They know fully well how short a Windermerean's lifespan is, but Freyja's seemingly boundless energy makes it hard to imagine. Though it looked like curtains for Freyja and Hayate, both come out of the wrecked VF-171 unharmed thanks to Mirage's intervention. She is one of Freyja Wion's inspirations along with Lynn Minmay, Fire Bomber, and Ranka Lee.. Fighter Pilot Aviation Movies and TV Shows. Voices Delta Flight's Chuck Mustang and Kaname pick them up, as Hayate and Freyja's newfound occupations now meant they have to live here and arrangements have already been made. She was told by her elders that the humans had used it against Windermere, however this was a lie to cover-up their government's mistake. Follow/Fav Macross Delta: Song of the Stars R By: Shidou Haruka Following the second Battle of Ragna where she has been revealed as the Star Singer, Chaos HQ had decided to assign a bodyguard for Mikumo Guynemer, knowing that there are forces out there that wants to use her power. Hayate reminds her of what she always said before, being able to fly only if you risk your life in the process. Nobody passed the audition. As stated by Kaname, Freyja is the type who only pulls through when the stakes are high. In the next century, a reconfiguring ship (think "Transformer" with a pilot) called Macross carries fifty thousand refugees within its hold as it returns to Earth pursued by giant humanoid ... See full summary ». The anime premiered on Tokyo MX and BS11, along other stations in Japan on April 3, 2016. Absolute Zero Theta Novatick) by Walküre. Mirage, who happened to see the two flee from the port, apprehends Hayate, believing he is the stowaway (on top of being a pervert). The Super Dimension Fortress Macross Vol. Movie compilation edition of the acclaimed OVA. Freyja follows suit and sings along. Changing the subject, she orients Freyja on the dorm rules and how the duties of cooking, trash disposal and Q-lulu the mercat's care would cycle between them. This results in Hayate mocking her for her mistake, to which she gets mad at. I’m a bit worried it won’t thanks to the second Frontier movie Goodbye Wings. The second, titled Macross Δ Gaiden: Macross E (マクロスΔ外伝 マクロスE (エクストラ), Makurosu Deruta Gaiden Makurosu E (Ekusutora)) is written by Shoji Kawamori and serialized in Kodansha's Magazine Special. Change ). Needless to say, Freyja's fold receptors were non-active the whole time, but the objective of lowering the Vár risk factor was going pretty well. While Mirage urges them to find shelter, the two ignore her warning. Her expressions and love for apples makes her a fun addition to the legendary Macross idols. Unable to contain her excitement (evident by her rune flashing), Freyja throws herself into danger and sings along with Walküre. With Freyja in tow, Hayate fends off the Vár-infected Zentradi with a mesmerizing martial dance. Eight years pass after the events of Macross Frontier, between the encounter... 4 of 7 people found this review helpful. However, unlike the YF-30 the VF-31 design has built-in gunpods in its arms and forward-swept wings. Kaname pushed her away just in time and under this high-stress situation, Freyja was finally able to land smoothly with her gas-jet clusters. Around 7 years prior to the series' start, a human visits Windermere and gives Freyja a music player with songs from Lynn Minmay, Fire Bomber, Sheryl Nome, and Ranka Lee. Kawamori added that he has been a fan of the Draken jet since he was a child. Macross Delta the Movie: Absolute Live!!!!!! Shoji Kawamori specifically noted that this planet is the main setting for the new series. Freyja has short voluminous peach hair with light yellow highlights and green eyes. Despite not being assisted by the multi-drones for amplification, the resonance of the bio-wave effects between the two were sufficient enough to cure the rest. Hayate's battlefield was up in the sky, so Freyja had be clear on where her own battlefield was. "Macross Delta") is a science fiction anime television series produced by Studio Nue and Satelight, based on the long running Macross franchise by Big West. Not just that both are fun cute type of characters. Walküre He's on his last day of his current job as a dock worker and Workroid pilot when he meets Freyja Wion who had stowed away inside a … The Super Dimension Fortress Macross: Do You Remember Love? Her theme color in Walküre is red and her catchphrase is "Music is energy!". Macross Frontier Movie: The False Songstress, Macross Frontier Movie: The Wings of Goodbye, Super Dimensional Fortress Macross II: The Movie, Super Dimension Fortress Macross The First, Macross 30: The Voice that Connects the Galaxy, CR Fever Super Dimension Fortress Macross, The Super Dimension Fortress Macross: Do You Remember Love? After the outbreak of the unidentified virus "Lost Christmas" in 2029, Japan has been under the control of a multi-nation organization called GHQ. Loves foxes and cute things. Mirage comes out from the bath. It's up to a new generation of highly capable Valkyrie pilots to deal with this universal menace. "Macross Delta") is a science fiction anime television series that aired on Tokyo MX in Japan from April 3, 2016, to September 25, 2016. Upon reaching the audition venue at the Chaos Ragna Branch Annex Building, Freyja was shocked to learn that in order to try out, she needed to have passed the preliminaries that were held prior(it was actually written on the poster she had with her, but Freyja never read that part until then). Unfortunately, the audition did not go well since her fold receptors were not showing the same activity as back in Al Shahal, perhaps due to being nervous. IdolSinger. While video productions such as Macross Plus and Macross Zero prominently featured variable fighters against each other, Kawamori admitted that it has not been the focus in a Macross television series in a long time. Created by Shôji Kawamori. Having been