The AGM-154C (JSOW BROACH) entered service in February 2005. The AGM-154A (JSOW-A) entered service in 1999. US Navy and Air Force developed the AGM-154B (JSOW B) up until Multi-Service Operational Test & Evaluation (MOT&E) but the Navy decided not to procure the weapon when the Air Force left the program. In June 2017, the Navy revealed it was again moving forward with an evaluation of the JSOW-ER yet again. Concerned at the unexpected cost and delays associated with the integration of the AGM-142E Popeye and the superior capabilities of JASSM it was reported in early 2001 that the RAAF wished to abandon plans to install Popeye on F-111C aircraft in favour of an early acquisition of the JASSM under Air 5418. The KEPD 350 is said to be the world's only precision stand-off guided missile system that is capable of navigating over long distances without GPS support. Combined with the F-35, it could be an especially capable option for neutralizing threats to pave the way for subsequent missions by non-stealthy platforms. The final HiJENKS system, or a version thereof, might be able to fit inside a modified JSOW-ER, as well. JSOW has also since found itself overshadowed by other developments, especially with regards to Lockheed Martin’s low-observable AGM-158 Joint Air-to-Surface Standoff Missile, or JASSM, a turbojet-powered cruise missile with far greater range and its own multi-mode targeting and low-observable features. The latter target set is particularly important and the JSOW-A gives U.S. Navy carrier-borne aircraft an important stand-off means of attacking enemy air defenses to help clear the way for follow-on strikes. But in most cases, the much cheaper JDAM (about $26,000 each) does the job just as well. Back in 1998, JASSM's development period was extended which led the USN to propose an alternative, the Standoff Land-Attack Missile Expanded Response (SLAM-ER). There are three versions of JSOW. This problem was solved soon afterward. [6] The JSOW-C1 completed integrated test and evaluations in January 2015, moving on to operational tests. semi-stealth) pitkän kantaman ilmasta maahan -risteilyohjus. During the cruise flight a high resolution infra-red camera can support the navigation by using IBN and is also used for GPS-free target attack. Lockheed Martin has found it difficult just to get the price of JASSM down to $800,000 apiece. Copyright © 2018 StrategyPage. The AGM-154C carries the BROACH warhead. The weapon is designed to attack hardened targets. The cause of the miss was reported as a software problem. Two contracts are involved. “This is absolutely a critical opportunity for the Navy because now this is their top-line, medium-range precision strike weapon that is capable now of being integrated internally on JSF,” Mark Borup, a representative of Raytheon's Medium-Range Strike and Attack Air Warfare Systems Division, told in an interview on April 10, 2018. Like JDAM, JSOW will hit within 10 meters (31 feet) of its aiming point just using GPS (or about 30 meters is using the backup INS system). The AGM-154A traditionally is used for Suppression of Enemy Air Defenses missions. The last category now included the F/A-18, attention being brought to its possible use in a strike role should the F-111 be withdrawn earlier than originally intended. This all changed with DCP 2004-2014 in which Air 5418 was now concerned with the acquisition of air-to-surface weapons for the F/A-18 and the AP-3C with no mention of the F-111. The KEPD 350, which had been highly rated in the earlier RFP process, was withdrawn from the tender by the TAURUS team due to their heavily involvement in the series preparation for the German Airforce, their troop trials in South Africa and their final negotiations with the Spanish Airforce which finally lead to a contract. JSOW entered service in the late 1990s, and Australia, Canada, Greece, Finland, Poland, Singapore, Turkey, and the Netherlands have bought small quantities. JSOW, and the JSOW-C in particular, has also enjoyed a certain amount of export success. The JSOW was originally to be delivered in three variants, each of which uses a common air vehicle, or truck, while substituting various payloads. An extended range version, AGM-158B JASSM-ER, was developed alongside … The weapon uses a 220-pound initial charge to pierce reinforced concrete and other barriers and a second 320-pound warhead with a delay fuze option to destroy whatever is inside. During the 1990s JSOW was considered to be one of the most successful development programs in DOD history. The JASSM (Joint Air-to-Surface Standoff Missile) is a conventional, stealthy, air-launched ground attack cruise missile designed for the U.S. Air Force and international partners. The JASSM (Joint Air-to-Surface Standoff Missile) is a conventional, stealthy, air-launched ground attack cruise missile designed for the U.S. Air Force and international partners. Well that hasn’t happened and the troubling and long drawn out task of integrating a modern missile with an old airframe suggests to us that the AGM-142E is unlikely to be fully introduced into service with the F-111 fleet much before that aircraft’s retirement in 2010, suggesting the whole process has turned out to be a very costly ($450 million) investment in little more than software engineering and integration skills.

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