~~~ Hinata came and went as he bounced around his apartment he shared with Atsumu, Sakusa made light conversation before he had to leave and huddle in the back of the kitchen, far from people as he could be with everyone being... well... everywhere. Los postanawia się na nim okrutnie zemścić i nasyła na niego matkę Kageyamy, czy nie ma nic gorszego niż nigdy niedoszła teściowa? kuroo starts his day earlier than you since he has earlier classes and practice in between. (how was it still cold in april i just wanna know), each day was a different adventure with kuroo…, “y/n! “Well, I’m glad you enjoyed it.” Your mom smiled as she cleared the plates from the table. “yeah, you pass all the criteria and i think you’d be a good fit”. since neither of you saw each other unless on special occasions like if one of you ran home because you forgot something or a mini emergency like that, you solely communicated through texts and…sticky notes. you get few customers, some ravaging college students or giggly high school students on an ~adventure~ as they like to call. your interactions, though not in person, were short and sweet but for that reason kuroo enjoyed them that much more. you spend the rest of spring break basically glued together. RIP Lev<<<< why Kenma!!??? to say you were taken aback was an understatement. if there was one thing you didn’t like very much about your apartment it was the kitchen. kuroo reaches over and turns the bag of gummy worms around before taking a handful and stuffing them in his mouth. Experiment with DeviantArt’s own digital drawing tools. he instinctively puts his keys in the clear bowl next to the door and kicks off his shoes before nudging them with his feet into the corner, knowing you’ll be returning when he’s off to bed. anyway i think my arms would break off,” you admit, rubbing your arms on instinct, imagining the impact of the ball. his mouth hung wide open and light snores were escaping his mouth. i have a job so i can’t really party on weekdays but on weekends it’s usually my coworker who does the party throwing…”, “yup, night shift so i won’t be around in the evening much”, “so if i’m aligning our schedules correctly, every time i’ll be here, you won’t be and vice versa?”, “well i come back at two in the morning so i promise to be quiet while you’re asleep-”. “i feel like receiving - that’s what it’s called, right? he walks you to work and then shows up right before your shift ends to pick you up. ", creada por Haruichi Furudate. Apr 17, 2020 - Explore Itami707's board "Kuroo" on Pinterest. your sticky notes conversations show a hint of banter between the two of you. however, as if the universe heard your petty complaints about your kitchen, upon reaching to grab the latch of the fridge, a blob of green catches your attention. thankfully, the weather wasn’t as chilly as it was earlier in the month and y’know maybe spring was finally here. usually whenever either of the two of you would come home, the other would be gone but there’s a newfound effort to see each other. ⋆ ˚ . Upload stories, poems, character descriptions & more. kuroo returns back the apartment around twenty minutes later. there were some instances when kuroo would be up when you returned and he’d pop his head out of his room door like “|∀・)ジ goodnight!”. “huh, well…” c’mon y/n, you got this. “you don’t have to worry about me throwing parties. Kobietki i faceciki opowiadanko dla beki, calm down plz Hinata boi się wyznać Tobio swoje uczucia, jednak gdy dostaje taką szansę, ucieka. the kiss is very soft at first with kuroo lightly stroking your cheek with the pads of his fingers before cupping one side of your jaw. you’re yawning every five minutes and you can barely keep your eyes open. he smiles softly before pecking your lips once more and while you’re in your daze, he takes the opportunity to lean down and take a bite out of the cookie in your hand. usually i head back home to my parent’s but they’re having an anniversary vacation and i don’t think it’s worth a trip to be in an empty house.”, “i’m staying, too. the two of you text each other when you need to know something in the moment. you have a fever?”, “don’t worry i won’t tell sakusa if that’s what you’re worried about.”, “im not sick,” you huff, crossing your arms. “ah, so the crush only becomes bigger, huh?” tendou is grinning wickedly, a sight you hate to see because he gets too cocky in this state. High quality Kuroo Tetsurou gifts and merchandise. grabbing a pen from the small cup that was a magnet on the fridge (it was a touch kuroo had made so communicating via sticky note was more convenient) you scribble a quick thank you and a heart with a smiley face. “I swear if i see one of you get a bloody nose, i’m out”. you throw on one of kuroo’s shirts and walk over to the door. i won’t have much to do and i’ll only be hanging out with my coworker and his friends probably.”. “what if it’s me? the conversation continues back and forth talking about the little things about each other people would consider basic conversation but the two of you it held much more meaning. Inspired designs on t-shirts, posters, stickers, home decor, and more by independent artists and designers from around the world. it takes until the both of you need to gasp for air for you to pull away. the busiest part of of your day was as soon as you started for about two hours until it died down. you trudge over to the ugly blue sofa in your living room and collapse on top of it. Share your thoughts, experiences and the tales behind the art. the two of you stare at each other, eyes blown out and lips slightly swollen. “it’s fine. “that’s what a lot of people say,” kuroo laughs. “your job is pretty boring,” kuroo says when it’s closer to 2 o’clock. he looked good.’“, okay…maybe you developed a small crush on your roommate. you’d managed to break your phone after dropping it one too many times. as long as they were clean, weren’t too loud at night (with any and all activities) and respected his space and privacy. kuroo’s usually 100% focused on the game and his opponents and doesn’t really take into account who’s watching. There were people in the kitchen, living room, dining room, the hallways, they were everywhere although it wasn't stuffy which was nice. blindly grabbing one, you hug it close to your chest and walked back over to the living room. an instance you do remember is when you caught him once passed out on the couch, a movie playing in the background. it decides to start sounding like some trapped monster screaming to get out. Jun 14, 2019 - Do y'all understand why I was AND STILL AM in so much pain now you were a worker at a 24-hour convenience store and you managed to snag the 6pm to 2am shift, a shift you were once terrified to face since you knew you’d eventually encounter some strange people. why can’t you two seem to talk about anything else. i think i need it to recharge.”, “ah, yes, spring break. you goin’ on vacation?”, “pfft, i wish. oof. the thought of work causes you to inwardly groan. kuroo bids you a goodnight before heading to the bathroom to wash up and then walks back to his room and topples on top of his bed. hey, if your paths can’t even cross while living together, there’s no way they would’ve if you weren’t. he falls asleep with a large grin spread across his face. (ง •̀ω•́)ง✧, “i think you look cute when you wear them.” (◕‿◕✿), “i’ve seen you wear them once or twice in the morning.”. kuroo opens his mouth to say something but the oven beeping cuts him off. well, not you and your roommate. you scurry into your room to change into your work clothes and slung your bag over your shoulder before slipping your shoes back on and heading out the door. “but do well~”. You were walking around a party that was being held by the team of the MSBY Jackals at their apartment. kuroo @ you after every spike that wasn’t blocked: d(-_^), you right back, terrified of getting hit: (*TーT)b, after the match (kuroo’s team won) the team invites you to dinner because they’re ~starving~, unfortunately you have to say no bc you have work :/ how unfortunate, he says, “you guys go ahead to the restaurant, I wanna at least walk y/n to the bus stop”. stepping into your apartment, you place your keys in the small clear decorative bowl atop the tall table next to your front door. “your face…it’s all red. but when customers come in, you can’t bother me. kuroo sighs a breath of relief before smiling.

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