Sniper – Deadshot deals extra damage with a high chance for lethal hits based on his opponent’s distance. Bam! Are you kitten me? Cold also gives all MV teammates armor-pierce chance resistance. Finally, Aquaman can revive a knocked-out teammate when he uses his Supermove. Killing Joker – When anyone is defeated on either team, The Joker gains an increase to damage for the remainder of the battle. Power Drain – MV teammates each gain a chance to power drain on special 1. They also control the fight by keeping opponents stunned, including being able to reflect stuns back at an opponent. This means more special abilities, more often and an unpredictable but well-rounded team. Tenacity – MV teammates received reduced incoming damage when at low health. Benefits from the passive abilities of Justice League teammates. Black Lightning is a premiere skin for Raiden. Critical Hits against Harley and League of Anarchy teammates are greatly reduced in damage. Cold Barrier – Buffs MV teammates at the start of the battle with a shield that reduces incoming basic, tag, and swipe attack damage. This passive also gives Aquaman the ability to revive a KOed teammate upon using his Supermove. Mister Freeze is a premiere skin for Captain Cold. When stacked with the temporary attack boost for Mythic Wonder Woman when she defeats an opponent, momentum can pick up quickly. Hyperspeed Assault – Provides an additional Fast Attack hit and causes the first special for JL teammates to be unblockable. Endurance Training – All teammates gain a Health bonus. Fate which will grant you only three platinum mother boxes. You can also update and track your ticket as well. Green Arrow’s Power Drain has a chance to steal power from your enemy and give it to your team, which reduces being on the receiving end of your enemies’ offensive abilities. Take a look at the official trailer: The Justice League The Flash Multiverse consists of 5 different events. To unlock this premiere skin, you will need to either own the Ultimate Edition of the game, or buy the DLC character Raiden and spend 6,000 Source Crystals. All of these benefits can give you an edge in any prolonged fight. While active, Poison Ivy heals herself and her LOA teammates for a percent of DoT dealt. She is immune to critical attacks and grants her team increased critical attack resistance. This effect does not stack. Psychoanalyze – When hitting an opponent for the first time, Harley randomly reduces one of their stats and steals part of it to share with her teammates. Batman Versus Superman – Superman gains bonus Attack or Health when Batman or Wonder Woman are on either team during battle. With your opponent’s resistance to stun and DoT reduced from Harley Quinn, she and Ivy can truly wreak havoc. It’s not me, it’s you – Teammates targeted by stun attacks gain a chance to reflect them, stunning the attacker instead. Let’s look into the different teams you can form that will share bonuses below. Joker Venom – Last Laugh The Joker and League of Anarchy teammates deal increased damage over time (DoT). For instance, those who enjoy playing Supergirl can an unlock a premire skin for Power Girl - who looks different, but fights the same as Supergirl. Outworldly Nature – Each time Enchantress or her Suicide Squad teammates resist a Critical Attack, they get healed over 10 seconds for a percentage of their max health. CONSOLE QUALITY STORY Injustice 2 continues the story set in motion in by the hit 3v3, CCG superhero fighting game Injustice: Gods Among Us Immerse yourself in cinematics straight from the console—with the Justice League shattered it is up to you to pick up the story and unite a team Other superhero games don’t come close! No infringement is intended. Gorilla Grodd’s “Dramatic Reversal” passive can feed into his “Mind Force” special ability which will share it’s healing effects among the whole team. CW fans rejoice! Toxins – Until Poison Ivy is knocked out, basic and swipe attacks dealt by League of Anarchy teammates do additional damage as DoT. In Injustice 2, the addition of Premiere Skins replace what would normally be unlockable characters (excluding Braniac - who is unlocked by beating the story). These character skins are more than just gear - as they are a a full suit of gear that alters the character into a completely different hero or villain that shares that character's base moves. Bonus activates in combat. To unlock this premiere skin, you will either need to own the Ultimate Edition to instantly unlock him, or spend 6,000 Source Crystals. These Multiverses will give you the chance to obtain a special epic Justice League gear for these characters. One of this team’s strengths is damage-over-time (DoT), which makes them especially strong against teams with high defense and crit resist. Catwoman’s “Blinding Strike “passive allows you to keep pressure on after using an ability by blinding the opponent to prevent attacks against your BN teammates. Enter your email address to receive E-Mail notifications for news and updates. Multiverse Power – Team starts battles with additional Power Bars per MV hero on either team. Suicide Squad Enchantress (Legendary, Arcane). Interruption – When tagged-in by Multiverse teammates, Supergirl may land an unblockable attack that can interrupt opponent Specials. Combat Focus - Kate Kane gives her entire team a chance to keep their combo hit count from resetting when hit. The core of this team really revolves around Robin and Catwoman. “People said the age of heroes would never come again.”