One of my biggest fears is my son growing up and being gay. "Seriously Funny" features Kevin Hart performing in front of a sold out crowd at the Allen Theater where he delivers his hilarious and unique brand of comedy. Keep in mind it’s a lot of pressure, all right? Put yourself in my shoes. It wasn’t a big ladder. Okay? A cap. Hey, motherf— “Stay right here. Don’t nobody know me. I’m serious, I did. Thugs always got to give you a speech before they fight. U.F.C. “Uh, bitch, you can’t wait till I’m done talking to Jesus before you touch my goddamn plate?” You know how mad that made me? I don’t know where it came from. I’m a goddamn thug. When my grandpa cuss, he pronounce every letter in the cuss word. My keys. We don’t fuckin’ know. That’s gay!” It’s quick. And this time— About an hour. I never went that far. Somebody get the weights. We small but we big at the same time. Stop shaking your face. My son’s at a birthday party, he’s playing. I’ve been in one for years. Jesus. Put the sippy cup and shit in the bag. The White River Kid Information They come up to the door. Gun on my waist. ‘scuse me. Little shit annoy you. Rock hard. I set it down. What you doin’?” It didn’t look good. I’m gonna tell you why I didn’t get an attitude. But don’t make me laugh, okay? When Martin Lawrence takes the stage, it's more than an's a no-holds barred comedy attack. BEEP! I don’t like it. She said, “ho! I’m not lying. Sometimes you got to put it on the table, son. But now I’ve realized he’s not dumb, he just does dumb shit. “Whaaaat? Got it. “Is it his birthday? She breaks down. I was like, “it’s about to go down.” I said, “well… I said, “well… My mom told me to tell you to mind your damn motherfucking business, bitch. Little thug ladder. It took way too long. It’s just a bunch of words with no plot, no middle, no ending and it’s always angry. He gets out of jail, my brother calls me. My uncle had that jail body. “Look look look look look look look. Know why? This is Shaq falling and this is the coach. I got kids, I got a nanny. You’ve not even got that far. I don’t like seeing new couples. What do you say? Think about it. I understand.”, I’ll tell you another fear of mine. Watch Redemption: A Mile from Hell Full Movie High Quality, Keyword Tags : He’s serious old, man. She went… I was scared. She knows how to play me and her mom against each other. Oh. “Babe, no. My baby made an executive decision. Call me a bitch all the time. No no no. He want to go with his dad, but you can’t even take your son with you.” Now I can’t be a piece of shit. I get on the school bus. See how mad she get ’cause she’s not a part of the laugh? By myself. Get it out now. You don’t ever want your man to think that you’re not fun. You don’t sleep standing up. I probably should eat the whole thing ’cause I’m a diabetic, but no, I just want you to be happy. “Take the goddamn food, bitch!” I snapped. You know the good laughs? That’s what we do. It means a point that you will never go above. There’s a lot of pressure dealing with kids, man. * Mmm mmm * * Get money, mmm mmm * * Get money. Let’s go! No! Your threats aren’t even the same. "Seriously Funny" features Kevin Hart performing in front of a sold out crowd at the Allen Theater where he delivers his hilarious and unique brand of comedy. I tried to spice it up. You think I’m lying? They come up to the door. I get it down. That’s my dad. I got my seatbelt on. Come here. Ain’t no ‘kill us.’ us ain’t mad. This is what my son does when he gets mad. I said, “okay, he’s good.” I finished talking, I turn back around to check on my son again, a little boy was grinding on my son’s ass. You got a career! Rentals are not eligible. I didn’t know what to do. I hate it. Cleveland, I love y’all. I like that. I told the bitch, ‘boop. Stay with your mother.” “No! He said she ain’t had no nipples.” I got suspended. Breathe. I’m in school, I’m being bad. I was an emotional-ass kid. Emicida: AmarElo - It’s All For Yesterday. Have you ever seen an old person get real pissed off till they start making them noises? I thought you was gonna be gone all day. You’re a liar. Remember? Your email address will not be published. I didn’t pee on anything.” That’s the difference. I’m in the living room. Voted the top comedian of 2009 by Humor Mill Magazine, Kevin Hart stars in his second solo stand-up performance live from Cleveland, Ohio. “Yeah. Shit. Y’all might do it. Why do you grab the steering wheel while a man is driving? Why are all your stories so angry? Pap pap pap, real quick. We’re at a restaurant getting ready to eat dinner. I’m sick and tired of these motherfucking teachers in this motherfucking school. Let go. 1:18. Swear to God. Y’all wanna do what y’all wanna do. You ever hear how dumb our answers are when we do dumb shit? “Sh-ee-it-tt!” Like he’s serious. You’re having a good time with your boys. It was crazy. Do you, boo boo. Why would I do that? A good year for y’all. You tell her mind her damn business before I come down there and I beat her ass.” Before I come down there and I beat her ass.” I said, “okay. We’re spontaneous. Download Tom and