"Most Collingwood fans were Catholic and Irish, and pretty much working class, so they've had a history of exclusion," Professor Stratton said. On top of that, from a historical perspective, Real Madrid was the team favored by former Spanish dictator Francisco Franco, and he was willing to throw his weight around in their favor. It has been suggested the Colts threw one of their seasons in order to get a top quarterback draft pick in 2012. Create. They’ll bring up Deflategate. The Boston Celtics are the most successful NBA franchise of all time and they had periods where they completely dominated the league (particularly the 60’s). They may have many die hard fans in New York and around the world, but everyone else hates this storied and immensely successful franchise. The newly crowned Premier League champions have enjoyed a tremendous amount of success in recent times, but they are also one of the most hated teams in football. I wasn’t able to get enough number of opinions in Amplicate, but currently they are hated by 75% cricket fans. They seem incredibly disorganized, which alienates their own fan base as well. No team is college hoops is loathed more than Duke. Everybody admires Sam Burgess because he puts his hand up for what he is and what he does. recently been banned from the Champions League f, brings an overtly religious philosophy to his football team. See also: Do you remember these celebrity arrests? Many feel the Jets are not a cohesive unit. No team is more polarizing than the Rockets. "'They shouldn't be successful, they have no right to continue that success'. But in recent years, the Melbourne on the field is different to the one off the field. They just traded their best player, Mookie Betts, to the Dodgers basically to save money. The London side were always a very mediocre team, but they were then bought by Russian tycoon Roman Abramovich, who pumped gigantic sums of money into the team, very quickly turning them into title contenders. Unless you have been living under a rock in the past decade - perhaps even longer - you're already privy to the fact that a lot of football fans hate Collingwood. Kentucky is another blue blood, and not just because it wears blue. "It opens up another front," he said. They are still one of the main teams that influence the championship, even though their record hasn’t been very positive during its existence. Those people definitely hate Kentucky. We also can’t forget Milan Lucic. Seeing as USC is also a private school, much like Duke, it is commonly seen as elitist which of course makes it intensely disliked by many people both in America and around the world. Business Insider calls them “the most polarizing team in the league.”. He added there were some Eagles fans who still "feel deserted" by the departure of dual premiership-winning coach Mick Malthouse to the Magpies. There’s not a lot of hate in hockey right now, but there is some for the Penguins. These teams are so hated around the world that people will cheer when they are losing and always throw their support behind the other team. Despite this, Red Sox fans still complain that the Yankees only win because they spend so much money which does not help their case either. This came at a time where all the teams in New England were performing well in other sports too, which certainly added fuel to the fire for all the teams in the area. He believed the "residue" of that religious rivalry has contributed to the general dislike for the Pies today. The biggest cause of hatred for this team is their name. “The one thing about rugby league fans is, I tend to think they have a pretty good bulls*** detector,” said Kent on Fox League’s NRL360. Could it be ubiquitous club president Eddie McGuire? As such, it’s not just French soccer fans outside Paris who are down on PSG. Home Loan For Savvy Aussie Refinancers. There are many reasons for oppositions to hate them – for the comebacks they make in the dying minutes of the game or poor refereeing decisions that get highlighted in the news. "This is a man who is highly visible, a celebrity and is everywhere on TV, and he is the president of Collingwood. This also makes them one of the most hated teams in the game, largely due to the amount of “glory supporters” that they have. The most LOL-worthy things the Internet has to offer. Jonny is a UK based writer with a passion for basketball and football which he has had from a young age, where he played and followed both sports. The Lakers have so much history of success, but unlike the Celtics they seem brash about it. NBA teams have made the most dramatic moves this decade. The Celtics have won more championships than any other team in the NBA (17). What kind of team are you?'. In 2013, a 49ers fan stabbed a Falcons fan in the neck over a loss. The Seahawks have had several issues that would cause hatred in the NFL sphere. Here are the top 4: The Italian team has been hated since long time for many reasons. Buck's contract with Fox Sports expires after the 2019 World Series, a point at which Buck said he may retire. They are of course adored in Boston and by many basketball fans, but people also hate winners and the Celtics have a history of winning. Many local fans still haven’t recovered from when he left the Cavs for the Miami Heat in 2010. Here's How To Get A Home Loan With Low Deposit, How Australians Are Saving Hundreds In Credit Card Fees, [2.39% p.a.] "There hasn't been obvious success in winning grand finals, but they have been successful in a sense of being continually higher on the ladder on a consistent basis.". USC have enjoyed a great amount of success over the years and produced a number of top talents, and this contributes to the air of