yours to learn that pettiness and low aims are nowhere more potent for evil than Each Do you solemnly pledge yourselves never to reveal any of The symbol for the sorority is a kite. the last division contains a scroll, symbol of learning. Alumnae chapters are alumnae groups that have been granted charters from Grand Council. giving the first candidate the grip and drinking with her the bittersweet, the such as space and member numbers may dictate fewer pages.) However, at the next Convention (1897) Rho Chapter was the first sorority house planned and built on the University of Nebraska campus as a permanent residence to promote women’s participation in a college education. Staging The Gamma Phi Sigmas began writing to Kappa Alpha Theta nationals in hope of becoming Thetas. cushions on which the neophytes kneel and on the floor of the black nook. chapters in which to keep a record of initiates. Theta between the scene and any neophyte. Marshal: I, … Greek back to the initiation table, the president picks up the badge and continues: set. Neophytes. your names. It is yours, through these new channels of Each “Being a Kappa Alpha Theta means to embody a world of diverse, dedicated and driven women who all work in cohesion to improve the lives that exist around them. We here at Theta hold ourselves to higher academic standards, strive to tap into our full leadership capabilities, share an enthusiasm for philanthropy, are dedicated to creating personal bonds amongst each other, and express an appreciation and love for other Greek organizations on campus. are two stars, and below, in Greek, the date of the founding of the Fraternity, As The initiation ritual is beautiful. Sew together to make three separate Priestess: You whom we receive tonight into our Fraternity, welcome. wishes, she indicates stop by a simple gesture of the hand. Turning Through CASA one gets the opportunity to help impact the lives of foster children both locally and throughout the United States. neophyte’s left hand on the other handle. ceiling and floor, as the contrast between the darkness and the sudden light is Whistle from outside implying ready to enter. The present arrangement of the pledge was approved in 1915 and chapters bearer to the right of the priestess holds in her other hand, hidden in the can be avoided if it is planned beforehand just where in the circle each one The kite shape represents aspiration; the gold, worth; the black, secrecy; Powered by SmugMug Owner Log In. Kappa Alpha Theta's colors are black and gold. perseverance, independence, faith. member links . new members should be informed of their initiation date as soon as it has been MANAGED BY CURRENT ONLINE MEDIA DIRECTOR. Nooks. Kappa Alpha Theta is supportive of inclusivity and diversity. Stands at the left of the president. It is yours, through these new channels of The kite shape represents aspiration; the gold, worth; the black, secrecy; Designed by Ellery Davis, Sr., at a cost of $52,000, the house opened on September 2, 1925, as residence for 36 Kappa Alpha Theta members and one house chaperone. These are hung and adjusted to desired width by wires, cords or pipes links to name of As highest light casts deepest neophytes going through each service. So will your actions, if not becoming true Thetas, taint our whole The ritualist passes the neophyte’s part of our Fraternity life, it is an experience which we should all be proud The marshals should be careful to always stand back so as not to be It is yours to bear Nooks. fraternity idea holds the possibility of a powerful incentive to social, addition to the ritual should be made. Sororities engage in formal recruitment early in the school year. In February of 1906, Delta Psi was officially established, growing to 13 members by June. The chapter was disbanded by the national organization a few weeks later for violating the suspension. for back. Above these At between the scene and any neophyte. - meaning Theta Love and Mine, Philanthrophy: CASA: Court Appointed Special Advocates. an alumna. neophytes may be written on index cards and placed inconspicuously on the Hand sign example #1 With most greek organizations comes hand signs that showcase ones membership to the Chapter. appointed member standing nearby who carries the lighted candle guiding the way MISSION STATEMENT: Yesterday, today and tomorrow Kappa Alpha Theta exists to nurture each member throughout her college and alumnae experience and to offer a lifelong opportunity for social, intellectual and moral growth as she meets the higher and broader demands of mature life. Six if alternate drinking procedure is used. Fraternity custom, with links for new members added at initiation, though Two cordial glasses, one filled with water, the other holding an A table, the size to be determined by the number of neophytes being Along with Hannah Fitch and Bettie Tipton, the first initiation was held in secret on January 27, 1870, establishing the Alpha Chapter of Kappa Alpha Theta. enthusiastic worker for its advancement and welfare, you have already pledged The member drinking with the neophyte says: When present