molusco comestible que habita en los mares de Chile y Perú, Spanish Definition Dictionary K Dictionaries. ("It's fucking awesome!"). (idiom, adjective) "Son of a bitch! ("Give me the fucking suitcase why don't you!") In Peru, irse a la mierda means "to be drunk as Hell." It can also be used with an ironically positive connotation, as in ¡Está de poca/puta madre! La cagó ("shat it") can be used to agree on a previous statement ("Chilean Spanish makes no sense", "Sí, la cagó"), Mierda is a noun meaning "shit." Macho is a Spanish expression with several meanings. The term cabrón also means a handler of prostitutes, comparable to "pimp" in English. It is also frequent to derive other words, such as adjectival form cojonudo (lit. In Mexico, huevón is a pejorative term that usually translates as "slacker". [2], In Mexico, the saying can range anywhere from semi-inappropriate to very offensive depending on tone and context. Chinga tu madre ("Fuck your mother") is considered to be extremely offensive.[a]. ("Don't be such a coward!"). (or in Mexico, Métetelo por el fundillo) is an expression of reproach. Required fields are marked *. Regardless of whether or not such condition or irreversible, the verb estar is always used, as opposed to ser. In order to provide you with the best online experience, this website uses cookies. ("They're going to fuck us"). ", and ¡Soy la verga andando! [30] Although due to its lower class origin it is also believed (and more likely) to be the vesre form of roto, which means "broken", for "culo roto". It is also used generally to describe anything that is vexing or unpleasant, such as tiempo de mierda ("shitty weather") or auto de mierda ("piece-of-shit car"). The euphemisms miércoles (Wednesday) and eme (the letter m) are sometimes used as minced oaths. Emphatic exclamations, not aimed to insult but to express strong emotion, often include words for sexual relations (e.g. El hotel está al lado de la playa y además es muy barato means "This is fucking great. I live by ass house/in the asshole of the world. pearls),[27] mingas, tatas, tetas,[28] tetamen, pechamen, melones or chichis. Learn how and when to remove this template message, Diccionario de la lengua española de la Real Academia Española, List of Puerto Rican slang words and phrases, "follar1, Der. "Gender, sex, and language in Valencia: attitudes toward sex-related language among Spanish and Catalan speakers". Some years ago, in Costa Rica, the term jupa de pollo ("head of a chicken") was popular slang for "penis". It also signifies a person with a disorderly or irregular life. Bombillas are used for drinking mate by sucking into them), etc. Your opinion and your information are very important. [citation needed] In Latin America (except Chile), it is a commonly used generic interjection similar to "fuck!" ("We're gonna die, fuck!") The variant fondillo is also found in Puerto Rico and Cuba. In Venezuela, it is pronounced more like güevón and, often, ueón. ("You were swindled!") "Sexual linguistics". It is used in very much the same way as the English word "dyke." It carries about the same weight as the American usages of the words "(someone's) asshole" or "the crack of (someone's) ass." In Panama "la cagada" ("the shit") refers to something or someone that makes everything else go wrong or the one detail that is wrong about something (and is thus the complete opposite of the American slang the shit); e.g., Ese man es la cagada ("That dude is the shit" i.e. [a], Alternative ways of referring to sexual intercourse include: follar, echar un polvo (Spain), coger (Argentina, Mexico), chimar, pisar (Central America), culear (Chile and Colombia), singar (Cuba), and cachar (Peru). : "eyelet")—refers to the anus in some countries, and also is used to mean "asshole": Se portó para el ojete conmigo ("He was a really bad person with me", or "He was an asshole to me"). ("The cunt of your mother"), which may be used as an expression of surprise or grief, or as a highly disrespectful insult. [c] It may be translated as "dumbass" or "asshole" in many situations, though it carries an extra implication of willful incompetence or innocent gullibility that's ripe for others to exploit. may translate to "What an annoyance!"). Although less used as profanity, some words for the bust can also be used derogatorily or humorously. mayate-used by Mexicans and Mexican-Americans to denote someone who is gay, or overtly flamboyant (lit. A less common use is as a translation of the British profanity "bugger". follis, fuelle, Soplar con el fuelle", "Esparrago Cojonudo 8–12 frutos—Lata 850 Grs—Tienda Gourmet Delicatessen", "50 diferentes formas de decir la palabra PENE", "Chapter 7: Three Decades of Male Sex Work in Santo Domingo",ño, Short description is different from Wikidata, All Wikipedia articles written in American English, Articles with unsourced statements from January 2019, Articles containing Spanish-language text, Articles with unsourced statements from December 2014, Articles