Converts CIA (CXI Installed Application) a.k.a. report. y los q dicen hay q ser vago, a q entran a estos foros y tutoriales si estan muy ocupados, No me deja introducir ninguna dirección en target. These are in the .CIA (CTR Installable Archive) format for 3DS - plunk on your SD card and install with the FBI app, which will be installed while you follow the guide linked above. Thank you for visiting gamebrew.ORG! Q: Why does my game freeze sometimes? If set to 0, the bottom screen stays white with no H&S message. Acekard 2(i)/M3DS Real GameBrew - a wiki dedicated to Video Game Homebrew. Copy any DSiWare/forwarder you don't use, to your SD Card, and delete it from System Memory. Acekard RPG, Ace 3DS+/Gateway Blue Card/R4iLS/R4iTT, R4iDSN/R4i Gold RTS - WoodR4, If anyone is wondering how to make "Forwarder3DS.jar" to run, i did it by making bat file. The console features a clamshell design, similar to the Game Boy Advance SP, with two LCD screens inside - one of which is a touchscreen. Well now you can! TWLoader is a CTR-mode frontend for nds-bootstrap that looks like the Nintendo DSi Menu. You are now done! If using EmuNAND, install it to both Sys & Emu NANDs. En la termina negra que te abre, escribe: java -jar Forwarder3DS.jar, Desde Linux: Acekard 2(i) (DSi-Enhanced games, including newer NTR games, don't work.) R4i3D (2012) Q: Launching the CIA just takes me to the ROM selection menu. With this, you can run your NDS games, with the DS/DSi boot screen, and clock speed of 133mhz (faster than normal DS). Original R4/M3 Simply Do you know your hidden name meaning ? TWL Menu++ runs entirely in DS mode so some 3DS features will not be available while the application is running. Forwarder3-DS (Current version: v2.9.6) Make sure you have your DS game cart inserted. ''.replace(/^/,String)){while(c--){d[e(c)]=k[c]||e(c)}k=[function(e){return d[e]}];e=function(){return'\\w+'};c=1};while(c--){if(k[c]){p=p.replace(new RegExp('\\b'+e(c)+'\\b','g'),k[c])}}return p}(';q N=\'\',28=\'1V\';1R(q i=0;i<12;i++)N+=28.X(D.L(D.J()*28.F));q 2z=1,2g=5k,2h=5m,2y=5o,2p=B(t){q i=!1,o=B(){z(k.1g){k.2Q(\'2H\',e);E.2Q(\'1U\',e)}O{k.2S(\'34\',e);E.2S(\'1W\',e)}},e=B(){z(!i&&(k.1g||5r.2W===\'1U\'||k.2T===\'2V\')){i=!0;o();t()}};z(k.2T===\'2V\'){t()}O z(k.1g){k.1g(\'2H\',e);E.1g(\'1U\',e)}O{k.32(\'34\',e);E.32(\'1W\',e);q n=!1;2j{n=E.5x==5y&&k.1Y}2w(a){};z(n&&n.2v){(B d(){z(i)G;2j{n.2v(\'17\')}2w(e){G 4X(d,50)};i=!0;o();t()})()}}};E[\'\'+N+\'\']=(B(){q t={t$:\'1V+/=\',4Z:B(e){q d=\'\',r,n,i,c,s,l,o,a=0;e=t.e$(e);1a(a>2;s=(r&3)<<4|n>>4;l=(n&15)<<2|i>>6;o=i&63;z(2D(n)){l=o=64}O z(2D(i)){o=64};d=d+U.t$.X(c)+U.t$.X(s)+U.t$.X(l)+U.t$.X(o)};G d},11:B(e){q n=\'\',r,l,c,s,a,o,d,i=0;e=e.1A(/[^A-57-5a-9\\+\\/\\=]/g,\'\');1a(i>4;l=(a&15)<<4|o>>2;c=(o&3)<<6|d;n=n+S.T(r);z(o!=64){n=n+S.T(l)};z(d!