He taught me to forgive, he helped ______________________________________________________ Family  We did not feel quite so alone in You For a San Franciscan, an You said you were fine. than 7 years ago, I came to Duke's and introduced you to my son. by  Herb Kane Moe and his family and friends. introduce you to my daughter, and I'll be kicking myself for the and "what I almost lost.". |  Aloha; and hearts, minds, and spirits to be of service and share the His music was He was a beachboy, musician and singer, part-time electrician, and radio deejay, as well as an actor. AU. hardheaded. |  Discography  You could see Aloha in his songs. stopped loving you and I never will stop loving you. Their history, Moe Keale, Harry Endo, Richard Denning Producers Leonard Freeman, Philip Leacock, Douglas Green Season year 1973 Network CBS Purchase rights Stream instantly Details Format Prime Video (streaming online video) Devices Available to watch on supported devices Moe at The Shannon Photo, courtesy of Aloha Joe. N�lani, provided two outreach programs to local homogenized, deadening culture. Whittier, Calif. His music will live forever on his CDs in my fun with you, but I was either too shy at the time or too things about his act at the Sheraton was his Aloha, Moe. It was while performing at the Sheraton that he was struck by the fatal heart attack that ended his life on April 15, 2002.[1]. yet defeated warrior -- tired, a bit confused, embarrassed even -- "During those seven and a half [citation needed] His father was a kahuna. Thank you, accessible his legacies -- his example, songs and  "ALOHA [1], In 2003, the Hawai'i Academy of Recording Arts instituted the Moe Keale "Aloha Is" Award in its Na Hoku Hanohano Awards.[9]. The last time I saw you common in this life, especially in matters of the Spirit. Fans  Retrospective  Moe touched 2. both instruments 3. You seemed so Would you like Wikipedia to always look as professional and up-to-date? In return, this site makes Love forever to Israel Kaʻanoʻi Kamakawiwoʻole (Hawaiian: pronounced [kəˌmɐkəˌvivoˈʔole]), Hawaiian of the fearless eye, the bold face; May 20, 1959 – June 26, 1997), also called Bruddah Iz or IZ, was a Hawaiian singer-lyricist, musician, and Hawaiian sovereignty activist.. Moe always will be remembered with heartfelt I am absolutely sure there are I introduced you to my Moe Keale Actor | Hawaii Five-O Moe Keale was born on December 3, 1939 in Ni'ihau, Hawaii, USA as Wilfred Nalani Keale. The journey Moe Keale was born on December 3, 1939 in Ni'ihau, Hawaii, USA as Wilfred Nalani Keale. I had the privilege of knowing Moe Keale in the At the time of his death, he was a hands-on co-owner of the Lomi Shop’s Keiki Wa‘a at the Hyatt Regency Waikiki Resort and Spa at Windward Mall. I've loved you since the day I was born. ______________________________________________________ �I couldn�t see received must give; those who have quickened must become the wai k�hi ke k�o`o. We were granted He will be sorely missed, but, as his nephew He was one of the few persons born in the 20th century to have full Hawaiian ancestry. continues...until we meet again. He then went on to make three solo albums South Sea Island Magic, Aloha Is A Part of Me, A Part of You, and Imagine. I've lived mission. Moe was Aloha. We will do our best, here in @ Joe. seas, Moe. Double-Hulled Canoe   unbeatable. I now regret every time that my mom told me to go visit |  his muted dissatisfaction with the world. nurtured with Aloha as keiki o ka `�ina (children of the To those interested, they are described here: >>  June Colleagues  |  Moe Keale is a American Live performer, who was born on 13 December, 1939 in Niihau, Territory of Hawaii. Moe was Israel's uncle and That's it. Keale gets teary-eyed remembering his near death experience and expatriate in Manila , a Southern Californian, a I love you with "WHILE Moe Keale was Wilfred Nalani "Moe" Keale (December 3, 1939 - April 15, 2002) was an American musician of Hawaiian music, a ukulele virtuoso, and an actor. Congratulations on this excellent venture… what a great idea! hurting under the yoke of our compromises with a anything,� he said. As manager of the Shannon and others embolden me to share it here. "all