with unsourced statements from January 2020, Articles to be expanded from January 2020, Articles needing additional references from January 2020, All articles needing additional references, Articles with unsourced statements from July 2010, Articles with unsourced statements from July 2014, Articles with unsourced statements from April 2012, Articles with unsourced statements from February 2010, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License, "¡Hijo de la chingada!" It can literally mean "to fuck somebody" e.g. To some extent, it can also be used with an ironically positive connotation meaning "great", "amazing", "phenomenal", or "badass". Best friends call each other "cabrón" in a friendly manner, while it may also be used in an offensive manner. "to scratch one's own balls"). [a], Remojar el cochayuyo (lit. or "He's shit-faced!". Among close friends, the term is often inoffensive; however, it is not a word to be used casually with strangers. maraco—used in Chile, only against male homosexuals; see maraca below. [a], follar—used particularly in Spain and to a lesser extent in Cuba, but rarely found elsewhere. Capullo (lit: "cocoon" or "flower bud", also slang for glans penis) is nearly always interchangeable with that of gilipollas. [citation needed], Caray is a mild minced oath for this word. (lit. Its usage was so common among Spaniards and Spanish-Filipino mestizos living in the Philippines that konyo became a Tagalog word for upper-class people. In Puerto Rico pinche simply refers to a hairpin, while pincho has the same meaning in Dominican Spanish. In Chile, pinche isn't vulgar, and it refers to the people involved in an informal romantic relationship with each other. "meat drill"), "cíclope llorón" (lit. Carajo (lit. The Spanish language employs a wide range of swear words that vary between Spanish speaking nations and in regions and subcultures of each nation. "cunt jackal", in the sense of the jackal being a relentless predator), et cetera).[23]. "In the ass hill"), which mean "too far away" or cara de culo (lit. Maricón, however, remains an insulting and profane term for homosexuals in Colombia as well. Variations are sale de los huevos, sale de las pelotas, etc. This may be because someone who does not have an intention to offend will resort to a lower amount of syllables, hence rendering the expression less coarse and ill-sounding. The word is offensive in Mexico, Cuba, and Puerto Rico, as it means "asshole" and other insults in English. as when a strange woman behaves offensively and then suddenly leaves). "fuckers!") "in the ass of the world"), en la loma del culo (lit. In Mexico, Tenga huevos (literally "Have eggs") translates as "Have some balls". In the Spanish region of La Mancha is very common the formation of neologisms, to refer with humoristic sense to a certain way of being some people, by the union of two terms, usually a verb and a noun. ¡me cago en tu puta madre! In Mexico, there are many proverbs that refer to pendejos. You can complete the definition of macha given by the Spanish Definition K Dictionary dictionary with other dictionaries : Wikipedia, Lexilogos, Maria Moliner, Espasa Calpe, Grijalbo, Larousse, Wordreference, Real Academia, Diccionario, Babylon, Oxford, Collins, Spanish-Definition dictionary : translate Spanish words into Definition with online dictionaries. Street Talk Savvy. [a], The canonical definition of a gilipollas is a person whose behavior, speech, outlook or general demeanor is inconsistent with the actual or potential consequences of their own intellectual inadequacy. [24] Among young people, almost every word can be turned into mean "dick" if said effusive and with connotation[citation needed]: -"¿Me pasás el encendedor?" ("What a dumbass!" Paragons of this taxon include stupid people unaware of their own stupidity or unwilling to accept the consequences thereof, people with an ostensible lack of self-criticism, people unable to realize their own limitations, people who engage in repeated self-defeating behavior, and even a category which is seldom captured in languages other than European Spanish—to wit, people characterized by self-aware idiocy or incompetence, with this self-awareness occasionally stressed to the point of (presumably futile) complacency.[a]. Caca is a mild word used mostly by children, loosely comparable to the English "poop" or "doo-doo." [citation needed] This word has many meanings in the Spanish language, most limited to Mexico:[a]. It also have another meanings and derivative terms, for example: "Soy la verga" ("I am the best one"); "Me fué de la verga" (roughly "something bad happened to me"); "Me vale verga" ("I dont care"); "Vergueé" ("I ruined it", "I failed"); "Me verguearon" ("They defeated me"); "Me pusieron una verguiza" ("They scolded me", "They beat me"); "Vergón" ("cocky", "cool", "sexy"); "Está de la verga" ("That's ugly/bad" but also "That's very cool", "That's awesome") etc.

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