Save your game before fighting the boss. Its attacks include a frontal flame thrower Hog Roast, a ramming attack Road Hog, multiple cannon shots Porco Salvo and its biggest single target attack Gammon Cannon. Head back to the Cavity Club for a scene, then leave the village and head back to the Sea Cow. Proceeding with the story, visit Queen Lowlah in Al Mamoon first, then King Tom in Ding Dong Dell. Eventually he'll fall. After starting a new game there will be a couple scenes as well as the opening credits. Follow the path and take the south path at the fork to find a tomte. No one has ever seen it lose its temper. Walk through the wall next to him if you want to return to the entrance. Eventually, Drippy will help out causing the boss to be open to attacks. She will also do a side roll that will knock down anyone in its path. Cruel rain will also leave poisonous puddles on the field. Light all the candles in the cave to open the path forward. Now i need to move the save over to the steam version, anyone know where the save file is located? Privacy PolicyCookie SettingsDo Not Sell My InformationReport Ad. Using Arrow of Light might be more efficient since it has a shorter cast time and cooldown. Melt both icicle bridges you created to find a medal of agility behind a fake wall and to open the path forward. ", "Born from the nutrient-rich soil found under fruit trees, these permanently sleepy creatures seem ill-adapted to life above ground. Horace will appear in various towns and will ask you to solve a riddle before rewarding you with new spells. Jetsam's Barrel Blast will shoot a fireball in a direct line, so get out of its way. After the battle, head to Cat's Cradle to find some extra restraint to give to Swaine. No one has ever seen it lose its temper." Answer "crispy lettuce" and he'll tell about a spell he lost and give you an alchemy formula. Cast Pulse and grab the bluster blade. Howling Blizzard will hit all targets for water damage which you'll want to defend against, especially if your familiar is weak to it. Fill the locket with his enthusiasm, then return to the king and you'll receive Spring Lock and Rejuvenate for your actions. In this room, light the three torches in front of the statue using Fireball to unlock the next door. Save at the waystone and follow the path forward until you reach a dark tunnel. Remastered version of Ni no Kuni: Wrath of the White Witch, which hasn't previously been released on PC.. General information You'll be free to travel around town again, but there's still nothing to do, so head to the town square to the north to cast your first spell: Gateway. His ability Onslaught will hit all targets and Drippy will tell you to interrupt it. None of these can be completed yet, but two errands The Fisherman's Woe and A Snazzier Swimsuit can be. Gem Type: Light, Neutral Head east and repair the bridge with Rejuvenate. Go south from the chests until you find a weird tree. To the west is a chest with a poison-be-gone. Also, the Monolith creatures outside of Castaway Cove is a good defensive familiar for Swaine. Khulan's Nightmare has a couple damaging abilities that target all characters and inflict status abnormalities: Pitch Black causes blind and Cruel Rain causes poison. Leave town to find Swaine and more scenes where you'll receive the Mornstar spell. You won't recover before the next fight so you might need some coffee items. At the first intersection go east. Other than red chests, there are three other varieties of chests that you cannot open: blue and purple ones require a spell, and green ones need a particular character. After entering, move forward to trigger a battle where Drippy will explain how to switch between familiars. Metamorphoses: Wizard's Companion: "Born from the nutrient-rich soil found under fruit trees, these permanently sleepy creatures seem ill-adapted to life above ground." Grab the radiant blade past the newly created stairs, then the great sage's secret at the top of them. Ni no Kuni™ II: Revenant Kingdom > General Discussions > Topic Details. Enter the first room and save the little egg from the creature. Ni no Kuni 2 Save Location. Use Bridge to cross the river of lava and enter Old Smoky. There is also a forest glade west of Hamelin where you can obtain a Lightning Bolt weapon and a purifying pulse gem from a green chest. You can also find Horace again in Castaway Cove where he'll talk about Nazcaan script. Backtrack a little and walk to the end of the path west to reach a green chest with a holy shield. Immunities: None, Compatibility: Esther Aapep's Serpent Strike will do frontal storm damage. Denny's Nightmare will use Oil Spill to cause quite a bit of damage to all characters. Try evading or defending against them. Ignore it and go northeast, using Frostbite to cross the lava. A Cold-Hearted Hubby is also available in Ding Dong Dell if you've completed its prerequisites. To continue, walk to the end of the docks to recover the stolen pot and return to the peddler. Inside Cat's Cradle is a bar of milk chocolate. At Castaway Cove head to the end of the docks for a boss fight. No one has ever reported seeing one lose its temper." His Blazing Breath attack will leave flames around the field, so avoid walking into them. Continue to use light attacks and he'll be left open to an all-out attack. He can use his shield to reduce frontal damage, but he doesn't always have it raised. The next part has a three minute timer but I'm not sure if anything happens if you run out of time. A few errands can be obtained as well: A Half-Hearted Hubby, A Lover's Lunch Basket and Bothersome Boneheads. Leave the town and Drippy will lecture you on how to fight with