As the Pandavas arrive at Vyasa's ashram, Draupadi worries about her Swayamvar. Duryodhan assures Shakuni that Karna will not interfere in their plan. Ambika and Ambalika's sons are named Dhritarashtra and Pandu. As Nakul and Sahadev treat Karna, Dushyasan and Ashwatthama welcome Shalya. Then, Krishna tells Arjun to kill Karna. He asks Draupadi to forgive the Pandavas and tells her the difference between revenge and justice. Gandhari catches Shakuni playing political games. Duryodhan suggests Arjun to apologise to Karna, by washing his legs. Karna spares Sahadev's life on remembering his promise to Kunti. Later, Krishna wants Abhimanyu to marry Uttara. He threatens to kill her if she fails to bring the Pandavas to him. He targets Bheem first. Kunti welcomes them. One after the other, Yudhishthir loses Sahdev, Arjun and Bheem to Duryodhan. Meanwhile, Karna is shocked to learn about Duryodhan's plan to kill the Pandavas. They assure him that his girl child will change history. Bhishma asks Duryodhan to take the opportunity and capture Yudhishthir. Meanwhile, Kuntibhoj informs Kunti about a Swayamvar he has organised for her. Vidur comes in between and informs him that if he tries to fight against the Pandavas, he will have to first face Bhishma. Before dying, Maharishi Kindam curses him. He apologises to Shakuni for insulting him earlier and asks Karna to attack Indraprastha. Agnidev blesses Arjun with a bow, Gandiv. Will they unite to fight Krishna and the Pandavas? But Bhishma has come to King Subala with a marriage proposal for Gandhari with Dhritarashtra. But Duryodhan and Karna insult him by telling him to dance too. Virat promises to punish Keechak's murderer. Rukmini questions Krishna about the Pandavas. They inform the Pandavas about Drupad's violence against them. Shakuni becomes furious with King Subala's decision of marrying his daughter, Gandhari to Dhritarashtra. Kank suggests that Virat should not rely on Keechak for the security of his kingdom. Dhrishtadyumna creates a fish in the sky. Later, he fights with Bheem for insulting Dushyasan. Shakuni takes Duryodhan and Dushyasan to meet Krishna and Balarama, and asks them for their support. Draupadi stops Shikhandini from killing herself. Will they get their place in the kingdom? Duryodhan intervenes and Bhishma asks Duryodhan to choose between him and Karna. In the court, amidst Yudhishthir and Duryodhan's argument over who deserves the throne of Hastinapur, Dhritarashtra takes his decision. The Upapandavas take Draupadi to the battlefield. As Karna and Arjun fight a fierce battle against each other, Duryodhan decides to kill Bheem. Nakul, Sahadev and Yudhishthir stop him. In the forest, Kunti and her sons share a light moment. Shishupal arrives there and trades insults with Duryodhan. Draupadi and Yudhishthir panic as they do not have enough food. She is impressed with Arjun. Seeing her family happy, Draupadi takes a decision about the war and informs Krishna of the same. Duryodhan accuses Arjun of killing Bhishma, and decides to attack him. Drupad hesitates but later agrees. He comforts her by telling her that whenever she is in need of his help, he will appear. The Pandavas begin digging a tunnel to escape. Arjun informs Bheem of the same. The Pandavas separate themselves to achieve their goals. Though he agreed later, he swore to himself that he would destroy the Kuru race.He sowed the seeds of the climactic battle of Kurukshetra during the adolescence of the Kauravas (Sons of Dhritarashtra) and Pandavas (Nephews of Dhritarashtra) by poisoning the mind of Duryodhan; the eldest Kaurav against the Pandavas.This results in the Kurukshetra War where Shri Krishna imparts “Bhagwad Gita” (Holy Scripture of Hinduism) To his Pandav Cousin Arjuna. He requests Balarama not to support the Pandavas in the upcoming war. Bhishma takes an oath that he will step down from the throne, so that Satyavati can stay with Shantanu. Yudhishthir is shocked on seeing them dead. Prativindhya, Sutasom, Sutakarma, Satanika and Shrudhasena seek their mother Draupadi's blessings. Mahabharat episodes 251 - 268 Don't wait, Download Now.

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