However, after the farm's farmer goes bankrupt, he is forced to sell everything, starting with Gordy's family. A group of dated appliances embark on a journey to the city to find their master after being abandoned in a cabin in the woods. Gordy, Hanky, Jinnie Sue, Jessica, Luke, Cousin Jake, and Brinks race to stop the slaughterhouse from killing Gordy's family, but a train slows them down. The film is set in 1993. When Andy and Heidi go to look for him, they can hear him crying from the woods and find him trapped in a snare. A music video was produced for the song, featuring clips from the film.[3]. She turns around and sees Mr. Gordy waving goodbye to her before he turns and walks away into the afterlife, satisfied that the Wyricks were safe. When Andy takes his daughter's side, it causes a rift between him and Lisa. She tells her family that she wishes to leave the house. Andy and Lisa Wyrick, along with their daughter Heidi, move into a rural home after receiving a deal from the bank. Hanky falls into a swimming pool, but cannot swim. These people turn out to be Mama Kay and her grandson who buy a quilt from Joyce that she had found at the old station. Determined to locate his family and return to the farm, Gordy sets out alone to find them. She is confronted by the ghost, but experiences a vision of her mother who tells her to "let them in". "[12], Tracy Moore of Common Sense Media gave the film two out of five stars, saying that "This fast-moving adventure about a talking pig's mission to find his family has a few fun elements -- some lively country music, a brush with fortune and fame, a bit of suspense, and lots of comically dodged mishaps. His friend Charlotte, a charming spider, comes to his rescue. The film was released to theaters on May 12, 1995. Hanky wanders off on his own and meets Gordy and Jinnie Sue. Royce and Sipes have alternate decisions on who the new mascot of the Royce Company should be: Gordy or Jessica. Wilbur is a farm pig who's terrified that he'll end up on the dinner table. She later went on to say that "It's fairly obvious that Gordy's performance was inspired by Arnold Ziffel's precedent-setting work on the old TV series "Green Acres." Want to share IMDb's rating on your own site? Gordy is nothing like it. 2.0 out of 5 stars Beware of expired digital copy codes. She turns around to see Mr. Gordy and he sends her off to ride happily where she sees the spirits of Nell, Levi, and the Conductor heading off into the woods, finally free. In contrast, Babe has such a timeless quality about it. While destroying the snares to prevent Chief from getting caught again, Andy finds Heidi talking to someone who is not there. The home had been foreclosed on after being abandoned by its previous owner. The MacAllisters return Hanky and Gordy to the Royce building in St. Louis, Missouri where an attorney reveals Henry has left his company to Hanky and Gordy. One son, Col. Stephen Gordy and two daughters Frances Jane Gordy and Mary Ellison Gordy. Concerned, the family takes Heidi to the hospital, where her story is questioned. Gordy and Hanky unexpectedly meet up with the MacAllisters, who learn from the radio that Hanky has apparently run away. "[10], Rita Kempley of the Washington Post called Gordy a "peculiar, seemingly pro-vegan tale". [9], Caryn James of The New York Times opined that "It is possible that some children will be tickled at the very idea of a talking pig, even one as bland as Gordy. One of Heidi's visions is of a man she calls Mr. Gordy, who tells her things to prove his existence, such as money being buried in the garden, and a swing being deep in the woods. Two weeks later, Andy attempts to hang a tire swing for Heidi. The script was written by David Coggeshall and Tom Elkins served as director. Jinnie Sue, not knowing Gordy's name, calls him Pinky. On the way, the two men are distracted briefly by a cross-dressing thief, and discover that Gordy and Hanky have escaped onto a feeding truck. Charmless, humorless and dull as drying paint, Gordy is the kind of movie parents should save for video punishment. Anthony Pereyra . Gordy will not enhance his résumé. The Stationmaster's death is revisited, but instead of it being the townspeople who murder him, it is the spirits of all those he had killed. He is a selfish and scheming man who is looking to take over the company. It was distributed by Miramax Family Films. You must be a registered user to use the IMDb rating plugin. Andy relays this information to Joyce and Lisa, who then relays it to Heidi, but tells her that the stationmaster was a good man and helped a lot of people. When Heidi insists that an evil exists in the woods, Lisa becomes frustrated and tells her that she cannot believe her because she cares about her and orders Heidi to get out of the bathtub. Along with generally negative reviews, Gordy was eclipsed by Babe, which was another family film featuring a young talking pig. Michael Roescher as Hanky Royce: The lonely but friendly son of Jessica. The director, I'm sorry to say, is Mark Lewis, the Australian responsible for the strange and funny documentary Cane Toads: An Unnatural History, which enlivened the S.F. As Lisa is leaving, Heidi tells her that it is hard when people don't believe you, indicating that she knew what she was doing. Sipes sends his men to kidnap Gordy, tie him in a sack, and toss him in a river, but the pig is saved by Cousin Jake. Babe, a pig raised by sheepdogs, learns to herd sheep with a little help from Farmer Hoggett. She leads her out into the woods, where she disappears. "[13] TV Guide gave the film 1½ stars out of four. "[6], Peter Stack of the Chronicle Staff claimed that "Gordy's strongest suit is the piglet's determination to reunite with his family, and that part of the convoluted plot develops into a folksy comic effort as Jinnie Sue, her dad, Hanky and Gordy race to save the family of pigs from becoming sausages. Written by Meanwhile, Heidi is struggling to ride her bike when it suddenly straightens up. MGC. Generally speaking, time would be better spent with Charlotte's Web than this forgettable hogwash. Good Hallmark movie! During the blessing, Joyce experiences frightening visions of slaves being taken to the station by the stationmaster, along with the conductors, and she sees the bodies of her family members decomposing during the blessing. "[7], Chris Hicks of the Deseret News reviewed the film saying that "This may have sounded like a cute idea on paper, but as kids pictures go this is the worst to come along in memory. My kids don't really like Babe, I assume, because it goes at a slower pace and is not so flashy, but I'm sure that once they are older, they will enjoy it much more than Gordy. The story of Mr. Gordy is a well known case and is considered to be one of the top ten ghost cases in the USA by many paranormal investigators. They travel to a dinner party, where Luke performs for the governor of Arkansas. They will probably be children who have never seen any movie, ever. He was primarily a taxidermist and would enlist the help of guides called Conductors to help guide slaves to a meeting place. And it's all up to him to find and save them before they get turned into sausage! One would think the pork industry would be livid about this film as it portrays pig slaughter as an outrageous evil. He becomes a good friend to Gordy. For other uses of the term, see, "Film `Gordy, The Pig' Makes Mr. Motown A Bit Nervous - Chicago Tribune", "Movie Review & Film Summary (1995) Roger Ebert", "A Stinker About a Cuddly, Precocious Corporate Pig", "Movie Review - Gordy - FILM REVIEW; You're Cute, but No Arnold Ziffel",, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License. Sipes is determined to remove Gordy and then take control of the company. [2], The film features the song "Pig Power in the House" by Tag Team. Gordy is the film that asks, How you gonna keep them down on the farm after they've seen Simba? Title: She finds Heidi tied to the stationmaster's table, and when she attempts to escape with her daughter, she finds the way blocked, except by going straight up through the ground. Great movie about how Mr. Hockey came back to play hockey with his kids! A father and daughter decide to attempt to lead a flock of orphaned Canada Geese south by air.

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