Login. Linkedin Twitter. As a Greencore colleague, there are several benefits available to you. Basic orientation around various investigation methods were also presented. T2R 0C5. As a full-service brokerage, we believe in empowering our clients and team members with knowledge — allowing them to make faster and more informed decisions … Employer Summary. Others have learned to communicate aggressively in conflict situations. Insurance policies may contain exclusions, limitations, reduction of benefits, and terms under which the policies may be continued in force or discontinued. Update your contact details and preferences. It is our mission to make sure that all aspects of your business are insured and covered. App Login / OUR WORK When the world's most successful businesses uncover a difficult training challenge, they turn to mycore for leadership and vision. Conflict, it is often said, brings out the worst in us: in how we think and how we communicate. At Core Benefits Group we take the time to get to know you or your business in order to personalize your benefits needs. Terms & Conditions   What makes us different? The customized employee benefit plan for your company and employees enhances corporate cohesion and retention, resulting in accelerated profitable growth. bswift streamlines employee benefits, HR & payroll administration for employers nationwide. Last name . Production orientation videos for a prominant wealth management and investment firm. Because safe production was among Boart Longyear's highest core values, this tool served as a powerful means of aligning attitudes and behaviors that had a direct impact on their performance culture. Or with your name and email address. Participants were to conduct themselves as if they were an actual investigation team, where they performed interviews, collected evidence, traveled to site-recreations, looked at faux phone logs and more. (Tel.) Let us work with you to find the perfect life insurance package for your family to ensure financial security and stability in the future. Looks like this is your first time signing in We just need to make sure that you are eligible to join My Benefits, so please enter the details below to complete your registration. (Toll Free) 1-866-286-9267, Copyright © MYCOR Insurance Solutions - All rights reserved Created by AKA Broker. Red Deer, AB, T4N 2G7, (Fax) 888-427-5357 Medical, dental/vision, long & short term disability, and supplemental. These beginner and advanced 2-day workshops used the mycore method as the framework, and their core values as the topics. Most of our customers come to us seeking innovative solutions for their biggest challenges. If we can't match your ID against our records we'll send a request to your HR team to confirm your eligibility. Affordable Health Coverage for Your Company. At Core Benefits Group we take the time to get to know you or your business in order to personalize your benefits needs. login. What makes us different? 330 Bay Street, Suite 1400 (To login to the portal below, use your NI Number, the password is HRSSportal). In this case, BP asked us to design a conflict management course that targeted some of their critical issues while making the course fun and engaging. A great place to work with exciting opportunities. Where we manage your cost of risk more intelligently. employer access. We even developed Easter eggs for the simulated investigation for the especially keen investigators. The Instructor-facilitated (IFT or “classroom”) version is intended to be delivered via a projected computer screen to a group led by an instructor. This tool was then printed as large, wall-sized posters, with a series of spiral-bound transparencies as overlays. We’re looking for passionate, talented people who can help us to drive our future success. Login. Mycore was asked to research the history of fatalities in heavy industry from before World War I to today. While this video was rough around the edges and only presented a pencil sketch concept, aimed at starting a conversation and humanizing the subject, we suggested the campaign not simply talk about diversity as an abstraction but focus on (and celebrate) diversity within their company by highlighting the quiet and often unseen heroes as well as those who are more visible. Mycore is the answer to "now what?" We are here to provide administrative HR support to all Greencore colleagues and stakeholders. Ensure the health and well being of your employees by working with us to create a health package that is both affordable and attractive to current and future employees. This basic online course provided the fundamentals of an incident investigation. We are here to answer pension queries and administer the forms you may need to complete from time to time. 1210, 396 - 11th Avenue S.W., This course required every participant to participate heavily in the simulated exercise and perform every action required in an actual incident investigation. As a team, we administer the underpinning processes. Calgary, AB. Here is our model and a photo of the real truck in Perth, Australia. Self-paced is intended for individuals to navigate through the material at their own pace from a computer screen.

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