It was the first time joint-stock companies came together, and because these companies had a stake in the colony, it thrived. You see, back then the king had to sign off on all these new joint stock companies. an economic system (Europe in 18th C) to increase a nation's wealth by government regulation of all of the nation's commercial interests. Both parties would gain from the investment. Joint-Stock Companies provided financial support to those who wished to explore the New World. Significance: first joint-stock company, set the foundation for American colonization with the creation of Jamestown. South Carolina had a bustling slave trade, similar to the encomienda system. By the year 1650, there were about 300 African slaves in America, making up about 14% of the Jamestown population. So what James and these investors did, the King said, “I’ll take half, you take half. To put it simply, the people that had money to start businesses, they didn’t want to risk the money to start the business. Profitable crop. You can seriously increase your capital after a while or, conversely, after a while your capital may decline. Jamestown was created from a Joint-Stock Company. New Spain and New France were developed by their kings. Different groups banded together but were separate fur traders and fur suppliers. The Virginia Company's system in which settlers and the family members who came with them each received 50 acres of land. The uprising, which occurred in the midst of Britain's "Glorious Revolution," reflected colonial resentment against the policies of King James II. MD, PN, DE, Comprised of MD and VI; had characteristics of both the Middle and Southern colonies - slavey and tobacco (South), farmed grain (Middle), Founded colony of Maryland for Catholic haven and profit, Guaranteed religious freedom for those who asserted the divinity of Jesus Christ (excluded Atheists and Jews), Enacted friendly policies toward the Indians, eventually leading to Bacon's Rebellion, Freedmen (former indentured servants) had difficulty working and living within the colonies and would often squat on Indian land; after several attacks from Indians, the freedmen requested protection from the gov't (Berkeley); when he refused to send aid and instead enacted policies to help the Indians, the freedmen were outraged; Nathaniel Bacon, an aristocrat and member of the House of Burgesses began mobilizing a militia to protect whites from Indians; massacred Indians and set fire to Jamestown causing Berkeley to flee; after Bacon died of disease, Berkeley crushed the rebellion; SIGNIFICANCE: colonists began to realize how dangerous indentured servants were becoming and upped slave imports, Individuals whose voyages to the New World were paid by others; in return for the free voyage, they would have to work for the provider for a certain period of time, Captured or traded from Africa and brought to the Americas along the Middle Passage; considered property of wealthy whites, treated harshly; Essentially replaced indentured servitude. NY, SC, NC, tested religious toleration among many denominations, founded GA, the last British American colony established, as a haven for debtors as well as a buffer state to prevent any Indian or Spanish incursions from the South (FL), Idea that colonies existed solely for the benefit of the mother country; provided raw material and resources for England; goal is to export more than import, Main purpose was to outline and enforce Navigation Laws to protect mercantilist system in the colonies; created by Lords of Trade to unite all colonies after MBC's charter was revoked; prohibited meetings, revoked land titles, prevented smuggling, taxed heavily, appointed by James II to oversee the enforcement of the Dominion of New England; despised by colonists for autocracy and loyalty for Anglican church, England's bloodless revolution in which James II was dethroned and replaced by William and Mary; Andros was subsequently arrested and shipped to England; Dominion and Navigation Laws no longer enforced, Illegal trade b/t colonies, West Indies, and Africa designed to circumvent Navigation Laws; Indies sent sugar to New England, NE sent rum to Indies, Africa sent slaves to Indies, Indies sent slaves to NE, Indies sent rum to Africa, The journey slaves took across the Atlantic from Africa to the colonies; very brutal, awful circumstances, First mass social movement in American history; religious revival initiated by Jonathan Edwards, credited with starting the Great Awakening in Northampton in 1734; encouraged the idea of salvation thru good works and emphasized eternal damnation; powerful, logical writer and speaker, most influential figure of The Great Awakening; amazing orator who appealed to the Bible; founded methodism in GA and SC, Puritan minister who supported Salem Witch Trials to decrease prestige of clergy, son of Cotton Mather who became the president of Harvard University, Writings had huge impact on shaping the American character; helped establish the University of Pennsylvania, collection of writings of many thinkers of the day; emphasized thrift, morality, industry, common sense, First important African American writer in America; taught to read and write by slave's mistress; abolitionists used her as an example that blacks were not intellectually inferior to whites, Put on trial for criticizing the corrupt moral governor; claimed that he was only printing the truth, not libel; jury ruled in favor of Zenger thus giving editors a bit more freedom as to what they could print, Held in New England as a form of local administration, Allowing some democratic ideals and practices while revoking others, English elite who established the Lost Colony of Roanoke in present-day NC, Surrendered New Netherlands after Charles II ordered British troops to remove the Dutch, 30-time governor of Plymouth, very popular leader; distributed land among settlers to encourage farming, English-American writer; first notable American poet; first woman to be published in Colonial America; her writing really resonated with the Puritans, wars fought b/t Pequots and the NE Confederation from 1636-37; despite Puritan victory over Indians, NE fought to ensure security from Pequot attacks in the futures, Orthodox and liberal clergymen; deeply skeptical about the emotionalism and theatrical antics of revivalists, Supported the Awakening for revitalizing religion and used emotionalism to impact their followers, Waterway from Atlantic to Pacific; sought since the 1600s, First Spanish settlement in Florida, 1565, Founded as a sea port and company town by the Dutch; later renamed New York, Name by which King Phillip went by; Wampanoag chief; declared war on Puritan NE towns damaging and burning many; later executed, Tribe whose chief, Metacom, known to the colonies as King Phillip, united many tribes in southern New England against the English settlers. Ruled by absentee landlords. The colonists burned down their village and 400 were killed. John White, had an idea to get people to go to Roanoke Island. Since they were very close to the West Indies, Carolina prospered due to the close economic relations they had with the West Indies. Jamestown thrived off its tobacco industry. A Puritan minister who led about 100 settlers out of Massachusetts Bay to Connecticut because he believed that the governor and other officials had too much power. Merchants who dissented from the Church of England were also willing investors in New World colonies. Click on a tab to select how you'd like to leave your comment, Evolution of Political Parties in the United States. This first colony of Roanoke lasted a total of 10 months.Two years from the first attempt in 1587, John White led 118 colonists to Roanoke. colonists who received free passage to North America in exchange for working without pay for a certain number of years. But in medieval Europe, if you are already have money, you don’t want to risk it on something new.

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