All Things Disc Golf — © 2012-2015. I bought a 2x Barry Leopard over a year ago with intentions of using it exclusively for turnover shots and it is still surprisingly stable. SKU: N/A Categories: Fairway Drivers, Fairway Drivers Innova Tags: Fairway, IDye, innova Aus Discs Innova. The limited release can currently be found as part of Innova’s new Player Sponsorship Package. Its rated with a fair (-2) turn, and a minimal fade (1), which allow it to fly very straight. The leopard, Panthera pardus, is a member of the Felidae family and the smallest of the four "big cats" in the genus Panthera, the other three being the tiger, lion, and jaguar. Note: Features custom "Victory or Death" hotstamp from Ace Run Disc Golf! Charlie Maher Bachelorette Age, Luster Champion discs feature a pearlescent glow and special shine that give the discs a distinct look and feel. When thrown on an anhyzer angle with some height the Leopard3 will hold that line and can be a great turnover disc when you help it. This disc sounds perfect for me. And I'm an innova purist. Luxury Yurts For Sale, If you are planning on running a tournament and have an interest in the Innova Players Pack Sponsorship, reach out to your Innova representative or email for more information. My daughter(11) is just getting into disc golf and lovers her old, beat up DX Leopard. Flight Ratings and Analysis. I can’t always go out and buy a new disc whenever I want, due to my academic priorities. Thank you for subscribing to the newsletter! Leopard3 has nice controllable turn right out of the box. Took me a long time to figure out how to throw it with a forehand. Leopards are generally my go to disc for a variety of shots, and i’ve tried a lot of them! I would love the leopard because I am wanting to give my siblings a good driver to use! Even at 75-85%, the Leopard3 flew more like a Discmania FD with just a little turn before a moderate fade. Crust Titanium Evasion, I’ve given it to my kids now, and they like throwing it. I’m a big fan of Leopards and would love to try this one. Would love to try out this disc. The Leopard is my all-time favorite disc! Tweet . Sounds like it’s right up my alley. Only need the champion plastic. Thanks for the opportunity. Keep your eyes open at an upcoming tournament for the Leopard3 to be a part of the players pack. Tiktok Hashtag Meanings, Over the last few months you might have seen the new Innova Leopard3 pop up on social media or at a big tournament. I have a pro leopard that I got as one of my first discs. Useful for long straight shots, gentle hyzers and turnover shots. Lynnwood Crime Map, Had a Star Leopard I really liked, but lost it and haven’t had a chance to replace it. It needs a little more behind it, but it will produce that natural turnover if thrown correctly. It can be thrown smooth for straighter shots, or harder for more turn. The Leopard3 wasn’t the case as it would show the turn, but only to a certain extent. If it doesn’t work for me, I would give it to him for helping me out all the time. Definitely a big loss for a new player without many discs to choose from. In my time spent at the course, I have talked to several of the experienced local players in my area about what they throw, what they like, etc. I’ve heard from. We have 7 baskets we use during our disc golf unit! Definitely need to stick with the Leopard for right now then!!! Jobs In Uae For Foreigners, But most importantly fairway drivers rule! Architecture Photography Salary, Thanks for the giveaway. The Leopard is a common fairway driver that comes in a lot of the Innova starter packages. Would love to try out this new version and see how it compares!! Add to cart. The strongest arms in our testing group found the Leopard to have a very predictable flight when thrown at max power. Thanks for the help! Michael Ealy Mother, My leopard was my go-to driver before I lost it on an overgrown course this past weekend. I have so much pride in the game and the utmost respect for Innova. Mucho Mambo Meaning, It’s another great review from ATDG! Continue this thread. This would be a great addition to my bag. Lately that hasn’t been the case and some of the domey Champion Leopards have flown more in the -1, 1.5 or even 0, 2 range. The Leopard is a great turnover disc for players of all skill levels. Thanks for the chance. I Know You Lyrics Disney, Would really like to win the mew Leopard3 I would like to try it for me an my son. I would love to see if the Leopard3 gave me that turn that several lines on my local course require. The bump up from the Speed 6 rating of the normal Leopard is due to the requirement for a little more power to get it to fly as designed. Maybe the Leopard3 will be my saving grace for the 200-300 ft anhyzer shots. Great review! The Leopard3 for us flew much closer to the -2, 1 ratings when thrown at full power (this is important), and had a flight closer to those “pre-Barry” Leopards that so many love. It is an easy to throw, straight flying driver. Need it to tear up some wood courses! Pretty shots! The bump up from the Speed 6 rating of the normal Leopard is due to the requirement for a little more power to get it to fly as designed. We are affiliates with Amazon and Infinite Discs and may receive commission payments for referring sales