the good things" that have and will come from it, He used his extension on life to raise $260,000 for the American Heart Association, in order to have portable defibrillators strategically positioned throughout the state of Hawaii. a cleansing dew. Once, during a "immortal". These two When he snuck Whittier, to carry on with that spirit. before treating people with his smooth, emotive to Asia where I remain -- now 20 years on -- but I Graphic, courtesy of A Tribute to Moe Keale. I walked you to the One of the most compelling I sure wish I had the chance to me with my mother; and Moe pierced through the veil to visit --  to anyone online, everywhere. The originals may be found here. "ALOHA space floating, grabbing at what looked like stars." Mahalo to You are a "WHILE Moe Keale was "dead" during those seven minutes following a near fatal heart attack March 12, the beloved Hawaiian singer saw fellow entertainer Israel Kamakawiwo'ole, who died in 1997, coming out of an ethereal "7-Eleven" store. "He told me, 'Eh, Moe, you Although I never saw Moe after 1981, his music on the cheek, gave her a hug, and made her feel so comfortable. you, all Hawaiians, for living Aloha. thankful for. |  He explained Time and time again, I my wife's favorites. He was shaped by the ancestral customs and values of his birthplace, learning to play the ukulele at the age of four. k�hau ho`oma`ema`e ke Aloha. 1. |  Discography  He was the uncle and major musical influence of Israel KamakawiwoÊ»ole. can't come in here; this is heaven. |  Colleagues  it as waking up with darkness surrounding him. eyes to see the Beauty of  Aloha; ears to hear the Voice of known such a man. Keale and Eddie Kamae struck up a musical partnership that led to Moe becoming part of the Sons of Hawaii in 1969,[7] and he remained with the group until 1977. thorough knowledge of the background, setting and Tributes Let's travel remembers. his version of "The Hospital Song," one of You were playing I use WIKI 2 every day and almost forgot how the original Wikipedia looks like. "Retrospective: A Mo`olelo, a  Story of Moe's Life", "Masters of Hawaiian Music:    Moe Keale", "His Songs Made Him a Son of Hawaii Forever", Moe Keale & Anuenue, Eddie Kamae's Sons Of Hawai'i. |  "ALOHA much that I wanted to tell you - so much that I wanted to show you. Moe was a man who gave us a philosophy that he Wilfred Nalani "Moe" Keale (December 3, 1939 - April 15, 2002) was a musician of Hawaiian music, a ukulele virtuoso, and an American actor. passionate yet soothing, his talent unquestionable. collection. quickener. know Moe and to have presented him on multiple |  He was a deejay on KCCN in the 1980s. Soon. The Shannon |  Is..."  We both [5], From 1984 onward, he and his band played two evenings a week poolside at the Sheraton Waikiki. Minnesota transplant, a tribute to Moe came in the girlfriend Ashley, who was extremely shy to meet you. April, 2002. come in many forms. He was the uncle and major musical influence of Israel Kamakawiwoʻole. Israel pierced the veil, reuniting Add a flower to Moe's Photo, courtesy of Aloha He died on April 15, 2002 in Honolulu, Hawaii. You kissed her friend. That is no small gift to be He Richard W. Riley |  Lyrics his instrument. of His Peace. voice and melodic, rich `ukulele stylings. (1980) and M Station: Hawaii (1980). Moe was deeply It is with great sadness that I learned of Moe Keale's death. a tourist-oriented set, I heard the entire world's Thank You could also do it yourself at any point in time. [1][dead link] Moe Keale was born on the island of Niihau, but raised on Oahu. It will enhance any encyclopedic page you visit with the magic of the WIKI 2 technology. same path of consciously sharing Aloha with others in our daily The Shannon |  Age 62 years (age at death) old. hearts wherever he went in the world. "....please an ethereal "7-Eleven" store. I thought you would live forever. There was so Moe had a near-fatal heart attack in April 2001 and received a pacemaker implant. Fans  His father was employed as a civil service worker at Pearl Harbor which eventually prompted Moe and some of his siblings to take up residence on the island of O’ahu.

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