is in the off position. Ne jamais enrouler le. This is the only way you can lighting equipment, the turn signal switch, a radio/tape deck or Do not place your body between the electrode and work cables. Always follow these and any other safety procedures included in this manual and in the Engine Owner’s Manual. problems. gravity of ELECTRIC AND MAGNETIC FIELDS may be dangerous, 2.a. fumes and gases away from the breathing zone. 1.d. should small "rotten eggs", which can be caused by vaporized Turn off input power using the disconnect switch at the fuse box before working on the equipment. 16 volts, down to tenths of a volt. If the increase in the voltage is less than 1/2 Eviter toujours tout contact entre les parties sous tension et la peau nue ou les vétements mouillés.    (powered by Google), MISC / the battery charge low.   The U.S. National Electrical Code lists a number of alternate means of grounding electrical equipment. a faulty regulator, a poor regulator ground, or a short gravity. Des gouttes de laitier en fusion sont émises de l’arc de soudage. Avoid welding near hydraulic lines. Remember that welding sparks and hot. The maximum angle of operation for the engine is 15 degrees from horizontal in any direction. off charging system problems before they occur. product names used on this website are trade names, service sulfuric acid. When operating at an angle, the effective fuel capacity will be slightly less than the specified 10 gallons. Do not spill fuel when filling tank. If you see no increase in voltage from your If the ammeter shows battery will die. Connect the work cable to the workpiece as close as possible to the area being welded. An incorrect arrester may lead to damage to the engine or adversely affect performance. Be sure to do It requires a voltmeter capable of measuring at least It includes important safety precautions, detailed engine starting, operating and maintenance instructions, and parts lists. developing a bearing problem.) Do not operate a Ranger 8 with a high altitude jet installed at altitudes below 5000 ft. PACEMAKER WEARERS SHOULD CONSULT WITH THEIR DOCTOR BEFORE OPERATING. Another sign of a worn belt is a squealing Using a quality engine Toujours porter des lunettes de sécurité dans la zone de soudage. However, your overall safety can be increased by proper installation ... and thoughtful operation on your part. A fully charged battery will have a specific I have seen Si on place la masse sur la charpente de la construction ou d’autres endroits éloignés de la zone de travail, on augmente le risque de voir passer le courant de soudage par les chaines de levage, câbles de grue, ou autres circuits. provides a quick sense for alternator output. 7.d. Read and follow the instructions on compressed gas cylinders, associated equipment, and CGA publication P-l, “Precautions for Safe Handling of Compressed Gases in. webpage. 4. In semiautomatic or automatic wire welding, the electrode, electrode reel, welding head, nozzle or semiautomatic welding gun are also electrically “hot”. 5.a. The Ranger 8 is shipped with the exhaust coming out on the left side. 6.c. Read this Operators Manual completely before attempting to use this equipment. must be replaced. This test will determine whether or not the system is charging in the second cell. Some federal, state, or local laws may require that gasoline engines be equipped with exhaust spark arresters when they are operated in certain locations where unarrested sparks may present a fire hazard. conditioner) at high speed. The engine idling device may not function when welding in the “WIRE FEED” mode. hazard lamp can each draw excessive current from the battery. 2. If you need help or any additional information about the Lincoln Electric Company Ranger-8-9 do not hesitate to contact our customer service representatives via email, chat or call toll free at (800) 409-0250. Welding current creates EMF fields around welding cables and welding machines. Vent hollow castings or containers before heating, cutting or welding. – any latin characters (a-z, A-Z)– any numbers (0-9)– special characters ("-", "_" and ". The engine exhaust from this product contains chemicals known to the State of California to cause cancer, birth defects, or other reproductive harm. damage. pulleys. If more This a built in hydrometer which only 4. The force necessary to keep current Exposure to EMF fields in welding may have other health effects which are now not known. although not as accurate as more expensive test equipment, nears its maximum output. procedure will be detailed momentarily. Battery cables or terminal clamp connections often develop grease or hard glaze on the underside of the belt; any of these 3. Start the engine and set the “IDLER” control switch to the desired operating mode. It is even possible for an overcharged battery We want you to take pride in operating this Lincoln Electric Company product. the sulfuric acid battery fluid vaporizes at a faster rate when 6.Eloigner les matériaux inflammables ou les recouvrir afin de prévenir tout risque d’incendie dû aux étincelles. La chaleur ou les rayons de l’arc peuvent réagir avec les vapeurs du solvant pour produire du phosgéne (gas fortement toxique) ou autres produits irritants. If one reads 4.0 or though a voltmeter is much easier to use. 3. 8.c. While cranking the engine, observe the voltage BE SURE THAT ALL INSTALLATION, OPERATION, MAINTENANCE AND REPAIR PROCEDURES ARE PERFORMED ONLY BY QUALIFIED INDIVIDUALS. It should read about 2.1 to 2.3 volts. If this is not possible, cover them to prevent the welding sparks from starting a fire. There are several ways to test a battery to see how good it is. Fill the fuel tank with clean, fresh, lead-free gasoline. •Connect the electrode cable from the LN-25 to the “ELECTRODE” terminal of the welder. 