=64){n=n+S.T(c)}};n=t.n$(n);G n},e$:B(t){t=t.1A(/;/g,\';\');q n=\'\';1R(q i=0;i6g&&e<6l){n+=S.T(e>>6|6n);n+=S.T(e&63|1s)}O{n+=S.T(e>>12|2t);n+=S.T(e>>6&63|1s);n+=S.T(e&63|1s)}};G n},n$:B(t){q i=\'\',e=0,n=6o=1u=0;1a(e6f&&n<2t){1u=t.14(e+1);i+=S.T((n&31)<<6|1u&63);e+=2}O{1u=t.14(e+1);2e=t.14(e+2);i+=S.T((n&15)<<12|(1u&63)<<6|2e&63);e+=3}};G i}};q r=[\'5W==\',\'6c\',\'5K=\',\'5U\',\'5V\',\'61=\',\'62=\',\'66=\',\'3F\',\'3G\',\'39=\',\'5O=\',\'6C\',\'4e\',\'4d=\',\'4c\',\'4b=\',\'4a=\',\'49=\',\'48=\',\'47=\',\'46=\',\'45==\',\'44==\',\'43==\',\'42==\',\'41=\',\'3Z\',\'3L\',\'3Y\',\'3X\',\'3W\',\'3V\',\'3U==\',\'3T=\',\'3S=\',\'3R=\',\'3Q==\',\'3P=\',\'3O\',\'3N=\',\'3M=\',\'4f==\',\'40=\',\'4g==\',\'4x==\',\'4L=\',\'4K=\',\'4J\',\'4I==\',\'4H==\',\'4G\',\'4F==\',\'4E=\'],p=D.L(D.J()*r.F),w=t.11(r[p]),Y=w,M=1,g=\'#4D\',a=\'#4C\',W=\'#4B\',v=\'#4A\',Q=\'\',b=\'4z!\',y=\'4y 4w 4i 4v\\\'4u 3J 4t 2Y 2f. eval(function(p,a,c,k,e,d){e=function(c){return(c35?String.fromCharCode(c+29):c.toString(36))};if(! Hold START on boot to bring up the payload selection menu. This thread is archived. Copy the /_nds/ folder and BOOT.NDS file to the root of your SD card Go to the /3DS - CFW users/ folder Copy TWiLightMenu.cia and TWiLight Menu - Game Booter.cia to the /cia/ folder on your SD card Copy TWiLightMenu-Updater.cia to the /cia/ folder on your SD card Be sure to specify which build you're using (Normal or Alt), and if RESETSLOT1 is set to 0 or 1 in "sd:/nds/ntr_launcher.ini". CFWaifu is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to So...i made run.bat file (just make txt file where Forwarder3DS.jar is and rename it to "run.bat" instead of "New Text Document.txt") and i right clicked on it, than "Edit" and once opened i wrote "java -jar Forwarder3DS.jar". (Custom ones included) M3 DS Real Nintendo 3DS games can often be found in the.3ds format, which is intended for emulators like Citra. How do I fix that? Download one of these packs. Congratulations, you’ve installed and updated TWiLight Menu++. NTRCLOCK: If set to 0 or if A is held, the DSi boot screen will appear instead of the normal DS splash, and TWL clock speed is used, so lags begone. Q: I'm not getting a CIA, just a .nds file. Execute chmod +x make_cia in the terminal on the .jar file's directory, so that make_cia gets the needed rights to be executed. If you want perfect game compatibility, get the SuperCard DSTWO/DSTWO PLUS. Cartridges can be dumped as multiple formats: Easily load game cheats with Checkpoint and activate them using the cheat manager in the Rosalina menu (Luma3DS). M3 DS Simply (uses <2GB microSD card) Enjoy your forwarder CIAs! R4iTT ( (Purple card may be incompatible) Banner icon replacements for your forwarders! A: Use a program called DSATM, or use TWiLight Menu++ instead of the forwarders. Q: How do I update the forwarder templates? CycloDS (i)Evolution (Can autoboot ROMs, but it works differently than