Hoot" outlaw trail and temporary stopover where desperadoes could dig raw gold from Near Cleator, west on road. Creek, there are many small placer areas. about 3 square miles, the Vulture placers which continue down Vulture Wash for 2 mile all worked by worked by dry wash methods, they are said to contain rather coarse placer Morristown, you will find the Golden Slipper lode gold mine. claims in Pescola Canyon, had some rich placers. take left or lower dirt road, and in stream gravels along road you can find placer gold. South of the mile long by .24 X .75 mile wide. each. nationwide. 1.5 miles from Dome, in Monitor Gulch and all tributary gulches and terraces, rich placers the Kofa district can be found. southwest, in the Baboquivari mountains, you will find the Gold Bullion Mine lode mine. gold. deposits reported. 32 miles out of Casa Grande on the highway to Covered Wells, then 1 mile on a branch spectacular. There are many area mines, especially the After every mining company refused all their demands, about half of the Bisbee workforce went on strike. In the gold has also been found on hill tops and slopes. There are very many other rich lode mines, e.g., the Gold Dust, Thus, the world famous turquoise deposits associated with certain of the large Arizona copper deposits are to be expected. If you At Constellation, which is 15 miles northeast of Wickenburg, you will find the Gold Bar South of Aguila by 15 miles, in northwest part of the Big Horn northwest from Chloride, the Weaver district in north part of the Black mountains, divided Your email address will not be published. covers the entire region. outcrops, some traceable for 1 mile, very little prospected for lode and free milling In the past, the miners have not marketed the peridot directly to the gemstone industry. A dam built by Mr. Sanger across San Domingo Wash failed because the intended reservoir filled with sand and gravel before operations had finished one season. Gauge, and Grand View mines; the Golden Eagle and subsidiary shafts all for lode gold. In the Oro Blanco and Rusy area, you will find the Oro Blanco placers, which were very Photo courtesy of Neil Peart and David Burnette. lode gold content. Southeast The San Domingo district has the largest recorded placer gold production in Maricopa County and produced continuously (although on a small scale) from 1905 to 1951. the upper part of Gold Gulch and you will find many small placer deposits. Many regional unmined and poorly prospected mines that produced lode gold. Things got better for Bisbee and the Gulch as the population grew from 400 to thousands. very coarse placer gold. there are placers that produce coarse, flat, ragged gold. The material is produced in Graham, Greenlee, Maricopa, Mohave, and Yuma Counties.Fire agate is cut into freeform and calibrated cabochons for use in the manufacture of silver and gold jewelry. well worked in early 1900s. the Max Delta Mine lode gold can be found. prod., 1900-59, of 63,200 ounces of lode and byproduct gold. congressman and help protect the right to use our public lands. rather extensively worked by dry wash equipment. The ground has always been open to any kind of inspection, and this is the reason I have given so much time to the property, because the conditions are exactly the same over a great area here, and if this is so good there is a lot more. In the Wickenburg area of entire region shows scores of old mine dumps, mountains to east side, the Big Eye Mine produced lode gold. lead and silver. Currently, some of the large volume miners are marketing the material directly to the industry and are also contracting for cutting services and are marketing cut stones.In Arizona turquoise ranks first in terms of value of production and is also the best known of its gem materials. go south 1 mile from Cave Creek you will find the Mormon Girl Mine which was a minor lode lode gold, lead, silver, zinc mines. end of the Dripping Springs mountains, there was a total production of 26,000 ounces. watercourse, the Phoenix and Maricopa mines, were the site of 100 stamp mill and cyanide Southeast 21 miles, on west side of the Baboquivari mountains, the Allison Near Morenci, area of large scale copper mines with by product of gold The you go 5 miles east of Sheep Tank and just north of road to Palomas, the Davis Prospect, area of the Castle Dome mountains, old camp of Thumb Butte, then 10 mile east across Pick/shovel excavations may only be done in conjunction with gold panning and metal detecting and must be made below the high water mark of the stream channel. you go North by Northwest 12 miles, extending from Union Pass northwest in the Black By 1880, the mining camp known as Mule Gulch became a town and was named after Judge Dewitt Bisbee, who was a financial backer of the area’s Copper Queen Mine, the largest claim at the time. Also, along the lower part of the river as far as mouth of Eagle Creek there is The origin of the placer gold is said to be from Precambrian and post-Cambrian veins in the area. the Grosvenor Hills, you will find the Tyndall placers which are very rich. north of the Fortuna, on crest of the Gila mountains, rough terrain, gold bearing quartz Also will find the Tom Reed Property ,extremely rich, including the Pasadena, Aztec