These are pre war bayonets and relatively uncommon and little is known about them. The bayonet identification guide features pictures and dimensions of bayonets from around the world; along with history and other information to aid in identification. This reference is by no means exhaustive, but does cover many of the bayonets encountered on the collector’s market today, as well as some rare and unusual specimens. The following is a summary of the main variations that can be found, it does not cover all of the different makers marks nor dates, although you will find serious WWII collectors of the type who try for complete sets of makers and dates. AK Bayonets 101 (Kalashnikov AK47, AKM, and AK74), © Ralph E. Cobb 2009 All Rights Reserved. Numbers in parentheses are rarities from table one as a comparison to table two. the construction style and materials employed in the manufacturing of this item. Only marking is small O under the ricasso. German 84/98 Mod III modified to fit US M1 Garand post WWII. This … The blade is also stamped "1748 h" matching the scabbard! Makers marks on Nazi period 84/98 bayonets (K98). Sometimes know as the type 2½, small numbers were made to maintain numbers before the formation of the Nazi state. The bayonet identification guide features pictures and dimensions of bayonets from around the world; along with history and other information to aid in identification. H008783 EM'S BAYONET TRODDEL. but still show the original makers marks. and two in the upper area are used to enforce the construction. All rights reserved. includes various frogs including rubber an AK variations, Move Werk bayonets are distinctive due to the square fullers Forum Actions: Forum Statistics: used by this manufacturer and one other unknown one. LUFTWAFFE EDGED WEAPONS. At different intervals, this table will be updated to provide the reader an accurate and up to date information. or visit his website here. Again you will find these in both saw backed and non sawback version as well as the versions with the sawback removed. Not meant for combat. The blade is stamped "ASW 44" indicating the year of construction (1944) and the manufacturer. surface while others had a ribbed pattern for a better grip. The real name of the K98 bayonet is the SS84/98 III bayonet but it is often called "K98 bayonet" because this SS84/98 III bayonet was given to German soldiers with their K98 carbine (K meaning Karabiner in German). Original Unit marks are scored out on scabbard, WUK made bayonets. H087670 EM'S BAYONET TRODDEL. These are often sold at very high prices as vet bring backs etc. the collectible. Its blade has a length of 252 millimeters. weapons manufacture. Visit our Shopping Site pages and buy from us direct or visit our Books for Sale pages and buy research materials from one of our affiliates. May also be found with a muzzle ring, S/244.36 marked 84/98 - S/244 is the code for Mundlos, Variation on blade stamping with underlined CRS marking. Table Two-Rarity Determined by Serial Number Extension of Collector Submissions. The scabbard is in nice shape! They have no makers marks and only have a WaA mark of 253 under the grips. M84/98 German bayonet converted to attach to US webbing post WWII. Also serial number stamping seems very strange. The present worth The scabbard was made of metal. The supplier of this bayonet informed me that this bayonet was collected by in the Philippines around 1910 by his grandfather who was a US troop based there, 84/98 aA made from a converted trials 71/84. It does not run the full length of the blade. Early examples may be found with DRP on the ricasso rather than RP on the cross guard as in my example. 84-98 MAkers marks. Horster K98 Bayonet 1944. So called sneak bayonet, made to by pass allied rulings on arms manufacture, ostensibly for export use, may were used by Germany. The rarity of the original trials bayonets is explained by their The information above was compiled by John Jacobi of the Bayonet Collector's Network (BCN) and that information was tabulated by Roger Adkins. The only other country to make the blade other than German occupied countries was Spain that made two versions of the blade for their own use. Kar 98k with bayonet K98. The blade on this one rates Exc+. "43 asw", where 43 is the year of production 1943 and "asw" is the maker code. There are also some bayonets with no obvious markings on them/. Towards the end of the war the, Andrej Blazicek [] has been kind enough to allow me to post his excellent work on KM marked bayonets to add further information than my small collection can give. —read about key milestones in the bayonet's history, from the 1500s to the present day. Home > EQUIPMENT > GERMAN WWII BASIC EQUIPMENT > K98 BAYONETS, AMMO POUCHES, FROGS & SLINGS: Sort By: Page of 2 : Reproduction German WWII k98 Mauser Bayonet With Leather Frog Set Reproduction German WWII k98 Rifle Cleaning Rod Price: $12.50 . It is believed that many of the Solingen made pieces were picked up by GI's in warehouses in new condition at the end of the war rather than being taken in battle. 84/98 with rivet on tip, is this a training bayonet or for an honor One might speculate that ab's production was distributed to German soldiers and not in warehouses at the end of the war. the standard infantry rifle in 1935 by the German Wehrmacht, and was one of the final developments The K98 bayonet was a standard issue item and was accompanied by a bayonet frog to be worn on the reverse left side of the load carrying waist belt. Kreigsmarine marked 84/98. Original blade was Bavarian issue (serial on ricasso) Haenkel made one. a)  1934 to 1940 the blades had a mark S/XXX, where the XXX was a 3 digit code for the maker. Herder und Sohn, Solingen, fnj- Alexander Coppel GmbH (aka Alcoso), Solingen, i-Elite Diamantwerk, Siegmar-Schonau bei Chemnitz, jwh- Manufacture Nationale (Staatliche Waffenfabrik) Chatellerault, France. For ease I have split the markings types into. c)  1939 to 1945 the blades were marked with a 3 letter code for the maker (the exception is Elite Diamant that used a single letter i. WWII GERMAN 98K BAYONET WITH FROG 1936 Mauser made by Toledo, scabbard is re throated 1893 leather rather than the more normal steel Mauser scabbard. Attention to the details is critical in order to be able to determine the authenticity of Bayonets from Selected Countries of the World updated March 4, 2008: Help us keep this Identification Service alive. Several exceptions exist, but one of note is the case of maker ab who has a relatively high production as compared to pieces found in collections. Any information on this would be appreciated, Weyersberg und Kirschbaum - WuK 1928 made 84/98, Metal parts are un-blued and there is no flash guard, and no visible WaA stamps or acceptance marks. It is becoming more difficult to be able to tell the fake ones from the real ones because The purpose of the next table is to illustrate the various manufacturers that were producing bayonets at the end of the war, their codes, production, and rarity. b)  1937 to 1941, the blades were marked with the makers name. Second pattern 84/98 with hilt replaced with two sections of leather screwed together. omc 40. These were made from blades obtained in Czechoslovakia which were originally issue bayonets, chosen for their quality and matched numbers.

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