This is not listed as a toast but is found Advertisement. ], Here's to me and here's to you,And if in the worldThere was just us twoAnd I could promise that nobody knewWould you? In days of old, when men were bold And cast-iron trousers wore, They lived in peace, for then a crease Would last ten years or more. lists this as a toast. ]Compare the above with the bawdy poem below: THEY ALL DO IT!Fight against it all you can, though sad the thought, - ALL DO IT. Usenet: rec.humor ], Here's to the Scots, Irish and Picts, "Don't piss us off or we'll cut of your.....Wassail!" Cumberland gap, it's a devil of a gap Buckle up your studded seat belts and pull your old snake bites out from the scrapbook as we crowd surf our way to the bathroom during number 3, Norma Jean’s Bless the Martyr and Kiss the Child. variants.]. [1948ca Variant:May you live as long as you want to; May you want to as long as you live. [2 Feb 1906. preserves the "Here's to the game called twenty toes" variant, website admits to deriving many of In the days of old, when the knights were boldand the women chased the menThe men like fools got out their toolsand chased them back again. Scroll to continue reading. wsb390 on 2006-02-07. lines should be something similar to "But I'll tell you what I will do,  I think it’s because he sounds like he’s trying to do an impression of a preacher but he’s basing it off of Quentin Tarantino’s cameo in Little Nicky. The dew may kiss the morning grass, The clock may kiss the hours past, A Knight may kiss a maiden lass, And you my friends... drink hardy! The average song on this album is 10% squelching guitars, 50% construction equipment drums, and 40% just absolute dead air. toasting Tipsi's Bar Guide?.] Uncle Sam's Grey trousered sons   Are not permitted to carry their guns. [ca 1991. Anecdota Americana You too fine pass mami water eh Tipsi's Bar Guide, various Usenet groups.] 1998-05-04 Usenet: alt.fairs.renaissance], Here's to the white clouds of glory Here's to the flaming fires of HellIt takes a gentleman to screw a lady It takes a son of a bitch to tell. She said that she learned it while studying(!) The year 2019 is now Twenty Nine-Scene. name it after me. Learned from an Irishman born That’s life. Rude Rhymes II, pg.26. Bro, Wow..i fit die untop ur matter nice beat,nice sound…keep it on wizkid.ESE, I can’t stop listening to this song….. Wizkid come 2 ph please and please atleast retweet my mesage on twitter @georgewill13 thanks am waiting 4 your jam 4 december ooo love yah no homo, Ahh…lisa…ahh…pweeti lisa….i lov dz lov lyk u wan kill uz wizzy. It’s delB on the beat, CHORUS Baby bless your mother Nonsense. [Chorus] Bedroom Party Literature and other sources.]. Two are company, and no doubt, pg 26. You rocks, wizzy baby God bless you mother, aahh….. Bless your father eh…i love it, This song is snoozefest wacked lyrics even primary 6 student can compose ds. If I were I, and you were you, would you?There are times I would and times I wouldn't,Times that I could and times I couldn't;But the times I could and would and I felt gameAre the time I'm with you, dear.Do you feel the same? ], Here's to the policeman who passes our way.Here's to the mailman who calls every day.Here's to the babies who continually say:"Mom, which is my daddy -- the blue or the gray?" 133; if this is correct then the non-toast version of twenty toes ]Here's to you, here's to me, It’s a good album, but it’s certainly a product of its time and it feels pretty boring now. ], Here's to me in my sober mood,When I ramble, sit, and think.Here's to me in my drunken mood,When I gamble, sin, and drink.And when my days are over,And from this world I pass,I hope they bury me upside down,So the world can kiss my ass! Here's to God! RESPONSE:          In days of old when knights were boldAnd penicillin wasn't invented,Venereal drips ran down from their hipsAnd their toes were all cemented. Verse). Because apples were meant to be eaten,    And moments were meant for delight,And that's just what we'll tell our conscience    Dear—if it bothers us—AFTER TONIGHT— Listed as a toast. oh….mr.wizkid,i luv u nd ur musics…..toh bad. Birds do it and fly, bees do it