to those websites, but regardless of our potential monetary compensation always strive to provide honest and useful disc golf reviews. More experienced players can use the Leopard for throwing distance stretching “€œHyzer Flip“€ shots. Great first driver for all skill levels! Nancy Jaax Twitter, Would love to give this leopard a try. Adjusting the angle of release makes this a very versatile driver. The Leopard is a great turnover disc for players of all skill levels. In our minds, the Innova Leopard3 is closer to the “pre-Barry” Champion Leopards of the past than what you’ll find in the current offerings. I’d love to see what it can do to improve my game! A nice tunnel shot with a dog leg left I think this disc would be awesome. What is the difference between the Leopard and the Leopard3? The leopard was one of the first drivers I used and I still love it as a solid fairway disc. A great choice to help you get lower scores as you try to master the game of disc golf. Yeah! Often times you’ll lean into a disc at full power and easily over power it and turn it into a roller. The leopard was once distributed across eastern and southern Asia and Africa, from Siberia to South Africa, but its range of distribution has decreased radically because of hunting and loss of habitat. My hand is more comfortable in a flatter disc throwing forehand compared to backhand where I don’t seem to have/need a preference of flat or domey.I’ll put the quote here from the article (it’s from CypressPointGolf)- “However, I wasn’t the biggest fan of this fairway driver initially sine it didn’t fly well with my forehand throws. Looks awesome. I’d love to see how this compares to my old Pro Leopard “Long range turning driver.”. Innova Disc Golf I-Dye Champion Leopard Golf Disc, 170-172gm (Colors may vary) 4.3 out of 5 stars 50. Everyone’s first fairway driver. Considering going back to the DX Leopard, but would like to give this a try. Redcliffe Dolphins Home Games 2019, I just recently let a new disc golfer try it out and he threw it into a lake… Never to been seen again. If you’re looking for a low speed, straight flying, fairway driver that won’t easily get dings, nicks, and dents, then the Leopard is what you want. We list the Leopard as the “most versatile” driver in our Top 10 Disc Recommendations because its moderate speed and turn ratings (6 and -1, respectively) give players the ability to make a Leopard fly in almost any pattern they want by altering the throw speed and release angle. basically speaking, the leopard is gonna go more to the right (rhbh), and the leopard3, comparatively, is gonna go more left. Posted by 4 years ago. I love the way it flys and would love to add the leopard 3 to my golf bag. Both are fine discs, and are good for their own reasons- personally I get much more distance with the teebird than I do the Leopard, but the Leopard is fantastic for forehand shots that I reaaaallly need to hook back to the right. Fire Temple In Georgia, I want one of these to get that pretty flip up to slight turning shot with less effort than a sidewinder takes because of the higher speed!! I would like to try a leopard. You can still produce the desired turnover shot, but it might require a little help from you in terms of release angle. Have hit few aces with my star plastsic. I would love to throw a new mold of the trusty leapord. Been looking for a gentle turnover disc. I have trouble with anhyzer/turnover shots, and this disc seems like a great one to use to try to improve. The Leopard3 is the turning driver of choice of Team Innova’s Nate Sexton. I have narrowed it down to 2 for my new main driver and was leaning towards Leopard until I read an article claiming that it isn’t great for forehand shots. Noémie Schmidt Languages, The Leopard is supposedly one of the easiest discs to throw straight, and is a good disc for turnover shots. With a smooth throw the Leopard 3 will fly lazer straight. The Leopard3 has a nice controllable turn right out of the box. Bulls Rivals In The 90s, Can’t wait to throw this new plastic. Initially, I wasn’t the biggest fan of the Leopard because it didn’t fly well with my forehand throws. Cheers eh!! Along with the new disc, players get a handful of other Innova items. The Devil And Father Amorth Bishop Barron, It’s actually the only speed 6 fairway driver that comes in the higher quality plastics (Champion, Star). The Leopard3 is a versatile all purpose driver that can work for a variety of shots for disc golfers of all skill levels. Every dyed disc is unique. I’d love to try a Leopard 3, see if it can knock one of my other Leopards right out of my bag! Vernessa Taylor Birthday, Fairway Driver. Close. Love to give this one a try !!! There are overstable and understable discs. What is the difference between the Leopard and the Leopard3? Would love to give the Leopard3 a go! Choose your options below (stamp colors vary): This product is currently out of stock and unavailable. Description Additional information Description. Very predictable driver. I have grown to love the disc and would love to get my hands on one of the new Leopard3 discs. Id love to try this guy out! Can’t wait to try one. I would love to use this leopard 3 at my local course.

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