arrogance that surrounds the team and the fans. Manchester United are improving and becoming a force to be reckoned with once again however due to their ability to attract and pay for the top talent, and this also means that the hatred shows no signs of slowing down just yet. So what about in Western Australia, considering West Coast only entered the competition in 1987 and then Fremantle in 1995? Alienating their own fan base, the Redskins also experienced problems after moving their main stadium outside the downtown area. "They have constantly finished in the top half of the ladder," he said, while acknowledging the club missed out on finals football from 1995 to 2001 inclusive, a horrid stretch which featured the wooden spoon in 1999. It is not so much to do with what happens on the pitch that makes Real so hated, it is the way in which the club is run. "That amount of success breeds resentment," Professor Stratton said. ... Blue Devils are loved by some and hated by many. This is for the folks in the Great White North. Clemson, like Alabama, has the constantly winning thing going against it. Get the latest news and rumors, customized to your favorite sports and teams. They outspent everybody, which was considered a sin by many baseball fans. Others, though, feel it hurts the sanctity of college hoops. Celebrities are supposed to be role models, athletes being no exception. You can follow him on Twitter @ChrisXMorgan. Real Madrid and Barcelona both spend a ton of money, and while most people kind of like Barcelona, or at least don’t mind them, many are often down on Real Madrid. They have had two different players that were required to forfeit their trophy, including O.J. “He doesn’t pretend to be something on the field, he’s not off the field. Another explanation was the Anti-Collingwood "tradition" that gradually immersed itself in local football circles post-1987. However, the Golden State Warriors often take it to the next level. Tom Brady, their quarterback, was labeled as the most hated player in the NFL in 2017 by Sporting News. Storm 4. Amplicate survey shows 59% hatred for Miami Heat. Add articles to your saved list and come back to them any time. Not only do they have team members who allegedly committed sexual assault, those same players injure their teammates with a “flying punch” according to Deadspin. This is most evident through Cristiano Ronaldo and Gareth Bale, and each summer the best player in the world will be a rumoured target for Real Madrid. Many people cite a throwback to 1968, when Santa entered the stadium to a chorus of boos and was pelted with snowballs, ESPN reports. Which brings us to the question: How did the phenomenon of despising everything that is Collingwood begin? It's hard to quantify what makes someone hate a sports team. For example, James Harrison racked up $125,000 in fines in the 2010 season alone, according to ESPN. They then won two championships in short succession, and the feeling of pity was one that was replaced by intense disdain. They hire former head coaches as consultants and analysts with their vast resources. Several players that do this in the NBA are Duke alumni, and therefore some feel that the college is part responsible. Notre Dame is still an independent team, refusing to join a conference, and basically has its own network in NBC. They were barely thought of at all. James Harden scores 35 points a game, but so many fans hate him, claiming all he does is get fouled and go to the line. "I think it's the tradition," he said. Share Share Tweet Email Comment. Sharks ... MY most hated teams are the Broncos and Dragons cos theyre both wanker teams...their supporters are mostly wankers as well. It gets boring after a while. After many years of toiling behind Manly, Craig Bellamy’s men have taken out top spot according to a fans poll. Broncos and Roosters 3. Wherever he has coached, scandal has followed. But, much more than that, they will have to disband a culture that has made Australia the most hated cricket team in the world and start again. You root for teams to lose, and when they do, it’s as good as your favorite team winning. This is also known as Online Behavioural Advertising. Players like Brad Marchand give the Bruins a bad rep. He’s well-known for diving, and has been suspended twice for dirty plays. In addition, this and their large fanbase allows them to be one of the most financially valuable football programs and therefore they stay independent and out of a conference. They just do their thing. LISTEN: THE MATTY JOHNS PODCAST — Ricky vs. Ikin, why the Titans are such a mess, Russell Crowe’s book of feuds, SUBSCRIBE: iTUNES | GOOGLE PODS | SPOTIFY. You either love them, or you hate them. The role of Eddie "everywhere" McGuire does not help the 'Pies cause either, Professor Stratton says. Maybe people are remembering Dwayne Wade and LeBron James’ flops. Many were also upset that Detroit trademarked the phrase “Hockeytown,” as they felt that the city didn’t deserve the title, according to The Sportster. Jumping forward to this decade, Professor Stratton says although Collingwood has not won a premiership since 1990 - a stat that has provided many a fan with anti-Magpie ammunition - it has still figured in finals reckoning. Now that many other teams have started doing that, the credit for its initiation goes to Australia. But Professor Stratton says the sheer number of Collingwood fans has been the last straw for some. Secondly, there is their involvement with the BCS national championship. The Detroit Red wings are despised around the NHL, and this is down to a number of reasons. Washington has an aggravating owner in Daniel Snyder. 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