1 of 3 FILE -- Rep. Katie Porter (D-Calif.) on Capitol Hill in Washington, Jan. 24, 2019. And the demand from voters was clear after a historic wave of women was elected in November: They want political representatives whose families and life experiences reflect their own. As a consumer finance expert, Congresswoman Porter also helped Congress pass the original Credit CARD Act in 2009, which enacted federal protections from abusive credit card fees. Porter was born on January 3, 1974, and grew up in a small farming community in Iowa. U.S. Rep. Katie Porter, a native Iowan and a rising star in the Democratic Party, confirmed to the Des Moines Register Saturday that she is endorsing U.S. Sen. Elizabeth Warren for president. Porter later attended Harvard Law School, where she was the Notes editor for the Harvard Women’s Law Journal. Credit: "I’m at least aware, as I put on my shoes every day, that they are not like everyone else’s," Porter told Elle. Regardless of that, she loved the experience and applied for Phillips, thinking it would be a similar summer school experience, not realizing she had applied for an entire year of tuition. [34] She also asked Consumer Financial Protection Bureau director Kathy Kraninger to solve some math problems about annual percentage rates on payday loans, which Kraninger declined to do. })(document); Your email address will not be published. d: "d2FncG9saXRpY3MuY29t", Ms. Porter points to Senator Elizabeth Warren of Massachusetts, who is running for president and also is a longtime mentor in the world of academic economics. [35], In March 2020, Porter used five minutes of questioning to get the chief of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, Robert R. Redfield, to agree to use its legal authority to make testing for the COVID-19 virus free for all Americans. Once a UC Irvine law professor and nationally-renowned consumer advocate who held Wall Street banks accountable for ripping off California consumers and homeowners during the financial crisis. ... Because I’m in California time, the second I wake up, I am already three hours behind in many ways, in catching up with what’s happening in D.C.". “They would recognize that it does kind of make sense, and it's necessary to keep some of your family together.”. Account active d.getElementById("contentad380044").appendChild(s); “They know that we have a principle of not cowering to bullies,” she added. Subscriber Her current term ends on January 3, 2021. Porter did not accept corporate PAC money in her bid for Congress. [20][21][22] She defeated Walters[23] to become the first Democrat to represent the 45th district or its predecessors since it was created in 1953. According to Porter, her husband punched her, shoved her one-year-old daughter across the kitchen, threatened to kill himself, and hurled profane insults at her family. since. The professor-turned-congresswoman isn't a typical politician. var params = | Introducing ... PEOPLE's Products Worth the Hype, The Notable Names Joe Biden Has Considered to Be His Running Mate. In Congress, the mothers see that reproach when colleagues and strangers ask if the children are O.K., implying that they could somehow be damaged by their mothers’ absences. Since entering Congress, Porter's been using skills she picked up from her years as a professor and researcher to hold some of the most powerful people in the country to account. She’s introduced bipartisan legislation to allow families to set aside more pre-tax income for dependent care. Sources: VOA News, UCI Law, Orange County Lawyer, NBC News, Iowa Informer, Sources: VOA News, UCI Law, Orange County Lawyer, NBC News, Sources: VOA News, UCI Law, Orange County Lawyer, Mother Jones, NBC News, Sources: The Sacramento Bee, Mother Jones, Sources: The New Republic, American Banker, Katherine Porter. So much so, Porter wasn't even fazed by stepping in "dog poo" during her interview. Her three children — Luke, Paul and Betsy — describe a whirlwind between the campaign and Ms. Porter’s first months in office: long, sometimes dull campaign events; getting to meet other children in Washington; and, for Betsy, the newfound realization that her mother also has homework. But we know for women that most women don't run unless they're asked to run, unless they're told to run.". Representative Liz Cheney’s five kids have hardly impeded her rapid ascent up the Republican leadership chain. “But when they know I’m O.K.,” Ms. Omar said of her three children, “they’re O.K.”. Katie’s is a mom to three wonderful children. [31][32] In April 2019, Porter drew attention for her questioning of JPMorgan Chase CEO Jamie Dimon about how a Chase bank teller should make up a $567 shortfall between her monthly budget and her paycheck. };

But, she added, “they can be your greatest asset.”. After a historic wave of women was elected in November, voters have made it clear that they want political representatives whose families and life experiences reflect their own. 499 (1999), University of California, Irvine School of Law, 2018 United States House of Representatives elections in California § District 45, Citizens United v. Federal Election Commission, Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, Subcommittee on Consumer Protection and Financial Institutions, Subcommittee on Investor Protection, Entrepreneurship and Capital Markets, Congressional Asian Pacific American Caucus, Women in the United States House of Representatives, "Katie Porter's Ex-Husband Matthew Hoffman", "Phillips Academy Order of Exercises at Exhibition, 1992", "Katie Porter Battles Right Wing Republican in California's Orange County", "Katie Porter Survived Domestic Abuse, Only To Have It Used Against Her In Her Campaign", "The life of Rep. Katie Porter: How a self-proclaimed 'minivan-driving mom' is holding Wall Street and Facebook to the fire", "Former Iowa Law Professor Katie Porter Elected to Congress in California", "Katherine Porter - Faculty Bibliography", https://www.researchgate.net/scientific-contributions/19234904_Elizabeth_Warren, "Katherine M. Porter - Faculty - The University of Iowa College of Law - College of Law - The University of Iowa", "Elizabeth Warren's Protégée Is Running for Congress in Orange County—and Might Actually Win", "California AG says mortgage servicers slow to adopt settlement changes", "$25-billion foreclosure settlement was a victory for Kamala Harris in California, but it wasn't perfect", "UC Irvine law professor to challenge Rep. Mimi Walters in Orange County's 45th District", "All the facts on Katie Porter, challenger to Rep. Mimi Walters's re-election bid", "Election 2018: Democrat Katie Porter overtakes Republican Mimi Walters in 45th; 39th House race now a virtual tie as late ballot counts swing left", "Democrat Katie Porter flips longtime Republican district in Orange County", "Katie Porter's Quest to Turn Orange County, California, Blue", "Congresswoman-elect Katie Porter will take aim at campaign finance and voting rights; backs Pelosi for speaker", "Democratic Poll Shows Tight Race in California's 45th District", "Rep. Katie Hill Blasts 'Misogynistic Culture' in Exit Speech", "The Congresswoman Who Has Gone Viral for Embarrassing the Worst of the 1 Percent", "Katie Porter Grilling the CDC Chief Is the Leadership We Desperately Need", "The newest threat to Wall Street is a House freshman you've probably never heard of", "How Freshman Rep. Katie Porter Puts Wall Street In The Hot Seat", "A lawmaker asked Carson about foreclosure properties.

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