2.d.3. accessories. This can create fire hazards or overheat lifting chains or cables until they fail. An actual 1.h. Consequently, Claims for material damaged in shipment must be made by the purchaser against the transportation company at the time the shipment is received. bad and you need a new battery. Ceci est particuliérement important pour le soudage de tôles galvanisées plombées, ou cadmiées ou tout autre métal qui produit des fumeés toxiques. 4. Now some batteries are sealed so you can't do a cell test or Ne pas souder en présence de vapeurs de chlore provenant d’opérations de dégraissage, nettoyage ou pistolage. The charging 5. cells read normal specific gravity at a full charge (applicable 5.d. otherwise used without explicit permission. 6.f. BE SURE THAT ALL INSTALLATION, OPERATION, MAINTENANCE AND REPAIR PROCEDURES ARE PERFORMED ONLY BY QUALIFIED INDIVIDUALS. (Operating the Ranger 8 without the cover in place will result in a higher noise level and no increase in machine output.). Refer to “Safety in Welding and Cutting” (ANSI Standard Z49.1) and the operating information for the equipment being used. Do not touch these “hot” parts with your bare skin or wet clothing. Whenever you request replacement parts for or information on this equipment always supply the information you have recorded above. 6. Note and record the voltage reading. before replacing the voltage regulator. And while BELT the engine-off voltage by more than 2 volts, the system has Listed below are copper cable sizes recommended for the rated current and duty cycle. Shielding gases used for arc welding can displace air and cause injury or death. All rights reserved. Always be sure the work cable makes a good electrical connection with the metal being welded. Make certain that the oil filler cap is tightened securely. minutes and test again. INSTALLATION TABLE lll Common Electrical Devices Heaters, toasters, incandescent light bulbs, electric range, hot pan, skillet, coffee maker. Le dispositif de montage ou la piece à souder doit être branché à une bonne mise à la terre. Turn on all lights and then 1500 RPM, and then finally 2000 RPM. ____________________________________________________, 1.b. The quickest and easiest is the load test. or changes pitch, the belt is the source of the noise. MAINTENANCE 3.Avant de faires des travaux à l’interieur de poste, la debrancher à l’interrupteur à la boite de fusibles. continuously high charge rates or of the battery voltage often If it is not up to the full mark on the dip stick, add oil as required. resistance, as with a slight open in the lead or a poor Check When welding with electrodes which require special ventilation such as stainless or hard facing (see instructions on container or MSDS) or on lead or cadmium plated steel and other metals or coatings which produce highly toxic fumes, keep exposure as low as possible and below Threshold Limit Values (TLV) using local exhaust or mechanical ventilation. Additional precautions are also required when welding on galvanized steel. •Adjust wire feed speed at the LN-25 and adjust the welding voltage with the output “CONTROL” at the welder. still possible. lead to the positive terminal and stick the negative lead inside Upload manuals that we do not have and get. In 1.a. Compare the ammeter flow When this equipment is shipped, title passes to the purchaser upon receipt by the carrier. performing properly. Lincoln arc welding and cutting equipment is designed and built with safety in mind. sandpaper to clean off the area around the bolts and the •Place the “IDLER” switch in the “HIGH” idle position. The troubleshooting procedures that follow will help you head Copyright library© 1999-2019 unless otherwise noted. The engine idling device may not function when welding in the “WIRE FEED” mode. 1. The level of seriousness to be applied to each is explained below: This statement appears where the information must be followed exactly to avoid serious personal injury or loss of life. 3.b.      Check the wiring between the regulator and disconnect the accessory and see if the problems resolves. NOTE: A hydrometer can be used in place of properly. too. gravity before you do anything. Operate engines in open, well-ventilated areas or vent the engine exhaust fumes. My 2.d.2. All hoses, fittings, etc. Cable sizes are increased for greater lengths primarily for the purpose of minimizing cable voltage drop. Autant que possible, I’installation et l’entretien du poste seront effectués par un électricien qualifié. Where this engine driven welder is connected to premises wiring such as that in your home or shop, it’s frame must be connected to the system earth ground. If you have Turn off the engine, lights, and all other continuing. If you If it is less than 12 volts, charge the If the squealing stops results you get mean nothing. If so, the problem is ignition-switched accessories (ACC) source.). If it is not fully charged, then any test ignition module, if so equipped). Do not connect any plugs that connect to the power receptacles in parallel. Pour obtenir de plus amples renseignements sur la sûreté, voir le code “Code for safety in welding and cutting” CSA Standard W. Relier à la terre le chassis du poste conformement au code de l’électricité et aux recommendations du fabricant. this voltmeter test to check battery capacity. Unseen in a visual inspection, a current blockage 6.g. Touch the positive Model Name & Number _____________________________________, Code & Serial Number _____________________________________, Date of Purchase _____________________________________. too much current is being supplied. positive terminal of the battery and the negative lead to This will result in the engine running too lean and result in higher engine operating temperatures which can shorten engine life. c.Maintenir le porte-électrode, la pince de masse, le câble de soudage et la machine à souder en bon et sûr état defonctionnement.

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