The latter could be activated by any one of a long list of possible faults resulting in the destruction of the aircraft. His colleagues will decide if they accept his resignation.[27]. Previous negative flight characteristics of the first officer that manifested themselves during the reading of the list of control procedures, all occurring in a cockpit whose occupants had their attention on personal issues unrelated to the flight. She also unsuccessfully tried to open the rear right door that was jammed —probably due to deformation. This team consisted of an NTSB representative and technicians from Boeing, Pratt & Whitney, and the US Federal Aviation Administration (FAA). In sum, the blame fell upon the pilot Gustavo Weigel, who died in the accident, and upon those who were in charge of tracking his job performance. Personal, family, or economic problems or other issues of both pilots that interfered with their operational manner. that were recovered from the accident site, and dismantled the engines of the plane as much as possible given the state of destruction they faced. Lack of crew discipline, who did not make the logical reaction of aborting take-off and checking for errors when the alarm sounded as the engines started and as it continued to sound until the take-off attempt. According to the material contained in the file that was incorporated into the judicial review, it was noted as early as April 1994 that Weigel "appeared slow" and that "he should improve his command of lists and procedures...He passed his pilot exam with the minimum score" and was subsequently certified by his instructors. The result was extremely emotional. At the time of the accident, it had accumulated 67,864 hours of flying time and 41,851 take-offs and landings. It also revoked the dismissal of Alfredo De Víctor and Valerio Diehl, the predecessors of Chionetti in operations management at LAPA, as well as José María Borsani, head of the Boeing 737 division of LAPA. According to the investigative commission, the immediate cause of the accident was "that the flight crew of LAPA flight 3142 forgot to extend the wing flaps to initiate take-off, and ignored the alarm that advised them of the error in configuration for take-off.". On the doors, preliminary versions of the report added that "the front left slide L1, of grey colour, was found deployed but unpressurised", which means a much greater effort was needed to open the door. ", "No doubt remains that, now that this phase of the investigation has come, it is an opportune moment to pose questions during the discussions of the jury trial phase," the statement underscored. Most of those who died in the crash, along with their families and the 38 survivors, live in Córdoba, which is located in the central province of the same name. The report was questioned by judicial sources because it focused solely on laying blame on the pilots. On 18 May 2000, the JIAAC delivered its final report on the accident to the judge. After impact against the embankment, but before catching fire, a flight attendant attempted to hold and operate a fire extinguisher, but she didn't succeed because it was already very hot. Roughly eight months later, on 15 July 2002, the second session of the Federal Court of Appeals confirmed the accusations of Deutsch, Boyd, and Chionetti, as well as revoking the accusation against Nora Arzeno. News & Media Website. Statt den Start abzubrechen, setzten die Piloten den Start die ersten 36 Sekunden jedoch fort und diskutierten währenddessen darüber, was der Alarmton bedeuten könnte. According to their request, which was accepted, the case against them should have been shelved because more than four years passed between the first accusations and the sentencing, and the crime of which they were accused had a maximum sentence of two years. The final judgement of the case was delayed by motions filed by the defense of several accused in order to slow the jury trial process, all of which were finally rejected weeks later by the Federal Court in Buenos Aires.[26]. Aviation accidents and incidents in Argentina, Verdict, initial conclusion, and overturn of convictions. The technicians inspected the hydraulic system on thrust reversers of both engines, and the braking system of the landing gear, all of which were found to be in sufficient working order. Nevertheless, from the reading of the FDR it was observed that both engines had equal thrust and were set to provide thrust for take-off before power was reduced and the thrust reversers were applied. “You know you’re doing things you shouldn’t be doing,” one of them told Piñeyro, putting a gun to the filmmaker’s head. Februar 1990 war die Maschine auf den Zweitbesitzer TAT European Airlines zugelassen und schließlich ab dem 21. Von den 95 Passagieren kamen 60 ums Leben; außerdem starben die zwei Insassen eines PKWs, mit dem die Maschine kollidiert war. Sixty-five people died in the crash, including two that were on the ground. Stream the best of Disney, Pixar, Marvel, Star Wars, National Geographic and more for $6.99/mo. Insufficient psychological screening, resulting in the inability to detect when the pilots were suffering from personal problems that influenced their ability as pilots. Insufficient psychological screening, resulting in the inability to detect when the pilots were suffering from personal problems that influenced their ability as pilots. In this way he placed responsibility on the airline directors for having completed "in a negligent manner" the responsibilities of their posts including contracting the pilot Gustavo Weigel, allowing the development of his career path at the business. What caused a small plane to suddenly nosedive during its short 7 minute flight to Tahiti? The crime of which the ex-officials stand accused carries a penalty of up to two years of prison, and special incarceration can double the time when the offense is committed while in public office. 01. The alarm sound recorded by the CVR indicated that there was a problem with the departure configurations. Choose an adventure below and discover your next favorite movie or TV show. According to the dispatcher, the captain looked very well and as energetic as usual and the first officer looked well. Find episode on: AD . "[23], Concerning this request, the daily Infobae said that "among other considerations, Rívolo emphasized that the pilot of the destroyed plane, Gustavo Weigel, killed in the accident, had a "regulationally expired" pilot's license and acknowledged that the aviator, before take-off, "had not checked that the doors were closed" and "said that he always forgot to close the doors."[23]. None of the inspections of the Air Force passed by Weigel —who died in the accident— were suitable to detect his proven anormal performance. On 9 June 2005, the Federal Court of Appeals rejected the nullification motions that several of the accused had proposed, and it ordered them to jury trial. The trial at the high court took place at the "Tribunal Oral Federal Nº 4" starting on 28 March 2007. Ronaldo Patricio Boyd – Director general. Piñeyro resigned from his position in June 1999—just two months before the accident—after voicing his concerns about the airline's safety policy. In the blink of an eye, the plane plummets to the ground. The data from the black box, the flight data recorder (FDR) and the cockpit voice recorder (CVR) were read at the NTSB headquarters in Washington. [29] As for the LAPA officials, they were charged with "estrago culposo" (negligence followed by death) instead, a crime with a maximum sentence of four years of prison, thus they could not yet appeal to the statute of limitation. During their first four minutes on board, the captain, the co-pilot and the commissioner talked about trivial matters in good spirits, focusing on the commissioner's personal issues. Brigadier Major Enrique Dutra (retired) – Head of the Command of Aerial Regions. The jet overshot the runway, breaking through the airport's perimeter fence, crossed a road, hitting an automobile in the process, and finally collided with road construction machinery and a highway median.

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