Donna says she watched a female NASA employee in Building 8, NASA Manned Space Center in Clear Lake, Texas, near Houston (later Johnson Space Center), use thick, black ink to "paint out" on a negative format of this image, the unidentified, structured object assumed to be "extraterrestrial" on the lunar surface. + ALIEN STRUCTURES Linda M-Howe - CLIMATE CHANGE ZFIRELIGHT + C2C RADIO 30/6/16. Not long after their meeting, Brian received an intimidating phone call warning him not to talk any more about Antarctica and the missing scientists. DOZENS OF SAUDI PRINCES, BUSINESSMEN ARRESTED IN C... Paul Stonehill: 2017 Russian UFOss and USOss - VIDEO. With over 40 years of impeccable journalism behind her, as well as a trophy case of awards (including a local Emmy and a Peabody award), Linda has educated the world about cattle mutilations, the disappearance of honeybees, and strange source-less booms that have ripped through the Midwest. Do you get anything from dogs or cats ? TARGETED INDIVIDUALS - Project Camelot + Dr. K. H... Navy UFO Case and UFO Congress Updates - Open Mind... PROJECT CAMELOT NEWSLETTER November 17, 2017. The mysterious hum or buzzing sound heard in Windsor was traced in 2011 as coming from Zug Island near Detroit, where US Steel and other industries are located., Donna Hare, a former Philco-Ford and NASA Photo Lab tech, identifies this, Linda and I discuss the ramifications of a robot-filled future, as well as several other topics including biological EMP’s, Jack Parsons, the Astral Plane, using other dimensions for interstellar travel, and the collapse of Earth’s magnetic field. In her second report, Linda described recently meeting and talking with retired Naval flight engineer "Brian," whom she. What did the Chinese CHANG'E 3 Mission find on the... Two Massive Meteors Crash Over Southern England! Budgies ? MASSIVE CHILD SACRIFICE CULT EXPOSED - VIDEO. First Successful Unmanned Drone Air to Air Strike, US Backing Lethal Autonomous Weapon Systems. victimised?...been dealt "rough justice"? }, ELECTRONIC SURVEILLANCE, JOHN LEAR, ALEX COLLIER, PROJECT CAMELOT, PROJECT AVALON, MICHAEL TSARION, JORDAN MAXWELL, PRESTON NICHOLS, AL BIELEK, STEWART SWERDELOW, DUNCAN CAMERON, WILLIAM COOPER, PHIL SCHNEIDER, David Wilcock, FRITZ SPRINGMEIER, BILLY MEIER, MAX IGAN, STEW WEBB, "Democracy Now! The jet stream is changing its wave pattern because the Earth is in a cooling trend. The Roots of Thanksgiving - Desertpeace - VIDEO. Where does virtual reality fit into this scenario? Linda suggested that the US government could be trying to cover-up the discovery of a pyramid and other structures two miles below the ice near the South Pole. Plus did you know Linda has two cats named Fluffy and Chocolate? This pattern isn't particularly unusual, nor is it related to global warming, which the government claims as part of its politicized agenda, Ball contended. This causes warm air pushing north in one area, and cold air pushing south in a different zone, he stated. South Korean military captures North Korean crossing border. Aquarius Journalist #43. Targeted? Journalist. Reason I ask is, we had 380 stranded whales on a Tasmanian beach.

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