another teammate. Exit the city again and go northwest, through the Ghostly Gorge, to the Tombstone Trail. Now, talk to the Cawtermaster for a tutorial on equipment. Pick up 100 guilders in a chest to the east and a cheeseburger in a blue chest in a small nook east of the equipment shop. Alchemy Location; Needs Images; Community content is available under CC-BY-SA unless otherwise noted. Return to the palace and talk to the soldier in front of the throne. Anyway, you won't be able to leave the Iron Wyvern, so head to Motorville and return to Oliver's home. Mend the queen's heart after the battle and the town's citizens will also be mended. Return to the previous intersection and head west then north. The Crypt Casino is also open in Tombstone Trail. At the next intersection, go east and melt the icicles to reach a sage's secret. Metamorph from: Lumberwood Use it to locate the treasures within the city. ", Genus: Flora This guide is based on the NTSC version of the game. Find the Hootique and grab the chest inside for a sandwich. The enemies here do not belong to any genus, but they do have entries in the creature compendium. This guy can escape during battle, but if you manage to defeat it, you'll receive over 8,000 experience points. Continue along until you reach a waystone. Speak with Prince Ali and you can check the back of his prison cell for clues. In phase two, it'll use Pork Scrappings that'll hit everyone on the field. © 2020 GAMESPOT, A RED VENTURES COMPANY. Use storm attacks against Porco Loco, since physical ones are ineffective. Follow the path back east to find a blue chest holding a spiral horn weapon next to some stairs, then continue until you reach a circular room. The camera and controls might start to become disorienting, but the map will still be the same. If you have any familiar tickets (via DLC), talk to Solomon to trade them. You'll be thrown into your first battle after arriving in the other world where Drippy will explain the basics. There isn't really anything important that is missable in the game unless you are a completionist aiming for a 100% complete creature compendium. The diagram below shows the starting positions of the blocks and where they should go. Immunities: None, Compatibility: Esther I suggest fighting a few battles so your new familiar will gain some levels. The Spring Realm's fog has dissipated allowing Tengri to land, but only on the ground drawing on the east side of the continent. Other than those will be physical attacks, so keep attacking with your familiars and he will go down quickly. 3. After resting, speak with Smiley and Surly to learn that they've opened a weapon shop. Overview. A faded ground drawing before the bridge can be Rejuvenated to allow Tengri to land there. Visit the Cavity Club to the east to meet Smiley and Surly. Other than that, the battle is pretty straight forward. I recommend giving each character a high defense familiar in order to improve their survivability. Once you've helped all of them, talk to the Tokotoko in the northwest corner to receive a Name Tag which will allow you to change your familiars' names at a Familiar Retreat. Cerboreas's attacks can easily knock down your characters and his Cold Bolder ability sends an ice ball to stun a single target. But the greatest gift you'll receive is the ability to tame familiars and a new familiar of your choice (I chose Shonky-Honker). The Seed Sprite will also join your team. Once you've acquired all three magic stones, there will be a couple new errands in Yule: Yule Have to Search and Notes from the Snow. Grab the cheeseburger on the other side, then return and talk to the skeleton blocking your path. Resistances: Stun The entries in the compendium are numbered 387 to 396. Rurouni Kenshin Wiki. After the scene in front of the palace, return south to the Cawtermaster's Shop and talk to the clerk. Head west since north is a dead end and eventually you'll come across a shack. Fly to the Shipwreck Shore to find the Vault of Tears. Continue pummeling him and defend or evade if he starts charging an attack. The Red Dragon's Dragonbreath attack will leave flames on the field and its Firestream will shoot a large beam in a straight line. When you're prepared, talk to Marcassin a couple times to assault the Ivory Tower. Return to the palace guard with the King's pet for a couple of scenes. Stand along the southern edge of the area close to the two people and face the chest to reach it. Head back to Al Mamoon and examine the milk fountain in the town square. Share some courage with Esther and she'll join your party along with her Drongo familiar. Fortunately, you'll have full HP and MP at the start of the next fight. Tamable: No Return to Myrtle for a scene and some courage then you can head back to Al Mamoon. After the scene you'll get to test Mitey's might in battle. Going past the next waystone, there is a green chest to the northwest. Leave the store and head to the roof of the center building to find Pip the mouse. Move both characters ahead before the path drops and avoid falling off the edges. Highly vulnerable to: None Fly over to the Solitary Isle and examine the monument there, then return to Kublai in Skull Mountain. Head west to find yet another intersection and go north for a tonic. Continue north and cast Pulse at the gap to create a way across. Eventually the boss will use its special attack Windfall and Drippy will instruct you to Defend. The beams shoot straight down the field, so stand in the middle to avoid both attacks. Again, this will not affect Trophies or anything important, so it's only for your own satisfaction.

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