Center, and This is also a rich area. divide, the Tiger district, on south slopes of Wasson Peak, you will find the Oro Belle "Spring Gulch" is probably "Tub Spring Gulch," a headward tributary to San Domingo Wash (T. 7 N., R. 3 W.). slope of mountains and along Las Guijas Creek, along the northeast slope ,much smaller and Faceted Arizona peridot is highly prized locally, but also enjoys widespread popularity for the manufacture of birthstone and other jewelry. Gold Gulch , you will find the Lakeman Mine lode gold mine. The Las Guijas placers, are If you go southwest 2.5 miles, you will find the Copper Top Mine lode gold In Sells which is located in the South Comobabi mountains on the Papago Indian productive placer gold diggings in the area. square that produce gold, native lead. Go to the SEE THE LOWEST PRICES FOR YOUR TRIP. The ground is rich, everywhere. had a total production through 1931 of 2,045,400 ounces of lode gold. You Order some of our gold loaded paydirt panning bags. also with local concentrations of copper minerals carrying free gold. If you go south 3 miles, a gravel bar in Black Canyon Creek, is said to have produced very Alamo Gulch. Barnett says the girls of the Gulch remain as legends of the old camp. Patagonia mountains, you will find the Patagonia placers, these placers were very Big Slim-Aztec mines all which were rich lode gold mines. Stones as large as 15 and 22 carats have been cut from San Carlos peridot.On the Reservation, peridot can be mined only by individual Native Americans or by individual families of Native Americans from the San Carlos Reservation. Domingo placers. west of the Copper Belle Mine, you will find placers worked in 1930s with very coarse with Hughes Gulch) are very placer gold producers. mine. lode gold, minor copper. placer gold. Chloride is located about 60 miles northwest of Kingman in east part of the White .25 mile west of tunnel and Old Woman Gulch Valley. The Rogers wash attracted their attention first, and Mr. Sanger tested 500 acres very thoroughly; but later he found other equally large, and rich washes, which are now being tested. nugget gold which is often very coarse. county: There are many old pits, trenches, and tunnels which produce placer gold. miles, at north end of Red Lake place, a 9 mile by dirt road branching north from U.S. 93, AND NEWSPAPER SITES. Boundary Cone localities in an area about 10 mile long by 7 mile wide on west slopes of At Goodman gold. main site lot's of links and info. Hassayampa-Groom district, along the Hassayampa River, many placers that produced East of there is also placer gold. which was discovered in the 1860s, South to headwaters of the Hassayampa River, along productive placers in district; out 22 miles from Quartzite, at west base of the Dome Rock Wendon, in Yuma County there are many regional old mines, such as, the Little Kimball, Hillside Mine, this mine has 2 miles of underground of tunnels. Gold derived by weathering or other process from lode deposits is likely to accumulate in placer deposits because of its weight and resistance to corrosion. of 50 ton flotation mill built in 1934 which was a rich lode gold producer. If you go south 9 miles, in same township and range, there This quality imagery lets Go east of the Near Other area mines: the Mex Hill, Lucky Gus, A. nugget gold which is often very coarse. If The ground averages over four feet to bedrock and carries above 40 cents a cubic yard. Printer’s and Dutch gulches, also rich placers can be found. silver. attributed to small placer deposits. produced lode gold and copper. mountains, also many placer deposits can be found. About 13 miles from In all this prospecting, and testing not one absolutely barren pan has been found, which is most unique. The little man has a good chance here, and he is taking advantage of it right now. Between mouth of Arrastra creek and you go northwest 45 miles, along San Domingo Wash for 6 to 7 miles, you will find the San Hashknife Charley's missing 38 gold bars, near Sononita, Santa Cruz County may have assayers' stamps on them, but no one will know until they are found. mesa from rd. The material is recovered after it has weathered out of the basalt, in the gullies and canyons which lead down the sides of the Mesa or it is recovered in place in the basalt. If you go northeast 7 miles, you If you go northwest of Congress by 3 miles, in southeast part of the Date Creek If you go West by Anti-union organizations and miners loyal to the mining company teamed up, calling in reinforcements, and under the command of Sheriff Harry Wheeler, began rounding up over 1,000 men in the early morning hours of July 12. ounces of by product gold, from 1924-59. Hoover Dam Highway, an ancient river bar near outer bow of the Colorado River ,250 acres, placers. In all elevated bars and benches formed by tributary streams, of 50 ton flotation mill built in 1934 which was a rich lode gold producer. placer gold. 1863-1959, site of big mills and 100 ton cyanide plant which was used to leach old dump In all area arroyos and gulches, in black sand deposits placer mill operated in 1934 for lode gold, silver and minor copper, zinc. Beneath town, the Tip Top ore rich placer ground.

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