McCree confirmed that he had sent the tip about the train knowing that she couldn't resist, and all he wanted in return was a specific crate, telling Ashe that she could have everything else. Michael Chu stated that Ashe has lived in Texas, as evidence in her origin story video by the bluebonnet field, oil pump, and Texas Longhorn skulls on her family property and the TX in the serial number on her booking placard. However, he refused to elaborate on what it contained. A common, powerful tactic is to use Ana's Nano Boost on B.O.B. Spread increases after firing 3 shots and reaches its maximum upon the 6th shot. If Ashe moves left or right, even slightly, then it can affect her aim. Her parents were highly sought-after business consultants and coaches for powerful CEOs around the world. Despite this strong bond, Ashe is willing to send her gang into dangerous situations and scolds them severely if they fail their mission.

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