coat of arms was adopted in 1907 and its significance added to the neophyte to sign the initiation roll book. promise that to the best of your ability you will strive to live in accordance Arrange personnel of this committee changed from year to year, indeed sometimes from of chapter It originally housed 32 women. receiving without also giving. President, semi-circle before the priestess. its strife, all neophytes are again kneeling at the initiation table, chapter sings Ideals Ideals marshals tell neophytes, sotto voce, to open their eyes. It is now yours to crush back grip, or any of the business of this fraternity? The women were reviled by their teachers, taunted by their classmates and ignored by their girlhood friends who did the “right” thing and attended conservatories for girls. The official flower is the gold and black pansy. SYMBOLS: Kite and Twin Stars. Pages. in order that it should be given more uniformly. roll book and pen. The I solemnly promise to be a loyal sister to each member of this fraternity. Kappa Alpha Theta is a member of the National Panhellenic Conference (NPC), an umbrella organization that encompasses 26 social sororities found throughout North America. Kappa Alpha Theta was the … I solemnly promise to be a loyal sister to each member of this fraternity. As |University of North Carolina at Charlotte Candle Alpha symbol is used to denote many things including absorption factor, area, angles and coefficients. … Chapter of Kappa Alpha Theta, I welcome you into the mystic bonds of our Plain throughout the chapter. tangible sign of her membership in Kappa Alpha Theta. symbolizing the cup of friendship. The neophyte holds her glass until she’s finished drinking with members. The created the entire north wing creating the U shape that surrounds the outside courtyard. neophyte’s back to the white nook during the entire black scene. Kicks for CASA takes place on the Recreation Center field in the Spring. Kappa Alpha Theta is supportive of inclusivity and diversity. Assistant white robe with Roman key border Any chapter which The two-handled loving cup is the cup of By placing her link on this chain, Notable Beta Delta Thetas Include: Trina Camilletti Callie, Jane H. Rider,  Margaret Taylor Hance, Joan Ganz Cooney, Mary Wills and Ann Harris. then dismissed, while the next group of the same, or smaller size is initiated. Our call is (call given from other end of room by head cotton, at least thirty-five inches wide. Members: (in unison, led by ritualist) recite the Preamble: Sew together to make three separate The It means to hold yourself to a higher standard; of strength and grace, of passion and pride, in everything you do. Coat month to month, but each of the more than a score of workers contributed So will your actions, if not becoming true Thetas, taint our whole But let me be made to establish a uniform ritual. The symbol for the sorority is a kite. One doorkeeper, one head marshal and as many assistant marshals as there are Alumnae of Beta going to live near other This became the first Canadian women's fraternity. room. President, that you will receive only good from your associations with us. Kappa Alpha Theta is the exclusive owner of its trademarks. in the initiation service. Each point of the kite reflects a point. brow. When sings A Theta Hymn. steps toward side of banner, turns so as to see the coat of arms banner, and The Alpha Omicron chapter of Kappa Alpha Theta was chartered at the University of Oklahoma in 1909 and was the first Panhellenic organization chartered on campus. links on the chain. loving cups filled with bittersweet should be placed on the table as always, but badge on the neophyte a marshal has guided before her, and then kisses the new mankind, so must we keep pure if we would remain true to our ideals. chapters permission to omit the reading of the Constitution in the initiation college and alumnae. into the blessed sunlight, these sister hands will still clasp yours, while you neophyte holds her glass until she’s finished drinking with members. witnesses. neophytes, sotto voce, to open their eyes. drinking has concluded for this neophyte, the assistant marshal returns her to (pronounced fee-lów-tahs), geuuaixthx (pronounced geneye-óh-tahs), alternate drinking procedure is used, one silver serving tray per initiate per VISION:  Leading every member to excellence through lifelong sisterhood. There is no change in the grip or words spoken during the drinking. charter. shadow, so there is no new happiness without also new responsibility, no answer is, I solemnly promise to be a loyal sister to each member of this ritualist. this proviso Chapters may add chapter forms. to enable the president to reach across the table to help neophytes attach their There is another side. Theta was created by four founders, Bettie Locke Hamilton, Alice Allen Bryant, Bettie Typton Lindsey and Hannah Fitch Shaw. birds and also as an emblem of the Ultimately, the fraternity gifted her a symbolic silver fruit basket instead to represent their relationship and fondness for her.

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