Fluidity oriented spear build, comes with basic tips and equipment advice. "Awakening: Enables you to instantly cast any Onmyo Magic you use on yourself. These builds are created by everyone in the Nioh Community. From agile ninjas, to a heavy samurai; Nioh 2 has it all. Using them causes allies in range to gradually recover health (life). Or Type the Name of your Build into the URL: nioh2.wiki. A build that deals magic damage and stager enemys way to hard. You will also need a modest amount of points into Stamina and Strength in order to meet the requirements for the Master Archer’s Armor, which is the Golden Boy Set, and becomes available around level 40. However, you won’t reach this stat during your first playthrough. Accessories 6 Adept 3 JutsuDevigorate Talisman: I Allows you to prepare 3 Devigorate Talismans. Do all the builds have to be a damn video??? Weapon 30 > Constitution 10/ Heart 10/ Courage 10/ Stamina 10/ Strength 15/ Skill 5/ Dexterity 5/ Magic 6/. Master an agile dual swordsman that uses Ninjutsu to compliment his skill with our Nioh 2 Water Swordsman build! Or am I just dumb and I missed them? To create a page, click the New Page + link at the bottom of the page and select "Build" template. By combining powerful armor sets, or god rolls on particular pieces, you can create some of the best builds in Nioh 2 quite easily. Create a wiki page with your build name and add the info/links. The Odachi is but one of them, and it hurts. I was working it for 2 hours.https://www.twitch.tv/videos/122129538. Every weapon has a total of 3 specific stats that increase it's over all power and no weapon uses the exact same 3 stats. With this boosts, your Sword Ki will have more powerful blast. Our main character Hide was either blessed or cursed depending on the perspective to swap between their humanity and demon -self dubbing them a "shiftling". Played the Raging Tiger build all the way through end game with the Kintaro armor set and the build worked really well. High end kusarigama build, comes with tips and equipment advice. Please see Nioh 2 Builds here . Along with this, you will need Namahage Soul Core, which increase your damage while attacking Zero-Ki enemies. A ninja build that utilizes the bonus from the Iga set but allows you to have more freedom with your secondary weapon and do massive damage. There are a few good Clans to choose from for this Build and they are: Imagawa, Tachibana, Otomo, and Akechi. Afterward, as players get closer to level 100, continue leveling up Strength while slightly increasing Stamina and Heart every few levels. So far, there are no significant damage abilities with Ninjitsu, leaving all character setups to be based on using weapon types well, or using a specific weapon (e.g. I really wanna get all this done before Toukiden 2 comes out because that will take up a ton of my time. I found the easiest clan to pick is Takenaka. Read about the Ice Shaman Hatchets Build here. Depend on your liking, you can pick either of these Mystic Arts, I personally pick the first on as a faster casting time will give you some more time in combat. At around 70 Magic, your buff will last longer and have more power against the enemies. Activates when you recover full Ki from a Ki Pulse. Best Dual-Sword Builds in Nioh 2 (& How To Use Them) Best Dual Sword Builds in Nioh 2. reqClose Combat Attack (Critical) +15% ? If you happen to be struck mid combo, you’ll gain Health from the Obsidian Armor Set, your Guardian Spirit bonus and ideally you’ll have Life Gain from High Stance on your weapon. The main stat for this build are as below. Sadly katanas are the weakest weapon at the End of the list. Not for the weak, as it migh be a hard road to take. With some good Ki Pulse practice, you can never worry about the Ki bar for this build. Since you’ll be in Heavy Armor Block is very nice to have, since you will rely upon it often. 15 reqChange to Defense (Magic) B+ 17 reqReceived Elemental Attack Damage 7.5% 20 reqOnmyo Magic Power +75 22 reqLiving WeaponATK Enhance 5%Water 42Useable Time 17.6sMight 3000Action B+Recovery BTenacity C-Amrita Gauge Rate D-Fuse-ushikato.pngGuardian Spirit ProtectionSpirit Protection +20% 0 reqLife +100 0 reqGuard Ki Usage -12% ? For this build, you are also going to want to increase Stamina and Strength; 13 for Stamina is enough, and 10 for Strength is just fine. In this Nioh 2 Build Guide I’m going to show you how to play as a Mage/Tank that uses Lightning to buff its attacks and deal damage to enemies. Weapon The Switchglaive is pretty good for crowd control and magic is pretty useful imo. Saturated enemies take even further increased damage, so attacks from you and any party members will deal heavily increased damage, tremendously speeding up fights. The last hit of Spearfall will knock Humans to the ground, allowing you to hit them with a Final Blow. On Dream of the Strong (NG+) You can invest more on Magic. Best Odachi Builds in Nioh 2 (& How To Use Them) Best Odachi Builds in Nioh 2. Combine this with buff like Damage Boost to Zero Ki enemies, you got yourself a powerful affix that are left out to be used. For the ninja build we will be focusing on armor that helps increase the damage of our throwables as much as possible. For Onmyo Skills you’re going to want to take Lightning and Lightning Shot Talismans and max them out to get the most uses possible. or templates for posting here? So when using the word "best", the idea is that players are making the most out of their build depending on whatever stats or weapon skills they choose to base their version of Hide around. Weapons in any RPG can sometimes be the major determining factor in what entices players and encourages them to push forward within the game. Versatile early/midgame sword and spear build that combines 4piece bonuses from both Warrior of the West and The Raging Bull sets. Share your own! 5 Novice 2 JutsuOasis Talisman: I Allows you to prepare 2 Oasis Talismans. This Build is extremely Ki hungry, and if you don’t Ki Pulse you’ll be dead pretty quickly. Basic Dual Swords build, comes with basic tips and equipment advice. Novice 2 Passive Dodging: I Reduces Ki used in an evasive roll by 6%. The Dual swords are the fastest weapons in the game regardless of stance but do not pair impeccably well stat-wise with a shuriken or ninjutsu build. The general strategy with this Build is to have the initiative when facing an opponent and then switching to a defensive playstyle. Because this Build uses Heavy Armor , you can tank hits and keep on swinging, taking drastically reduced damage while not being interrupted. I have a few builds im working on that might either help some people or just be fun to use but are their any guidelines? Buff yourself, debuff the enemy and stack a lot of damage and autohealing. As mentioned before, how players raise the second and third stats is completely up to what weapon they are using. 7 Mystic Art Cleared Mission "??? For the weapon, I’d recommend using the Kusarigama since we will be prioritizing Magic and Dexterity.

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