. If Joker is on the opposing team, Harley gains Stun and DoT resistance buff, sharing part of DoT resistance with her team. Officially released images and video are courtesy of Warner Bros. Entertainment Inc. DC Comics or their respective, All character names are registered trademarks of Warner Bros. Entertainment Inc. and/or DC Comics.listed owners. Source Crystals are a special type of currency unrelated to credits, and are obtained much more rarely. Might post my other fav sets. If The Joker is active and an opponent tags-in a teammate, which his special 3 can force them to do, there is a chance they will be stunned. This is intensified by Harley Quinn being immune to Critical Attacks and having the ability to steal a random stat from your opponent. You can submit your question here. The Golden Age Flash is one of two premiere skins for The Flash. Straight to the heart – Until she is knocked out, Heartbreaker Harley Quinn and her teammates deal increased damage on opponents while they are stunned. Also, his Specials may disable the corresponding Special of the active opponent for a limited time. Entangling Vines – Ivy’s special abilities Bed of Thorns and Root Pound disable evade, ranged, rush and jump attacks of the opponent for a limited time. His “Active Shield’ special will allow you reflect incoming damage back on your opponent. Do you bleed? CONSOLE QUALITY STORY Injustice 2 continues the story set in motion in by the hit 3v3, CCG superhero fighting game Injustice: Gods Among Us Immerse yourself in cinematics straight from the console—with the Justice League shattered it is up to you to pick up the story and unite a team Other superhero games don’t come close! Harley Quinn is unique in that just having her on your roster will provide a benefit to all of your BN characters! To celebrate the release of the Justice League movie, Netherrealm Studios is launching special Justice League Multiverses for several of the movie’s heroes. The newly refactored Harley Quinn and Deadshot form the latest team known as the Suicide Squad. Both versions of Supergirl have great support benefits which add a lot of longevity to an MV team through their defensive abilities:  Armored Supergirl gives her team an edge in battle by providing a starting amount of power and can provide critical attack immunity; while Multiverse Supergirl shores up her team’s defenses if they are moderately wounded. "So that's it, huh? These power drains have a chance to steal power from the opponent. The Flash provides great offensive benefits to his teammates and can be a great 3rd member on any Multiverse-centric team, allowing MV teammates to fire off their specials often. Simply because it's only 2 pieces instead of 5 but for his gameplay it helps him so much. Blinding Strike – Specials 1-3 blind opponents causing them to miss 50% of the time against BN teammates. You will also need a total of 6,000 Source Crystals to unlock each skin - but note that Source Crystals can be used for other things - like leveling up a character to rank 20 once you've done it for one character on your own. The worst of the worst just got even better. Online Interactions Not Rated by the ESRB, Alcohol Reference, Blood, Language, Suggestive Themes, Violence, Presented by - Paid for by Biden for President, The Most Messed Up Moments in the Comic Book Version of ‘The Boys’, The Best Anime Fanfiction Where the Hero Is a Villain, Daily Deals: Preorder Cyberpunk 2077 for PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X, or PC and Save 17% Off, Things Ghost of Tsushima Doesn't Tell You. For those who want to add staying power to their team, Ninja Lord Joker’s passive can revive up to two teammates against a team that has a Batman character. Crippling Blow – BN teammates deal increased damage and temporarily lower opponent’s damage and defense on every 5th Basic or Swipe attack. This color-swapped arch-nemesis of The Flash has appeared in comics, animated movies, and even TV Shows, and is the perfect foil to the red speedster. Suicide Squad Harley Quinn (Legendary, Agility). A member of the Justice League, Vixen uses the powers of the animal kingdom to fight crime, thanks to a magical totem. Labs – Barry can avoid Special Attacks from Tech class opponents. This character is based off the original iteration of the iconic speedster known as Jay Garrick - complete with his classic winged helmet. To top things off, Harley reduces the cost of the Suicide Squad's team's Power bar cost. Power cost of opponent abilities increases per use against MV teammates. Protector – Superman protects his active teammates from opponents’ Special Abilities, tagging in and interrupting the Ability with a powerful slam. She is another good candidate to team up with White Canary, who has the ability to make Batwoman’s Special 1 free, which, when used, provides Batwoman with a chance to perform a zero power cost Special 3. Catwoman’s “9 Lives“ passive will allow for your BN team to become temporarily immortal at low health. Below you will find a list of each Premiere Skin, and how you can unlock it. These bonuses stack and also apply to Batman and Wonder Woman teammates. To unlock this premiere skin, you will need 6,000 Source Crystals. While Captain Cold gave one of The Flash's lesser-known villains a chance to shine, Mister Freeze is based off of Batman's chilly foe, as both characters favor the cold. Injustice 2 is the sequel to the popular fighting game of the same name and allows players to customize fighters with a new Gear System. Latest: Get Injustice: Gods Among Us For Free on PS4, XBox 360/One And PC ; ... injustice 2 justice league the flash epic gear, injustice 2 multiverse, injustice 2 the flash multiverse. Injustice 2 Mobile - Team Synergy Guide WB Games Support October 10, 2020 14:28 ... – All Legendary and Justice League teammates gain improved Defense. Batwoman’s increased special attack damage from each MV team buff paired with Captain Cold’s shield will ensure an aggressive, but safe, start to any fight for the team. 9 Lives – When at low health BN teammates temporarily become immortal, which prevents them from being knocked out. Monkey Style Swordplay – whenever an opponent misses a basic attack, Robin and BN teammates temporarily gain lethal attack chance buff. – Whenever BN teammates successfully block a special ability, they gain part of its power cost. Primordial Power - All JL teammates gain chance for armor pierce on basic, tag and swipe attacks. We're some kind of Suicide squad?". The Suicide Squad – Harley gains bonuses from Deadshot and Harley Quinn teammates. Grodd’s “Master Plan” passive rewards each BN teammate for landing a lethal attack with additional power bars as well.

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