I know a couple of very good solo-ish pirvateers. I have heard but have not confirmed that in some rare cases, you may need a le gros ventre or Indiaman to claim the shipwreck. It helped me a lot! So, once you have a character made on the PvE server, let’s jump into what the hell to do. For your efforts, you will have received some reals and XP. Il y’a aura un cooldown de 7 jours pour pouvoir déclencher une autre pb sur un port qui vient d’être pris. Buy trading goods at low prices, haul them to distant places for high profits. If you are not interested in sailing heavy frigates or ships of the line you can move out to Bahamas’ sand banks and only sail your favorite brig without fear encountering a heavy ship of the line. You will also probably want to go back and give the Exams another look at this point, as you should be able to pass a few of them after a few attempts now. Posséder des ports = posséder des terre • L’équipage ne meurt pas La vitesse de production d’équipage augmente si le port ne change pas de propriété (conquis pas une nation ennemie) • Protéger les ports deviendra plus important (réserves d’équipages), Les nations très peuplée auront moins d’équipage par joueur (quantité totale d’équipage de 250 000 pour 1000 joueurs) Yes, some random people will buy these from you but by and large you’re talking about 200 reals per RARE fish. These are semi-permanent upgrades for you, so pick something juicy that will help you advance. Just hit SKIP, and you can come back and do them later. You can also get your foot in the door in the industrial and economic game. Remise à zéro des biens, navires et ressources; XPs de rang et d’artisanat disponibles sous forme de redeemables; 4 navires fournis: Pickle; Surprise ; Indefatigable; Trader Brig ‘Forged Papers’ permet de changer de nation; Les XPs ne sont plus sauvegardées après la suppression d’un personnage. Crafting in the current stage of Naval Actions involves gathering resources to construct ships. In the future doctor can be added to recover parts of casualties slowly in battle. Listing and wind affects the shooting distance and will require change of tactics. If you’re feeling ambitious or just confident in your boat-shooting abilities, you can board and capture your opponent’s boat, which may or may not be an upgrade from your cutter. The only item of real monetary value is the Sealed Bottle, which usually sells for around 1million reals on the market (DO NOT SELL IT DIRECTLY INTO THE STORE – use the place contract system or else you will get next to nothing for it). Port battle rework is now set as high priority and they will be changed drastically by August. I do hope both [Ixal] and [Ruthless] are wrong. If you go in a brig and can’t claim it, that’s not a big deal (other than time wasted). Pirate – officer with the shady piracy past, allows to extract more sailing performance increasing battle speed by 1 knot if the enemy has a national ship on their side. More than 365 historical ports based on their real locations are scattered across the map. Any other activity in game gives lower incomes per hour. Indefatigable/Inger – Like the connie they aren’t expendable but they do a good job of requiring little crew, and can pvp well. Le nombre de parcelles détenu détermine votre rang à la « cours » (parlement ?). Many new players will try to explicitly go fishing to earn a profit and they’ll base this on outdated guides that say how valuable certain items like bull sharks are. I wouldn’t recommend selling cannons/reps at the capital because there is likely already a lot there. Anywhere you have an Outpost (including your home port), you can build industrial buildings. New buildings added - Tobacco Plantation, Sugar Plantation, Farm, New resources added - tobacco, sugar, salt, New materials added - fish meat, food supplies, New consumables added for crafting repair kits, medkits, Chat security improved (problem was identified by the player qw569), Coordinate grid has been added to open world map, Crew casualties caused by grapeshot were not counted - fixed, Certain bugs with the single tracking shot from lower decks fixed, Fixed bugs with boarding crew focus visualization after boarding, Fixed bug of player teleport after port re-entry, Fixed bug that was not dropping full loot on ship capture, Number of regional centers increased to allow more ship of the line port battles for several nations (list. Now, sail toward your destination. Your cutter can carry a little, but for more serious shipping you’ll need a trader ship. Try to sail with the wind to your back and outrun them. Your ship can only be boarded if the attacker has 40% higher crew. I’ll cover this in more detail in the crafting section but in brief: You need an outpost, then you need to build the proper structure for the items you want to craft, then you need to stock it with the ingredients, then you need to get the product where you want to sell it. Captains, I would like to remind, the perks have just been added so it might be not balanced a bit, it will be tweaked upon players feedback. Once you’re situated, you should absolutely do the first four prompted tutorials. If your opponent is doing it, then either Brace or fire back. Just keep it on cooldown. Relax on Peace Server - All nations are at peace and players cannot attack each other in Peace servers. The Trader Lynx and Trader Cutter are similar to your Basic Cutter, but have a lot more hold space for goods. • L’équipage est fourni dans une certaine quantité par jour (façon heures de craft) Votre rang à la cours pourrait vos donner des points supplémentaires. Even if you’ve played similar games before, such as Pirates of the Burning Sea, there are new concepts taught in the tutorials which are important to be familiar with. In the future this perk will only be available to Pirates. Crew requirements for 4lb and 6lb cannons and 12lb carronades reduced by 1 gunner. Defend protects you against melee, AKA Attack. • Après avoir gagné la bataille de port, les parcelles sont allouées en fonction du rang Yard angles, ship angle to wind, cargo, fittings and ship condition affects speeds and turning rates. Take the Rank 7 Kill mission – it should give you a target for a single enemy Rank 7 ship, and place a swords marker on your map somewhere sorta-kinda near your home port. Thats just stupid. The wind may be difficult, but thankfully the open sea and your cutter are both pretty forgiving in unfavorable winds. • L’abordage PVP sera plus important (capture d’équipage) LmXTANK. There are even a few rare fish, such as bull sharks, which often sell for decent prices at port as well, so you may not want to convert everything to Provisions until you learn the prices of each fish. • Vous perdez l’équipage quand vous perdez le bateau (toutes les duras) I understand what you are saying OP but for someone like myself and millions of other gamers i have a full time job and house etc and to do what youre asking is an incredible time sink. Beautiful ships – We have been painstakingly recreating the beautiful ships of the Age of sail period. The details of how it all works are beyond the scope of this guide, but basically, capitalism. Trading is by far the best methode; but make sure you always have a reserve (if you trade for 100K - have 200K in reserve, for example). Fort and land batteries provide support during port battles. This makes an otherwise excellent game pretty brutal on new players; ergo, this guide, written in the hopes of helping new players figure out WTactualF is going on. Leave a comment Annuler la réponse. You also need to know what ports produce the items you’ll need.

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