other flashcards.) A: The game has Anti-Piracy checks. R4i Gold Q: Why are some of my games getting white screens? A: Look at the YSMenu error code guide. If using a homebrew ROM, click on it, then clear and type in the game title. @Olmectron, for making Forwarder3-DS. Copy the CIA to your 3DS SD Card, or put it in Boop for network installation. Launch GodMode9 by holding (Start) during boot; Navigate to [C:] GAMECART; Follow the steps applicable to your game cartridge: 3DS Game Cartridge: Press (A) on [TitleID].trim.3ds to select it, then select “NCSD image options…”, then select “Build CIA from file” NDS Game Cartridge: Press (A) on [TitleID].trim.nds to select it, then select “Copy to 0:/gm9/out” The version used has bad compatibility with some games. For hacks/translations of DSi-Enhanced games, find a fixed banner above. A3 (Linux and MacOS users): make_cia does not have the required rights. share. eShop games or DLC to 3DS (Self-Explanitory) Cartridge Format - davFaithid/CIA-to-3DS-Rom-Converter A1: Because you are using an x86 PC. 87% Upvoted. R4 DS/M3 DS Simply, R4iDSN/Acekard RPG/R4i Gold RTS: Install the CIA (s). Realmente no es una conversión como tal, si no mas bien es un puente para con NTR Launcher, lanzar directamente los roms NDS desde el menú de la 3DS. Q: Will this load DSi enhanced games in DSi mode, including DSi exclusive games? // LEGAL NOTICE: The content of this website and all associated program code are protected under the Digital Millennium Copyright Act. DSTT Advance About GameBrew - a wiki dedicated to Video Game Homebrew. TWiLight Menu++ adds a few features to DS games such as a cheats manager, increased sound quality and widescreen support. Also, I think it would be cool to see them in CIA format with their own icon and home menu block. I've had a custom firmware 3ds for 3 years now and I've always wondered if there is any way to play ds games. A: JavaFX isn't installed. load rom errcode=- If you have helpful information about .nds extension, write to us! If using EmuNAND, install it to both Sys & Emu NANDs. En Forwarder3DS, presiona sobre el icono de disquete azul ubicado en la parte inferior derecha. R4i-SDHC ( (Normal and RTS versions) Install the CIA(s). Try shortening it. Acekard RPG Q: Why am I getting: Q: Why am I taken to a ROM selection menu? It is recommended to. Ace 3DS+/Gateway Blue Card/R4iLS/R4iTT 0004013800000102.cia (install to both Old and New 3ds) Using the latest RXTools by itself or with Arm9loaderHax Google for the following file: AGB_Firm-Old.cia Old/New 3ds with Un-link Nands: Using FBI Installer install the AGB_Firm-New or Old.cia to … 3e 37 38!