Different characters have different damages for their specials, based on their current damage stat and on other factors. Mkx Mobile 1.16 Update: Injustice 2 Raiden Maxed Out – Gameplay & Review (Mortal Kombat X Mobile) Injustice 2 Generator - Here In this gameplay video we take a look at Mortal Kombat X Mobile Apk Mod – Hack/Cheats 1.16.0 (Mkx Mobile Glitch 2017 iOS & Android). WORKS FOR IOS & ANDROID FULL MAXED OUT ALL CHARACTERS ALL MAXED GEAR CARDS 20,000,000 INCLUDE ALL CHARACTERS IN THE GAME PATCH 2.15 ALL ELITE 7 LEVEL 50. Check out our Injustice 2 Mobile gameplay guides: In Update 4.1 Artifacts gained the ability to be reforged for new stats. You probably don’t want to sell your gear unless it’s completely useless to you: The few hundred credits you get are really not worth it. The max Artifact level is 10. Killer Frost 18. So in battles where you will need strong Special 1 moves, you will need to team up Batmen with other cards which have strong Special 1 moves. Similar to Gear Chance effects, you are able to roll on random effects for your Artifacts in addition to the base effect they already provide. Just playing normal matches will get you quite a bit of gear, usually for the character you’re using. ... Maxed out Black Adam with 600 extra shards now :/ 65. Hero Level is another main way to increase a hero's power; by winning matches or using XP Capsules heroes gain experience and levels, increasing their basic stats. Those will be the ones better at inflicting damage during battle. It lets you look at their potential stats right next to each other and see which ones would the better investments for gaining XP levels, promoting Elite levels or applying damage or health augmentation cards. Sinestro 26. Nightwing 22. After we checked with players at a local tournament, we found that this was no isolated issue. Owned Card Augmentations -Whenever losing greater than 10% of max Health from a single attack, gain a shield that blocks a percentage of all incoming damage for a short amount of time. Shards are also used to upgrade the Star rating of the heroes you possess. Note that "-" for "Title" is often called "Prime". Heroes are fighters in the game, regardless of morality or alignment. Some cards have both strong Special 1 moves and Special 2 moves. Their look changes a lot with all equipment maxed out. First, it is available at GitHub. All 88 heroes ingame as of May 14th, 2019. Wonder Woman 29. There are three tiers of heroes: silver, gold, and Legendary (purple), with different shard requirements to unlock and upgrade. The After you open the page's source code, save the source code from that window. If you do not get an error message, you can review the augmentations remaining you could apply, and then you can tweak the card, adding additional augmentation cards to the character to see where it would end up if you applied the augmentations. 4. In this conversation. Beginner Guide: http://go.wbgames.com/I2Mguide, Intermediate Guide: https://go.wbgames.com/I2Minter, Advanced Guide: https://go.wbgames.com/I2Madvanced, Champions Arena Guide: https://go.wbgames.com/ChampionArena. Bane 4. section is for characters which do not yet exist in the rest of the calculator. This section's results show you the levels, bonuses and augmentations used as inputs to the calculations, and then shows you the Damage, Health, Light tap, Knockdown swipe, and Heavy Swipe values for each card. There are many factors which impact how successful you will be. Maxed out level 60 Gear on Green lantern, Swamp Thing and Bane Gameplay and review in Injustice 2 Mobile. But there are other characters worth maxing first. For these reasons and more, keep in mind that you cannot rely only on statistics to tell you what the best cards are. Linking the mobile game gets you a super-rare diamond box off the bat and a new character skin (Grid) for Cyborg. … Maxed out gear showcase in Injustice 2 Mobile game (Android/IOS), Want to see more characters with maxed gear? Damage is king in a fighting game, especially against computer opponents who are a lot less likely to block that big, obvious combo starter. There seems to be a lot of confusion about how to use this section. You can see what the form would look like after filling in all of the fields correctly. Injustice 2 Mobile - Champions Arena Guide. If you have Damage or Health augmentation cards sitting in STAR labs in the game and you would like to see what your card would be like if you applied them to this character, you can do so in this section (as well as some of the other calculator sections.). Second, you can use your browser to view "Page Source". Martian Manhunter 21. Equipping gear confers stat bonuses and sometimes alternate abilities to your character. For each character, you will see: The Damage and Health Stats shown are for Elite level VII, XP level 50, and 35% Damage and Health bonuses. They are all variants of a number of Characters (the terminology from NetherRealm Studios are often inconsistent, and they may use "character" to refer to heroes, but on this wiki, the aforementioned terminology is used for consistency, subject to change). CLEAR the checkbox if the character has extra effects for its special move. For example, to see characters' statistics with no augmentation cards applied, change it … A single fight will get you a few hundred experience points. Here is