It shouldn’t come as a surprise to see that most of these are rap songs. List RulesVote up the songs that are way too hot for the radio. Top 20 Dirtiest Songs Of All Time To Get Your Sexy Groove on, This was at that time the sexiest country music video ever. ODBs rhymes have stood the one true test and that is the test of time. This can be such a freaky thing to say let alone doing it. What’s really better than doing it? The tune off her second studio album The Notorious K.I.M. Yep, two songs titled "Jailbait" on our list and this one's no less pervy than Nugent's. So go ahead and bring it, Beyonce. Vote up the songs you think are the filthiest. Never gonna stop, give it up, such a dirty mind/I always get it up, for the touch of the younger kind Flickr How Hitler Happened: 36 Photos That Explain The Nazis' Rise, It Turns Out That The World's Oldest Tortoise Is Gay, Sort Of, What Stephen Hawking Thinks Threatens Humankind The Most, 27 Raw Images Of When Punk Ruled New York, Join The All That's Interesting Weekly Dispatch. As you can attest to the song title it’s literally answering the question, where can we do it? Barbara Mandrell jumped the shark and set society back a couple of decades with this song. These are, literally, the top 20 raunchiest songs about sex ever. I don't think there is a single person in their 20s who can't recite this song word-for-word, which is a testament to its cultural impact and, clearly its lyrical prowess. Conway Twitty was still a freak though and Pablo Escobar got fat and fell off a roof. Lil Kim has always had a way with trashy words. A preview of Texas Tech Football’s Halloween game against the Oklahoma Sooners. And, of course, country. Aging, mortality, saintly old women, dirty old men—these are perennial themes in pop and blues and soul. He was one of the founding members of the Wu-Tang Clan, a rap group primarily from Staten Island, New York that first rose to mainstream prominence with their 1993 debut album Enter the Wu-Tang: 36 Chambers. This includes infidelity, which is the subject of this 2010 track. Lil' Kim's 2000 song "How Many Licks?" We've heard the worst and we can take it. 25 Pervy Classic Rock Songs That Are Way Filthier Than Most People Realize. So, with further ado, here are selected lyrics from the dirtiest old country songs I could think of. He sings about the sinful. The enduring single from Massive Attack's 1998 album Mezzanine glides along with the rhythm of a heartbeat. In this episode of Throwback, we’re exploring all the double-entendres that were totally lost on us way back then. Russell Tyrone Jones (November 15, 1968 – November 13, 2004), better known by his stage name Ol' Dirty Bastard (often abbreviated as O.D.B. Vocalist Doug Fieger confessed that the song was written about his pining for 17-year-old Sharona Alperin, despite being seven years her senior. With or without the video, the song is a blast, as the powerhouse vocalist sings of "melting into" her guy so close that she can feel him breathe. What do you mean you're sleeping bag is rolled up behind her couch, Glen Campbell? There are songs for sex and there are songs for sharing your body, mind, and soul with your significant other through the sacred act of lovemaking. It makes one understand how NWA lyrics makes women feel. Still, it's hard not to raise an eyebrow when a man in his 30s sings... Nope, it's not an ode to a soft drink. The song entices its listener to engage in a steamy affair with The Weekend. Lying here beside you I hear the echoes of your sighsPromise me you'll stay with me and keep me warm tonightSo hold me close and love me, give my heart a smileMmm feels so right. On the plus side, at least he warns the girl to run. Enjoy the videos and music you love, upload original content, and share it all with friends, family, and the world on YouTube. The dirtiest old country songs I could think of New, 78 comments In my continuing series of important lists, here is a compilation of the dirtiest old country songs I could remember. It's as if this is the first song ever released loaded with innuendo and suggestive lyrics. 