Continue … She was also my senior intern, hand-chosen by me. For the last few months, the topic of Adnan, Jay and Stephanie’s connection to Hae’s murder has come up nearly everywhere. This article contains affiliate links, which means we may receive a commission on any sales of products or services we write about. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. As reflected in the many photos of Stephanie in the yearbooks, she was as much the golden child of Woodlawn as Hae was. Jay who can be like with Stephanie, seems scorned by her cheating and bétrayed by Adnan. Hae was incredibly smart, hilarious, beautiful, light-hearted, athletic and kind. This type of kid is a challenge but it feels so rewarding if you can reach them. Mostly, I listened. However, Adnan explains in the documentary that a few days after January 13, the day Hae was reported missing, he, Jay and Stephanie went to a party together. However, as the documentary shows, Wilds testimony is highly contradictory and very significant. Jay forces Hae's car to the recreation area and ride, while Jen follows behind in Adnan'beds vehicle. The new documentary series includes much of the material in the 2014 Serial podcast about the case and further re-examines Hae’s murder and Syed’s case. Click the AdBlock Plus button on your browser and select Enabled on this site. Joining us was Tom Lawler, in his 42nd year at Woodlawn, who started as a science teacher and then became science department chair and magnet coordinator. While it feels like Games with Gold is getting less attention than the Xbox Game Pass, there’s nothing official from Microsoft to say it’s... Get the Top News delivered straight to your inbox. Jay Wilds, the key witness in the case against Adnan Syed — the man convicted of killing his ex-girlfriend Hae Min Lee in 1999 — has given his first public interview to The Intercept following the popular podcast, “Serial,” which reexamined the murder and subsequent trial. I don’t want to be ‘Episode 13.’ I don’t want anything that I may have said or what you may have thought I was saying to look like I think one person is now more likely to be guilty.” The Serial podcast about the 1999 murder of Hae Min Lee has been heard and debated by millions, yet there are still untold stories and perspectives from Woodlawn High School teachers who taught and had close relationships with students Adnan Syed, Jay Wilds, Stephanie McPherson, and Hae Min Lee but declined to talk to Sarah Koenig for the podcast. The Case Against Adnan Syed is streaming on NOW TV now. The Case Against Adnan Syed: Director drops key witness bombshell. Add a little sóciopathy into the blend and you could have tough): I think a lot of people forget Stephanie, Jáy Wilds' girlfriend whó frequently flirted with Adnan, The HBO series briefly discussions about her a few occasions. Meg said Jay was one of her favorite students ever. In the ’90s, the magnet kids took every class together except gym and art and even took their classes in a separate part of the building. Jay wasn’t alone in feeling that way. The documentary unearthed new evidence and cast more doubt on the case against Adnan Syed and what really happened to Hae Min Lee. However, as the documentary shows, Wilds testimony is highly contradictory and very significant. He'beds paranoid because at this stage he will be higher, at a full stranger'beds home, while Jay is out with his car and he has no idea when he will be back. Like many listeners I was given the impression he was a liar, and a sketchy and suspect character. HOW MANY EPISODES ARE IN THE CASE AGAINST ADNAN SYED? Stephanie could have granted more insight into what Jay was like as a person, her relationship with Adnan and what she was doing on the day of the Hae’s disappearance. HuffPost is part of Verizon Media. Hae’s death and Syed’s trial was the focus of the 2014 Serial podcast and the international coverage shed more light on Hae’s death and brought into question Syed’s conviction. I believe I told them it was in front of ‘Cathy’s [not her real name] house, but it was in front of my grandmother’s house. “Jay is very smart; he was right up there with the magnet kids,” Meg said. Talking about these former students feels like talking about two characters in a popular movie or book. “The three of them spent much time together. One of the biggest take-aways from Serial has been to cast suspicion on Jay Wilds, who was portrayed as a shady character. However, at that prom, Adnan’s date was Hae. This could have made Jay want to keep Stephanie away from Adnan, and could have contributed to Jay's willingness to implicate Adnan. Paradise fire map update: How did the Camp fire start in... Accenture CEO steps down due to health reasons. Cannot Read Property 'commandtypes Of Undefined, Battlefield 4 Premium Edition Reality Repack Torrent, Did Jay Wilde Cheat On His Girlfriend Stephanie, Blue's Clues Kindergarten Pc Game Download, Full 18 Reality Show Brazil 2016 Terbaru Yang Bikin Ngiler, Openload Video Source Player For Dooplay Theme, Download Serial Number Xilisoft Utimate 7.8.23, Msmpeng.exe Antimalware Service Executable, Skulls An Exploration Of Alan Dudley's Curious Collection Pdf. Wilds was the person who gave evidence at trial and his testimony is mainly what Adnan’s conviction is based on. Jay devises a strategy to obtain Adnan pinned for the killing. I couldn’t help but thinking about the line in Serial when Jay said “I’m the criminal element of Woodlawn to everyone,” but “teachers who really know me, know I’m not like that.” For me, Meg confirmed these two statements are true and teachers who took the time and cared enough to get to know Jay, like Ms. Muse, saw him as a good kid. Wilds was the person who gave evidence at trial and his testimony is mainly what Adnan’s conviction is based on. Because of this, Meg gets to know the “regulars” who hang out in her classroom. We use cookies to ensure that we give you the best experience on our website. I know it didn’t happen anywhere other than my grandmother’s house. To me, Meg was describing Jay as a certain type of Woodlawn kid, the type I have in almost every class I teach. Xbox Games with Gold November to offer big free games bonus? NPR called me to be interviewed for the podcast and I declined for several personal reasons. Hae wásn't feeling it and rejects him which moves Jay into a trend. There was barely any news coverage about it, no city-wide news or follow-up in the school. SBS retake 42,000-ton oil tanker off the Isle of Wight in…, Play-Doh for adults smells like smoked meat, overpriced lattes, mom jeans, Black Friday 2020 – Samsung, Huawei and Sony Xperia deals revealed…, After Twitter Labels Trump’s Tweet About Pennsylvania, Its Spread Slows, It’s Election Day: How to spot misinformation while you wait for…, Coronavirus news: Weather has no effect on COVID-19 spread – ‘Mobility…, Slave quarters dating to the 18th century are unearthed at Jesuit…, A 30-minute conversation may spread COVID-19 more easily than sharing a…, Frontier Aerospace completes design of Peregrine thrusters, Where do I vote today? Jay is marked with suspicion. But if there is anything to take from the Serial podcast it’s the unfortunate story of girl with a promising future who lost her life too early.

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