raised in Windermere where human culture is severely sequestered or totally banned, Freyja may have had no idea how historically significant the artists who served as her inspiration to pursue a musical career were. She is eventually cornered at a fence and is almost caught, however Hayate saves her from the workers and flees to the city. Hayate looks over the poster, and notices an issue: the audition is being held on Ragna, but they are on Al-Shahal. I really hope Freyja and rest of the Delta characters get a happy ending in the upcoming second Macross Delta movie. All this just makes Freyja one of my favourite Macross idols. Freyja doing the "Immelman Dance" in tandem with Hayate's, Frejya jetting through the sky with her newfound friends at. Despite her many flubs, the audience in Randor gave her a warm welcome. She later tells the others that getting used to the lifestyle in Ragna was easy since it somewhat resembled her hometown in Windermere with it's nice wind, snow capped land and apple farms. Freyja's rune doesn't sparkle when she's a feeling sad. Macross Δ (Japanese: マクロス Δ (デルタ), Hepburn: Makurosu Deruta, lit. Freyja Wion (フレイア・ヴィオン, Fureia Uion?) Freyja biting on some toast and jam as she makes her way to class. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. Peach with yellow highlights Macross Δ (Japanese: マクロスΔ (デルタ), Hepburn: Makurosu Deruta, lit. Macross Delta is set in the year 2067, eight years after the events of Macross Frontier in a remote part of the Milky Way Galaxy called the Brísingr Globular Cluster (ブリージンガル球状星団, Burījingaru Kyūjō Seidan), which is plagued by the Vár Syndrome (ヴァールシンドローム, Vāru Shindorōmu), a mysterious phenomenon which turns people berserk without any apparent cause. Including the anime ending to CardCaptor Sakura Clear Card. Suzuki plays Freyja Wion, an aspiring idol who is full of spirit and who is always smiling. Freyja discusses her dreams once again with him, to which he once again mocks. Freyja recognizes it as the same wind-colored sensation she felt back at the port. During preparation for live shows, she usually has on a standard uniform dress or a holograph skin-suit like the rest. With Kaito Ishikawa, Unshô Ishizuka, Shinji Kawada, Ami Koshimizu. While Freyja gushes out her admiration for them, an alarm for a Var Syndrome breakout goes off. V Rhapsody In Love, Macross 7 CD Cinema 2: Melodious Illusion, Macross 7 CD Cinema 3: Galaxy Song Battle, The Super Dimension Fortress Macross Inside Story~Macross Classic, Macross Blue Moon Show Case in Tokyo SkyTree,, Minori Suzuki also voices Hajime Fujiwara in. Hayate as a main was boring af to watch and Freya was just plain annoying in terms of her childish mindset and lack of actual development (supported so hard by Mirage + other Walkures it's actually unfathomable she functions alone). Macross Δ: First Seen in Episode #1 Eight years pass after the events of Macross Frontier, between the encounter of the 25th Frontier fleet and the Vajras. Minori Suzuki ", "Diamond Crevasse" / "Iteza Gogo Kuji Don't be late", Macross Frontier the Movie: The False Songstress, Macross Frontier the Movie: The Wings of Goodbye, Macross Delta the Movie: Passionate Walküre, The Super Dimension Fortress Macross: Flash Back 2012, Koi suru Tenshi Angelique ~ Kokoro no Mezameru Toki ~, Koi suru Tenshi Angelique ~ Kagayaki no Ashita ~, Macross Frontier the Movie ~Itsuwari no Utahime~, Macross Frontier the Movie ~Sayonara no Tsubasa~, Bodacious Space Pirates: Abyss of Hyperspace, Macross Delta the Movie: Passionate Walkūre. Check out some of the IMDb editors' favorites movies and shows to round out your Watchlist. The others do it almost effortlessly, while Freyja had to take some time mustering up the courage to jump. Macross Wiki is a FANDOM Anime Community. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. Over time, Freyja becomes capable of making it more consistent and potent through constant training coupled with her growing feelings for Hayate Immelman, though at the price of further shortening her already fleeting life as a Windermerean. [4], The Macross Delta logo features a planet within the Japanese characters that form the word "Macross". Ohma Shu is a 17 year old boy who has a ... See full summary ». Mirage apologizes for the mistake and identifies herself as a member of the Delta Squadron. No such waves are generated from broadcasts and recordings. Change ), You are commenting using your Twitter account. Macross Frontier Movie: The False Songstress; Macross Frontier Movie: The Wings of Goodbye; Super Dimensional Fortress Macross II: The Movie; Macross Δ Movie: Passionate Walküre It turns out that they were Chuck's younger siblings. ( Log Out /  The new series is being sponsored by Big West Advertising and Bandai Visual. Change ), You are commenting using your Google account. Though daunted by the city's many "dangers", Freyja's fear turns into amazement when she sees the Macross Elysion, home base of the Chaos Ragna Branch. Hayate lets her go and gives her some of his onigiri, to which she is extremely grateful for. Eye Color Kawamori started to describe more details about Macross Delta's setting but stopped short and asked fans to watch "The Super Dimension" Production Unveiling event. Taking place in 2059 A.D., Macross Frontier chronicles the events of the 25th Frontier fleet, located near the center of the Galaxy. This shocks Freyja who did not double check which ship she got on before stowing away. Use the HTML below. A compilation film with some plot changes, Macross Delta the Movie: Passionate Walküre was released in Japanese theaters on February 9, 2018. Though she didn't need to, Freyja confessed to being the stowaway. But soon after Group B5 arrived at their ... See full summary », Fifty years pass since the human race adventures to colonize the deep space, after the first war against aliens.

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