50 proved he was a lover, as well as a fighter in this salacious rap duet with former G-Unit diva Olivia. He says he can do everything your man does times three. Can Tech end the losing streak with the magic of a night game in Lubbock? Tell me that if Beyonce tried to sing about catching fish that couldn't be caught and waitin' with the bait that she wouldn't get arrested. November 1968 in Brooklyn; 13. Ah the best thing lovin' with her sister and her cousin. He explains how he's a real badass and then he names a few guys that aren't as badass as he is and then he describes a delicious breakfast he recently had with B, before turning the mic back over to his lovely bride to end the tune. Lil Kim is back in our list and again check out the choice of words in the title of the song. Nothing is hotter than that or doing it to this song. Then, get to know more about the king of rock and roll with these strange Elvis Presley facts. Next, check out the rock and roll groupies who changed music history. The dirty lyrics from our youth didn't cause us to grow up and live in a world where no one is wearing pants and everyone is looking for somebody named Crackers. 50 cent will always be a rap legend. #45 of 48 The Best Songs About Magic#48 of 101 The Best 50 Cent Songs#14 of 72 The Best Songs With Stick in the Title. Is that some sort of hippie slang for talking about her junk? The "Magic Stick" in the song's title is exactly what it sounds like. Pure love, baby it's pure loveMilk and honey and Captain Krunch and you in the morning. Pick a verse, any verse, of this hit for Billy Joel, and it's clear the lyrics are about a guy pressuring a young girl to give up her virginity. You are always going to be completely seduced by this passionate four-minute musical relationship. Sexy music is personal. Good thing Conway Twitty never had Twitter. The explicit lyrics leave little to the imagination and the throbbing bass line matches the song's lyrical tone. You sicken me. We have 7 albums and 91 song lyrics in our database. View Ol' Dirty Bastard song lyrics by popularity along with songs featured in, albums, videos and song meanings. Ol' Dirty Bastard (born November 15, 1968, Brooklyn, New York, USA – died November 13, 2004, New York City, New York, USA) was an American rapper and producer. Hello baby, I'm sorry I saidThe things I did, it was a silly fightI was wrong you were rightWhat I really mean to say isYou can eat crackers in my bed anytime, babyYou can kick off all the covers in the middle of the nightYou can sleep with the window open wideDo anything as long as your by my sideYou can eat crackers in my bed anytimeI should be happy, no dishes to wash nowBut my own, no clothes to pick upA double bed to myself now that your goneOh but it's lonely, I'm sorry I ever let you goIt's a matter of fact I've got to have you backI just want you to knowYou can eat crackers in my bed anytime, baby. Go figure. What misconception! The dirtiest old country songs I could think of, Armchair quarterback: the Oklahoma bloodbath. The band hinted at earlier relationships between girls and much older men with this 1974 track. I really don't want to comment too much because I'll get kicked off the internet, but man, there's so much wrong in this song. November 2004 in Manhattan, bürgerlich Russell Tyrone Jones) war ein US-amerikanischer Rapper und Mitglied des Wu-Tang Clans. These are songs that you don’t want to hear if you’re riding in the car with your mom and certainly don’t want to get caught humming in the middle of math class. See what we mean in this dive into the surprisingly dirty songs from rock's perverse side above. Mick Jagger said the song was inspired by the Velvet Underground song "Heroin," but draw your own conclusions. The songs in your playlist are absolutely vital at this stage. Not much can be said about this song as the title is as direct as a human being can be. Make your voice heard. This rock band talks of times when you’re not in the mood for pillow talk or cuddling, but you’re still in the mood. But that's simply not the case. One of the biggest and dirtiest songs in the late ‘80s and early ‘90s. Deana Carter gives a familiar story here: A young woman spends summer on her grandpa’s farm and meets a guy working his way through college. C'mon Conway, you just said it by not saying it. The song was initially so explicit that she was forced to release an edited version for radio play. In the shower, "both of our bodies dripping wet?" Get on your knees, make like the breeze, begin to blow / But don't give me no Ralph Lauren grin if you're not down to go low," he raps. What exactly needs to be pushed, you ask? So compiling any list of the all-time sexiest songs is, inevitably, a highly subjective task. For more ClevverTV shows When you were a child, popular songs had a TOTALLY different meaning. Play this at the party when the girl you've been sending those texts to shows up.

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