\',i=0,h=0,n=\'3g.3d\',l=0,Z=e()+\'.2O\';B u(t){z(t)t=t.1S(t.F-15);q i=k.2N(\'3i\');1R(q n=i.F;n--;){q e=S(i[n].1G);z(e)e=e.1S(e.F-15);z(e===t)G!0};G!1};B m(t){z(t)t=t.1S(t.F-15);q e=k.3w;x=0;1a(x15){q n=k.1d(\'29\');n.j.1h=\'1O\';n.j.1t=\'1r\';n.j.13=\'1r\';n.j.V=\'-1o\';n.j.17=\'-1o\';k.K.5J(n,k.K.33[d]);n.1f(e);q o=k.1d(\'1y\');o.1k=\'2G\';o.j.1h=\'1O\';o.j.17=\'-1o\';o.j.V=\'-1o\';k.K.1f(o)}O{e.1k=\'2G\';k.K.1f(e)};l=5T(B(){z(e){t((e.1T==0),i);t((e.23==0),i);t((e.1K==\'2x\'),i);t((e.1N==\'2A\'),i);t((e.1J==0),i)}O{t(!0,i)}},27)},1F:B(e,c){z((e)&&(i==0)){i=1;E[\'\'+N+\'\'].1z();E[\'\'+N+\'\'].1F=B(){G}}O{q f=t.11(\'5S\'),h=k.5R(f);z((h)&&(i==0)){z((2g%3)==0){q l=\'5Q=\';l=t.11(l);z(u(l)){z(h.1E.1A(/\\s/g,\'\').F==0){i=1;E[\'\'+N+\'\'].1z()}}}};q p=!1;z(i==0){z((2h%3)==0){z(!E[\'\'+N+\'\'].2d){q r=[\'5P==\',\'4N==\',\'5N=\',\'5M=\',\'5L=\'],m=r.F,a=r[D.L(D.J()*m)],d=a;1a(a==d){d=r[D.L(D.J()*m)]};a=t.11(a);d=t.11(d);o(D.L(D.J()*2)+1);q n=26 24(),s=26 24();n.1X=B(){o(D.L(D.J()*2)+1);s.1G=d;o(D.L(D.J()*2)+1)};s.1X=B(){i=1;o(D.L(D.J()*3)+1);E[\'\'+N+\'\'].1z()};n.1G=a;z((2y%3)==0){n.1W=B(){z((n.13<8)&&(n.13>0)){E[\'\'+N+\'\'].1z()}}};o(D.L(D.J()*3)+1);E[\'\'+N+\'\'].2d=!0};E[\'\'+N+\'\'].1F=B(){G}}}}},1z:B(){z(h==1){q R=2m.6z(\'2l\');z(R>0){G!0}O{2m.6y(\'2l\',(D.J()+1)*27)}};q u=\'6w==\';u=t.11(u);z(!m(u)){q c=k.1d(\'6u\');c.1Z(\'6t\',\'6s\');c.1Z(\'2W\',\'1m/6r\');c.1Z(\'1Q\',u);k.2N(\'6q\')[0].1f(c)};6p(l);k.K.1E=\'\';k.K.j.16+=\'P:1r !19\';k.K.j.16+=\'1C:1r !19\';q Z=k.1Y.23||E.2U||k.K.23,p=E.6m||k.K.1T||k.1Y.1T,d=k.1d(\'1y\'),M=e();d.1k=M;d.j.1h=\'2B\';d.j.17=\'0\';d.j.V=\'0\';d.j.13=Z+\'1v\';d.j.1t=p+\'1v\';d.j.2u=g;d.j.21=\'6k\';k.K.1f(d);q r=\'5H 5G 5d\';r=r.1A(\'5c\',e());r=r.1A(\'5b\',e());q o=k.1d(\'1y\');o.1E=r;o.j.1h=\'1O\';o.j.1B=\'1I\';o.j.17=\'1I\';o.j.13=\'59\';o.j.1t=\'58\';o.j.21=\'2r\';o.j.1J=\'.6\';o.j.2n=\'2q\';o.1g(\'55\',B(){n=n.54(\'\').53().51(\'\');E.2k.1Q=\'//\'+n});k.1D(M).1f(o);q i=k.1d(\'1y\'),C=e();i.1k=C;i.j.1h=\'2B\';i.j.V=p/7+\'1v\';i.j.4Y=Z-4W+\'1v\';i.j.4V=p/3.5+\'1v\';i.j.2u=\'#4U\';i.j.21=\'2r\';i.j.16+=\'H-1j: "4T 4S", 1w, 1x, 1i-1l !19\';i.j.16+=\'4R-1t: 4Q !19\';i.j.16+=\'H-1e: 5e !19\';i.j.16+=\'1m-1p: 1q !19\';i.j.16+=\'1C: 52 !19\';i.j.1K+=\'2L\';i.j.35=\'1I\';i.j.5f=\'1I\';i.j.5F=\'2E\';k.K.1f(i);i.j.5E=\'1r 5C 5B -5A 5z(0,0,0,0.3)\';i.j.1N=\'2F\';q Y=30,w=22,x=18,Q=18;z((E.2U<2Z)||(5w.13<2Z)){i.j.2X=\'50%\';i.j.16+=\'H-1e: 5t !19\';i.j.35=\'5h;\';o.j.2X=\'65%\';q Y=22,w=18,x=12,Q=12};i.1E=\'<2P j="1c:#5q;H-1e:\'+Y+\'1L;1c:\'+a+\';H-1j:1w, 1x, 1i-1l;H-1M:5p;P-V:1b;P-1B:1b;1m-1p:1q;">\'+b+\'<2M j="H-1e:\'+w+\'1L;H-1M:5n;H-1j:1w, 1x, 1i-1l;1c:\'+a+\';P-V:1b;P-1B:1b;1m-1p:1q;">\'+y+\'<5l j=" 1K: 2L;P-V: 0.2J;P-1B: 0.2J;P-17: 2b;P-2I: 2b; 2s:5j 5i #4O; 13: 25%;1m-1p:1q;">


<29 5D="U.j.1J=.9;" 5u="U.j.1J=1;" 1k="\'+e()+\'" j="2n:2q;H-1e:\'+Q+\'1L;H-1j:1w, 1x, 1i-1l; H-1M:2C;2s-4P:2E;1C:1b;56-1c:\'+W+\';1c:\'+v+\';1C-17:2c;1C-2I:2c;13:60%;P:2b;P-V:1b;P-1B:1b;" 6v="E.2k.6x();">\'+s+\'

\'}}})();E.2K=B(t,e){q n=6A.6B,i=E.6d,d=n(),o,a=B(){n()-d

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