"But you must know how it is. I completely blame my subconscious and Felicitylanding. I can’t believe she was such a stunning baby!” Rose covered her mouth with her hand, realizing what that could have sounded like. And guess what: it worked! A twitter one shot book with a bunch of different fandoms having twitter and just commenting or doing whatever on twitter. Ladybug replied. Your review has been posted. Expect some typos and Character name misspellings. Miraculous baby. "Adrien, it's fine. "What gave it away?" Stop. He busied himself mixing the eggs and flour and such, making a careful mental note to cook the pancakes thoroughly as raw eggs were in the recipe. "Nino told me this place was always open on holidays! Adrien let out a gleeful laugh at Marinette’s irritated screech. He leaned over to kiss Marinette's peaceful sleeping forehead, adding another kiss to her cheek just because he could, before getting up and dressing himself for the day. “Don’t make me regret this, you silly k….kid.”, “Of course!” Adrien burst out. "Oh? “We all saw the eyes. A child is born. But so is a new kwami. He grinned, lifting up his right hand to wave slightly. Restless nights were unfortunately becoming a bit more common with Marinette as her baby bump grew larger. Quickly he pulled her under the shelter of a large park tree. "Happy Mother's Day," he told her. This is my first fanfiction so I'm not really good with synopsis'. The wind began to encircle the pair and a light mist touched their skin. Abruptly Adrien went pale and dropped back into his seat. “Well, MariBABE, You would have to give them to me if they were also mine, right?” Adrien trailed off suggestively as he languidly stood to his full height. She should have been long gone, following everyone else when the child akuma appeared. He replied, "Red is quite a great colour, I think. Though her hair was messed, though it curled around her face and lay scattered on the pillow around her, she was always beautiful to him. The pale hints of blue that appeared when her hair touched bright light were shining brightly. "I am carrying another human inside me. His face brightening a little, he extended his hand toward Marinette with the smile of a gentleman. Tikki joined him in the kitchen while Plagg dozed away in the other room like Marinette was. "I'm from America. It uh, didn’t work out well.” Marinette stared. Adrien soon had Marinette settled at the kitchen table, a tired look in her eyes. I gotta admit, she’s got an adorable one, but I think you’re a little old.” Nino clapped his hand ontoAdrien’s shoulder, delighting in the adorableness that is the Sunshine Child. “Nino, we’re 17!” All anyone could do was shrug.

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