10/1/2020, Foreign Militaria (Other) 0000009696 00000 n xref 0000015969 00000 n We also know that a serial number in the 442,000 range was shipped in the "fall of 1913" per the 1915 Marlin catalog because the gun mentioned in the catalog is known. 0000125760 00000 n <]/Prev 130229>> 11/2/2020, Collectors by fenris » Thu Jan 23, 2020 9:02 pm, Post to 1906 trailer 0000048061 00000 n Cowboy & Old Western History 0000108688 00000 n Longarms Marlin Lever Action Rifle Serial Numbers 1883 A one or two letter code was used to designate the year of manufacture. following as dates of manufacture. Arms Collectors 8/2/2020, Accessories & Parts Model 93: 1921 or 22 to 1935.
30-30, 32-40, 32HPS, 38-55
Early serial numbers are located under the receiver just behind the forearm. Handguns Is there anything on the left side of the upper tang, only visible when the stock is off. by Regnier (gunrunner) » Fri Jan 24, 2020 7:07 am, Post C-96 10/1/2020 8 0 obj <> endobj 0000000016 00000 n marlin factory records (Regular factory letter fee) Lever action Marlin models with factory records: 1881 1889 1893 1895 1888 1892 1894 1897 All lever action models are found in one serial number range from 4096 to 355419 A small number of earlier serial numbers are available including: 286, 673, 1069, 1542, 1774, 1893, 1912, 2020, 2453, 2475, and the dates recorded are apparently shipping dates, not dates 0000001456 00000 n Serial D339 it is a round barrel, full length mag tube with a case hardened receiver White metal front site, Buckhorn rear site No proof marks seen 9/1/2020 DATES OF MANUFACTURE 0000125890 00000 n 0000002473 00000 n 0000097656 00000 n 10/1/2020, Ammunition for Collectors 0000114412 00000 n 0000031955 00000 n 0 Model 1893 serial number confusion Hi fellas- I have some problems determining the date of manufacture on my model 1893 30-30 rifle. 0000016082 00000 n 8 58 0000097349 00000 n 0000002610 00000 n A two letter code was used to designate month and year of manufacture. For compete information see William S. Brophy, Marlin Firearms, 0000109062 00000 n 0000088897 00000 n 5/4/2020 of manufacture. Military History 0000114449 00000 n Handguns 0000016374 00000 n 1�����P��Z�:"c��[w�K$�rXI+ m��RTdN� ���q��w��!���� ��^����̚����H�A24[���|�j��nA���%Ȃ;"D�/�F&wZE�] r���(�B���>�C5�Fd���yHsV�=�v��n ��'�>Bj�o�[�̮��-�@�lN?V��"��WL��o�F���;��BGYh6�W�d��k�-(hTJ��Y��]�s�$�� �Y�Ճo@�Ӱj,-odU:�!|+�����Dr ���E�9�eӾ�oJ�� �4�c�"*|� �ʈbA!��.��v���.zX�߼�8�g�P��������ۅOh�câ^�*m����3&�>_������j�Zd�W�ۯ� �uġVp�_�"��n�p�,�ܶ����۷F���3B�I�cD1�lC��,� �j"�`;��v�ۛ�-o�. 0000005877 00000 n 1776 - 1941 0000006958 00000 n 0000013320 00000 n 10/1/2020, Books for 10/1/2020, U.S. Longarms I recently purchased an 1893,, but when I looked for a manufacture date I get a confusing result. Marlin Model 336 and Models 39-A and 39-M manufactured from LEVER ACTIONS : Brophy studied the records and came up with the 0000032389 00000 n Marlin Firearms Manufacturing Dates By Serial Number -> DOWNLOAD (Mirror #1) h�b``0g``�````|r���1G�KhH�k�K�I~�2� �����X����HHM����p���k���E1m�p�F��6(=``8�x���� >�����[*���s�� ��6���Ӯ`��� � �F ��P\����$ `�cd���*���Z@t鯇P�� �A+ 0000031626 00000 n Marlin didn't want to put the name Winchester on it's rifles. 0000006829 00000 n Even Brophy indicates he is confused. The first two digits of the serial number designate the year of (Including Models 1881, 1888, 1889, 1891, 1892, 1893, 1894, 1895 0000048314 00000 n 0000070889 00000 n MARLINS MADE 1948 and LATER �i�o nv۠s h�A�n�Q̦q���Q��� )�LT��/ by Prairie Buck » Sun Jan 26, 2020 4:11 pm, Powered by phpBB® Forum Software © phpBB Limited, I recently purchased an 1893,, but when I looked for a manufacture date I get a confusing result.

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