Jerry's Greatest Chases Avi Quickest two punches I’ve ever seen in my life. I see some of y’all lookin’ at me with attitude. Tried having phone sex and stuff, Tried having phone sex and stuff, but it’s hard for me. Here’s why my patience is getting better. They’re gonna follow suit. No. Because they’re real. I promise you it’ll be the funniest shit you ever heard in your life. I kicked her off.” “Wait, what? He puts his hand on my face. There’s women around me. This parenting thing is hard. You are something else, you know that? Oh no. Now my daughter, my daughter’s a different ballgame. I did. Don’t nobody do shit. All day. Get the heel. That’s right. In and out. You don’t want it. (Original Title - Kevin Hart: What Now?) Very serious. Hey, real quick. I hate the fact, women, that you cannot control your anger. This Is Now Movie Online, Download And Watch The Brothers Solomon Movie Online, Download And Watch The Last of the Finest Movie Online, Download And Watch You Don't Mess with the Zohan Movie Online, Download B-Girl Movie Full Length Movie HD DVD Quality, Download Bachelor Party in the Bungalow of the Damned In Hd Quality, Download Banned! Cold as shit out this bitch, ain’t it? All right. Huh-uh.” They start talking about problems in the office. Stop it. It’s your room. Now I’m free, but I’m not leaving ’cause I don’t want him to think I’m a bitch. My friends was in the back and they was like, “oooh! It traumatized me. I can admit that. Nothing stays great forever. In other words, you ain’t never gonna be a slice, bitch.” “What did you just say to me?” “You heard what the fuck I said.” Here’s the thing— I give Nate a lot of shit. When you threaten somebody, they should know what’s about to happen. You are something else, you know that? You ever see a couple that’s newly in love try to share? How do I know this? You know why? Not a game. Let him train me. I don’t give a shit. I can tell you how every man in this room watches kids. If you don’t believe me that men do dumb shit and don’t realize it, listen to ’em. Funny as hell. What’d he just say? 12:20. In an elven world 1,200 years before Geralt of Rivia, the worlds of monsters, men and elves merge to become one — and the very first Witcher arises. Really, dude? Go wipe off.” That’s a trainer conversation. I’m gonna tell you why. I’m serious. “Hey, no. Learn more about our use of cookies and information. My friends was over my house. All Rights Reserved. Please.” I need my keys. My friends was in the back and they was like, “oooh! “Stop. Do you. The reason why, ladies? You’re with your boys. What, nig’?” You never seen the dancing thugs? You don’t ring bells? Like fuck everybody in this bitch. I didn’t know what it was. Movie Title :Kevin Hart: Seriously Funny [2010] Stream or Download and Watch. “Don’t give a shit, man. Oh my God, please don’t. I left my keys up on the top of the thing. What are you doing? Wayne, my security guard— Wayne got a real big stomach. I don’t know what he did. When you get mad, y’all see red. Kill yourself.” Let me tell you why. She call you while you out. I think the guy who won say that. I’m sick of it. Just drive the car.” That is the only time I’ve ever cussed at Nate. Kevin Hart's latest standup comedy tour that included 10 countries and 80 cities. Got it. I like to see those couples argue. That shit hurt like hell. “Hey, shut up, Steve! Can’t storm out with a kid. I’m not that guy. Okay? That’s what I caught you by— Your titties. I’m struggling. Wait till we figure it out.” Here’s the thing, right? Kevin, hey! Huh? It’s a good year for y’all. I swear. I’m in the car. I swear to God. How else would he know what to do in a situation like this? W-why would I do that? We’re still trying to impress you. I’m still in a full-Nelson, but I hear my friends so I feel better. You ready to get on out of here?” “What the f— Yes. Y’all don’t know— They don’t know what to do so they try to stay regular. I’m very serious. Now it’s my friend, okay? Thank you. Boy, get your ass out of the damn oven. I’m not gonna lie. Whenever your man— Whenever he get bow-legged and touch his face… “I’m waitin’ on everybody else. kevin hart: seriously funny (2010) – full transcript September 2, 2017 Full transcript of "Seriously Funny", Kevin Hart's second solo stand-up performance. You can’t storm out and forget shit, ’cause you got to go back, get the shit you forgot. They’re like the worst jail metaphors I’ve ever heard in my life. Put yourself in my shoes. You want to do it like that? “Kevin! Fop fop real quick. Took a nap. What’s going on here?” This lady came out. You know, when a baby throws a tantrum he’s supposed to fall out, cry, roll on the ground. I’m ready for him. Hey, motherf— Come on, come on! One bed. I’ve got too many people in my house. He got an attitude ’cause he can’t get no candy. Halo Legends Dvd Download They don’t know. He was still trying to discipline me. Is somebody shuffling cards? God damn it. Y’all ain’t supposed to have snow out here. It’s too much. Download The The Sunshine Boys Online I got it.” “What?

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