From left to right: Demiurge, Mare, Shalltear, Albedo, Ainz, Sebas, Aura, and Cocytus. However, they revolted after the truth was discovered. Heavy Masher (ヘビーマッシャー, Hebīmasshā) was a Worker Group based in the Baharuth Empire. They were later interrogated and tortured to death by Nazarick's NPCs, effectively disbanding the group. clearInterval(window.waitFeedbackURL); *End of spoiler*We'll see where it goes from here! Power-wise, Momonga is not the strongest member of Ainz Ooal Gown guild despite being an extremely powerful sorcerer himself. It is the strongest human nation, promoting human supremacy and the persecution of other races. make up a bunch of stuff using my own headcannon.\, Using this you can really see how Ainz can 1 shot Mid-tier beings. New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast, Press J to jump to the feed. He is considered to be an extremely versatile combatant among Ainz Ooal Gown ranks. This is a list of characters appearing in the novel series Overlord , written by Kugane Maruyama and illustrated by so-bin, and its anime and manga adaptations. I am curious what the hell does the [Special] stat does. Like other maids, she possesses beautiful and alluring appearance. It specializes in aquatic farming, a new technique brought in by Zaryusu Shasha after wandering the outside world. The twin Aura and Mare is a special case since they are both Guardians of the 6th Floor and both are created by a single creator named Bukubukuchagama. if( entryTitle.length > 0 ) feedbackName.value += entryTitle[0].textContent || entryTitle[0].innerText; The Slane Theocracy (スレイン法国, Surein-hō-Koku), usually referred to as the Theocracy, is a human nation neighboring Nazarick. Clockwise from top: Ainz, Demiurge, Sebas, Albedo and Cocytus, Shalltear, Mare, and Aura. This article is for the original Overlord. As the Overlord season 2 has already launched on Jan 9th, it is probably a good time to round up all the badass characters from the Great Tomb of Nazarick. They also gained great influence over Nazarick's affairs due to each of them being the leader of their respective floor. I think it goes like Origin > True Ancestors > Nobles > commoners > lesser > ghouls, -.- ghoul are not they are undead that eat human there more likely be upper class of zombie a.k.a zombie that have brain that eat living somethings like that much more from what i thought, -.- ghoul are not they are undead that eat human there more likely be upper lv of zombie a.k.a zombie that have brain that eat living somethings like that much more from what i thought, hmm... reener profile is a little suspicious with the actress thing and that "but" at the end.3. Thanks to Momonga’s teaching, she gradually learns about containing herself and stays careful towards everything even human. In addition, Aura and Shalltear often quarrels with each other. They managed to invade to the 8th floor; however, they were stopped by Victim, thus leading to their demise. The Black Scripture (しっこくせいてん, Shikkoku Seiten) is one of the Six Scriptures of the Slane Theocracy. I'm sure that Ainz is gonna get overthrown for being an imposter, or unfaithful to the supreme beings, or atleast for being a weakling. While they didn't enter the tomb, they were all killed by a group of Undead while guarding the entrance, effectively disbanding the group. And like all other denizens of Nazarick, Victim is extremely loyal towards the supreme leaders of Nazarick. While they were able to lay siege to the Northern Holy Kingdom, a rebel force known as the Holy Kingdom Liberation Army was eventually able to drive them out with aid from Nazarick. It's a little disturbing to see the change happen in the guardians, especially albedo. when momonga was the only one to actually stay behind with them, and because her settings were changed to include her love for momonga, i think she developed a hatred for the name that reminds her of what had abandoned them. make up a bunch of stuff using my own headcannon.\. Afterwards, survivors swore servitude to Ainz. Those are the members of the Great Tomb of Nazarick we’ve seen so far. Her magical defense capability is definite impressive; however, that also depends on her opponent’s level. Although having beautiful human appearance, she despises weaklings especially humans. However, the others were non-humans and thus weren't honored. Do not believe them! Upon arriving in the New World, Nazarick began rapidly expanding its influence. Nazarick needs a sword master if for no other reason than to test if it is possible to learn the sword techniques of people like Brain and Gazef. The Abelion Hills (アベリオン丘陵, Aberion Kyūryō) is a vast wilderness inhabited by all kinds of Demi-Human tribes who are constantly attempting to invade the neighboring Roble Holy Kingdom. Most of these ability would be available through racial class or job class with limited fighting power. (Source: Internet). The Eight Fingers (八本指) is an underground syndicate within Re-Estize Kingdom. It also explains why the twin has peculiar personalities which we will discuss later. As should be obvious to all fans of Overlord which has a hard magic/battle system and classes and level differences make all difference as there ain't no Emo-powah-of friendship crap gonna save you here! Ainz’s 100 in the Special stat probably influences his undead abilities, e.g. Its members specialize in combat. I guess Albedo would even betray her creator if he would try to oppose Ainz/Momonga. Fortunately, Cocytus came to respect the Lizardmen and requested Ainz to show them mercy, causing him to place them under his supervision. (Source: Internet). Also, despite the name, there were actually more than thirteen members. She even shows high sense of jealousy towards every woman who seems to be close to Ainz. Shalltear is often described as the “true beauty” and to be honest, she does look cute and beautiful. Dragon Tusk (ドラゴン・タスク, Doragon Tasuku) is one of the five Lizardman tribes. Overlord has quite a tanky playstyle, so there are many times when Ainz cant oneshot even something weaker than a mid tier. Apply the code below at checkout for a 5% discount. The lizardmen eventually join under Nazarick. In addition, Shalltear is like a bane of Magic Casters. I don't really think it's likely, but it would be interesting to see how it would pan out if Nazarick had control over a girl with royal blood! Tenmu (天武, Tenmu) was a Worker Group based in the Baharuth Empire. Atk, Mag. who is the least-bad person in the government (note that I didn't use the word good or better because they are bad)... Would be Raven I guess, turns out he is a really nice guy. I believe Special has to do with how strong racial/job class abilities are. Atk, Mag. Special ability that can only be used by a certain race or job,I think? Ive misread demirugosu as demi uggo cause it doesn't have the "-su" xD, He did something similar in the ss when he one shot the night lich with maximize magic reality slash, So I wanted to show the real hard numbers and true quantified level differences between the Level 100 Nazarick characters and those in the Mid-tier as well as the New World beings. In Pokemon terms, Shalltear is like Mega Rayquaza with her stats. For the Boss version of this tank, see Fallen Overlord. I'm relatively new here but I wanted to address the Overlord Stats that have been revealed so far that was wonderfully compiled into a nice sheet by @balticmsww (much thanks) which you can check out at his post here (There are a few errors on the sheet like Sebas having 0Mp Attk tho but I found an updated version) : Reply Delete. However, around 500 years ago, they went to war with the YGGDRASIL players known as the Eight Greed Kings (八欲王, Hachiyoku-o) and lost, resulting in their kind being reduced to a handful. ainz ooal gown was to represent their guild and all of the 41 supreme beings. First of all, despite being angel, Victim has a… weird appearance of a pink fetus with angelic halo and stick-like, feather-less wings. Hmm, why is it that Gazef, Climb, and Brain are of unknown levels, but the Lizardmen have known levels? main character. Def, Agility, Mag. We would love to hear your thoughts, concerns or problems with anything so we can improve!

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