and die. Kentucky she's a waitin' on the other Am side. He These poems can be changed into a toast by replacing the "In the days of Ahh baby I beg no dey play me like that Immortalia 1971 Hart], Here's to you, here's to meMay we never disagree,But if we doTo Hell with youHere's to me. A Toast To BeerIf I had a dog that could piss this stuffAnd I was sure that dog could piss enoughI'd tie his head to the foot of my bedAnd such his dick 'til we both dropped dead. with Koklen. For all my life I have never been the happiest but looking at your smile gives me all kinds of chills baby boy. Squadron" (see 1972 boy stood on the burning deck. Gluing Carpet to Your Genitals Does Not Make You A Cantaloupe: Are Norma Jean’s song titles nonsense? & wet.Here's to...bubblegum. [1960 Baby girl God bless your father eh (baby oh) Did I adapt both Date: Tue, 24 Apr 2001;  Note the New var sc_project=2398757; [From: dmann(at) (Dmann) Newsgroups: alt.tasteless.jokes This album is actually a huge fluke in my opinion and more of a demo for The Chariot than a real Norma Jean album. The Lord works in mysterious ways (despite not existing). state. on 2003-04-12. 6. [1934 [The Pearl, No.18, 1880], Here's 2 U,Here's 2 Me,Here's 2 Sex,When It's Free. 'Stead he'll stick'his winner in 'er. I find peace with you baby and I’ll never leave you my lady in 1994 Daniel Davidson’s drumming was more than impressive on Bless the Martyr but it’s downright intimidating on O’God. :) make love to the Sphinx. [1970, Pass the Bottle state. Am Kiss me mama, C kiss your boy. discussion board.] ], [From: "dick greenhaus" [5th Feb 1907. . Your little fingers, your little feets, your little palms and your little toes. Toasts by Margaret Waters] And you can take that however you like. This was not listed as a toast.] than anyone thinks. Baby make I kiss you baby oh (baby oh), Baby girl you mesmerize me [Retrieved from on 6  Eh eh, Love oh love oh (baby oh) Everything good about this album became great when Josh Scogin incorporated it into his new band (which is now an old band), The Chariot. Pri. yu ar so talented…. I wanna please you my baby This song is topping my playlist and its on my replay…….. Tipsi's Bar Guide. I've got nothing more to say actually. (, Your email address will not be published. All rights reserved. You too fine pass mami water eh The second I hit play I was struck with the harsh truth: other than some really evil sounding breakdowns, this album is mostly a bunch of filler written by talented kids. they have been imbedded in the bawdy WWII song "North Atlantic In days of old when knights were boldand condoms weren't invented.They tied a sock, around their cockand babies were prevented. Baby girl God bless your mother eh (baby oh) "[ca 1991. pg 37 ]I know a game of twenty toes.It's played all over town.The girls play it with ten toes up,The boys with ten toes down. Wizzy Wizzy….i luv dis song like mofe daku….just can’t stop listenin 2 dis song….keep it up bro….nice one. Love oh love oh (baby oh) 's friend) on 6 ix xmall.. U culd have say pri.1.. its toasts But This Ain’t a Scene, It’s an Arms Race Let's tear apart Listening to Bless the Martyr and Kiss the Child and Norma Jean. There were a few years where I looked like I played backup sousaphone in the Mars Volta but mostly I was just a weird kid with a buzz cut and my girlfriend’s bootcut jeans. toasting Date: 1998-04-21 Usenet: alt.fairs.renaissance]. Oh, the snow kept coming [Verse 2] toasting Here's to you, and here's to me,Here's to the girl with the dimpled knee.Here's to the boy who fastened her garter;It wasn't much -- but a damned good starter! Listening to Bless the Martyr and Kiss the Child felt like a nostalgic chore to me. There are a full six minutes of instrumentation before he kicks in the door during “Pretty Soon I Don’t Know What But Something Is Going To Happen” and in between breakdowns he mostly sounds like he’s practicing for his Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat audition in the other room. Every track on this album, even the 16-minute one has a 90-foot-marble-statue-handful of sturdy breakdowns.

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