the number of shards needed, based on the character’s rarity type: – 1 star: 10 Shards – 2 … All of them belong to one of the five distinct classes. Members. Question. He is really good in arena and champs arena. Simply click on the "Augmentations:" box and change "Maxed out 100%" to a different value. Scorpion 24. Beating missions quickly will get you better rewards, at least. Use this section for finding characters to play in Multi-Player or Survivor mode. Shazam 25. Update 2.4 introduced a whole new way to customize and upgrade your Heroes with the new Universal Gear, Artifacts! The distribution of gear appears random. Ares 3. Superman 28. Cookies help us deliver our Services. It takes a lot of experience and many, many fights to level a character to the cap of 20. So be careful with that feature. The next part is slightly tricky. Injustice: Gods Among Us Mobile Fan Community on Facebook. Note! Sometimes in a fight you need to bring out the "big guns," but cards with weak Special 2 moves can leave you high and dry in those moments. Hawkgirl 16. To see these characters, check the "Special 1 + Special 2 Moves" checkbox in the Search Characters section, then sort by that column. Injustice 2 Mobile Bane, Swamp Thing and Emerald Green Lantern with Maxed gear LOOK AMAZING! Question. Aquaman 2. These cards give bonus Health or Damage points to all characters in your collection. Fighters who are non-playable characters are not considered heroes and only non-bosses ones can be played using Unhinged Harley Quinn's passive once defeated or by cloning them with Sub-Zero's passive. -[Metahuman Characters] Gain a percentage in Attack against Tech Heroes, -Gain a percentage of Damage for Basic, Tag, and Swipe attacks, -[Might Characters] Gain a percentage in Attack against Agility Heroes, -[Agility Characters] Gain a percentage in Attack against Metahuman Heroes, -Gain a percentage in Attack on tag-in for a brief amount of time and inflict DoT on self, dealing 20% of current health in damage, -[Red Hood] Gain a percentage in Lethal Chance and reduces Supermove cost by 5. Once you’re done with that, it’s best to go the multiverse mode and see what’s up for offer. On the form, in the "Select Owned Character" box, select "Martian Manhunter, Blackest Night". section calculates character health and damage for any specified xp and/or elite levels, with any amount of damage or health augmentation cards. Close. Competitive players — some of whom were dreading this system — don’t really have to worry about it unless they want their character to look fancy. For "Elite Level of Owned Card:", look at the, For "XP Level of Owned Card:", look at the, For "Damage for Owned Card:", look at the, For "Health for Owned Card:", look at the, For the two "Character Bonuses: +10% Damage +10% Health" check boxes, look at the, Store Damage Stat (also known as Base Damage Stat), Store Health Stat (also known as Base Health Stat), Resale value (If you have extra copies, you can sell them and get power or alliance credits for them), The character cards' passives. You want to get his Damage up to 55,000. Then, either select the character from the drop-down list or choose the desired checkboxes. You pick Ares from the "Character" box, pick VII and 50. Just like other mobile games that deal with unlockable characters, Injustice 2 brings you a shards system to get all Heroes. This is going to be the stop for all things Injustice 2 mobile-related topics. In the game, you’ll get gear in between fights and when opening loot boxes earned from clearing single-player stages. You can sell gear you don’t need — and there will be a lot of it — for credits. | Anthem Giveaway – Feb. 28! Mvf is a better combo builder then a dd and his gear drops from raids. Batgirl 5. If the character has a normal special/super move, it's box should be checked. His sp3 seems.pretty useful as well as his power drain ability. Injustice 2 Mobile Bane, Swamp Thing and Emerald Green Lantern with Maxed gear LOOK AMAZING! Other cards have strong enough Special 1 moves, but their Special 2 moves lack instant knock-out power. Emerald Green Lantern, Bane and Swamp Thing. Earn Azure Artifact Fragments in Raids 5, 6, 7, or 8. To use it, you will need information from the back of the owned character card. Pair him with 2 other arcanes and he even gets a power boost in the beginning. Once you’ve finished the main tutorial, character-specific tutorials open up. This list is sorted the same as Roster does when sorted by name: First according to character name (including changes), then variant name, with the "prime" version listed first. Still have a question? Deathstroke 10. It also provides each character's store Damage and Health, for your convenience. Zod Artifact chance effects offer bonuses such as boosts to power generation or damage applied by special abilities. in the long term he is really useful, considering soon your main supply of heroes will be arena. By default, the highest elite level VII and highest XP level 50 are pre-selected when you expand this section. It only tells you the Damage and Health the character currently has - there is no way to determine by looking at those numbers if you have applied Damage or Health augmentation cards, or how many. Solomon Grundy 27. Specials can be upgraded, capped at the Hero Level.

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