RELATED: Tokyo Ghoul Fans Think They've Found a Hidden Tribute in Chainsaw Man. Change ), You are commenting using your Google account. This is what Arata wanted for his son and daughter all along. Around this time, Ken had suffered serious injuries after Rize's attack, and become a confused and desperate Ghoul himself. And it wasn't just Anteiku that gave peace and meaning to Touka's life; she was also a high school senior, and she actually enjoyed school life, even if her essay-writing skills were lacking. She believes in a better future, and despite her attitude, she isn't ready to give up on anyone, Ghoul or human. Hopefully this look into some of the symbolism and stories used in Tokyo Ghoul was an interesting read, as it was a very interesting topic to dive into for myself. Of course Tokyo ghoul isn't all about sexuality and stuff because it's an anime after all but there's a connection between the anime and the sexuality thing, it is maybe not intended but it's just a theory and I can totally see it every time I watch Tokyo ghoul. The next story is a little easier to see the meaning of, mostly because Kaneki basically spells it out for the reader. After being transformed he notices that his taste in food changes, no longer being able to eat fresh foods and instead preferring things like rotten cheese. Wtf I've never heard of that. Idk about this theory. View all posts by Raith, Tokyo Ghoul’s Amazing Use of Symbolism and Short Stories, Genshin Impact, The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild and Inspiration, Jujutsu Kaisen Episode 1: Motivation and Impact, Enjoying the Simple Things in Animal Crossing. So write in … She and her little brother Ayato grew up with their single father, Arata. Without these symbols, the images would not have been able to convey anywhere near the amount of information as they do with them. Currently, I'm expanding my resume and skill set with jobs such as SEO writing and journalism. Editorials / Essays Ghouls indeed have a dual nature, and some identify more with humanity than others. Touka Kirishima clings to her human life, but she can't fully escape the shadow of her Ghoul nature. First Impressions : Nekoma Takes the Spotlight With a Key Backstory Reveal, Sony's $1 Billion Crunchyroll Acquisition Talks Enter Final Negotiations. Full Frontal Instead he choose stories that added to the story they are in, by either acting as interesting comparisons to the plot of the manga or as foreshadowing for things to come. For instance, the Red Spider Lily is a popular flower in Japanese society that shows up in the series. He is looked up upon as being their strongest fighter, and is depicted as being stern, disciplined and having complete control of his emotions. You just needed to know a little bit about the Japanese language of flowers. These stories were not only there to add personality to Kaneki and to expand the universe of Tokyo Ghoul, they also served as important metaphors that helped explain the events taking place and as a tool to foreshadow events to come. Touka walked freely in the sunshine, she had an honest job and she had a comfortable high school career (and a good friend in her human classmate, Yoriko). I hope to one day come back to the topic and discuss some other hidden symbols that the average reader might have glanced over. He wishes to remain human no matter what, yet during certain periods throughout the story we can clearly see that he is fighting back a deep desire for conflict and chaos (such as during his fight with Amon when he is begging Amon to leave before he loses control). Close. Think about it. But despite her best efforts, Ken was abducted. I still find it pretty interesting honestly and would love to revisit the series sometime in the near future. The number 7 is the number of “The Chariot”, symbolizing control, victory, and using your will. This website saves cookies to your browser in order to improve your online experience and show you personalized content. SPOILER WARNING: I will be discussing heavy spoilers for Tokyo Ghoul (the original manga series). ( Log Out /  If you were wondering why Ishida choose specific flowers to occupy certain scenes, it’s because in the Japanese tradition of Hanakotoba flowers are given a symbolic meaning to convey emotions or ideas. If you want to study up on these topics as well, the sites I used will be down below to check out. KEEP READING: Blame Japan, Not Netflix, For Tokyo Ghoul's Censorship. The Red Spider Lily in particular symbolizes death and reincarnation to the Japanese, and is often found during funerals. ( Log Out /  Much like how the stories told in Tokyo Ghoul helped tell the story of Kaneki’s change and the events that surrounds it, the tarot numbers that Ishida uses in his imagery help define the characters and their traits, and give us clues as to some of the actions and states they will have to go through in the future.. Our first example can be found at the end of Chapter 63, on the full page spread of Kaneki as he loses his mind and gives in to his impulses. Let’s start with something most everyone can probably remember from the series, which was the various short stories that are discussed within the manga. The name of the story is not given (just referred to as “one of Kafka’s most famous stories”) but a quick search will tell you that the name of the story being described is Franz Kafka’s “Die Verwandlung” (or “The Metamorphoses”). And it wasn't just that; before long, Touka was teaching Ken how to fight, as well as how to grind and pour coffee. On his forearms we can clearly see the number 12 in black, which corresponds to “The Hanged Man” in the major arcana. He could have easily just put any random story, either real or fictional, in the manga to portray Keneki as a quite and timid book lover. As we can see Sui Ishia doesn’t just add these stories into the manga for no reason. The story of an innocent boy giving into his violent impulses in “The Black Goat’s Egg” is practically the same struggle that Kaneki will have to face later on. In the story, the son of a murder has to come into terms with his violent instincts as he follows in his mother’s footprints. Im a little uncomfortable equating queerness with like... canabilism and stuff. His memories from before are not like other times where Kaneki gets lost in his own mind from all the psychological trauma he has experienced over the short time that the manga takes place. Minute Art Wave Motion Cannon. By the time Ken sees her again, Touka is preparing to graduate high school and is scouting universities, including Ken's. Insulted by this, Touka tells him to not return, since evidently, Ken doesn't share Touka's optimistic view on what Anteiku stands for and what it can do for Ghouls. Srsly this is the only thing that I think is related to homosexuality. As I stated above, these flowers symbolize death and are thought to guide the dead to their reincarnation. All the latest gaming news, game reviews and trailers. 3. Touka vowed to get him back no matter what. Imagery of Red Spider Lilies from Tokyo Ghoul, season 1 episode 12. In Tokyo Ghoul, Ghouls are flesh-eating humanoids, widely viewed as horrific monsters of the night, like blood-sucking vampires or a man-eating werewolves.Ghouls indeed have a dual nature, and some identify more with humanity than others. In Tokyo I`m with my ghouls My shoe is up No Liverpool In Tokyo I`m with my ghouls Uh, I`ma go run up a check Like I got semen on my set Your side bitch, oh I`m leaving her wet That boy ain`t real why he talking `bout that? Some time has passed since you wrote this, are you still into Tokyo Ghoul so much? Thanks for taking the time to read! It's the legacy of her father, one that her brother Ayato isn't so keen to follow. Chapter 140 starts off directly after Kaneki and Arima had their devastating face off, leaving Kaneki critically wounded. One such series that I often think of is Tokyo Ghoul, because it tells an interesting story of characters living in a strange world that just isn’t fair. She actually felt responsible for him, and a friendship slowly formed between them. That includes Touka Kirishima. In Tokyo Ghoul, Ghouls are flesh-eating humanoids, widely viewed as horrific monsters of the night, like blood-sucking vampires or a man-eating werewolves. RELATED: Tokyo Ghoul: Are Full Kakuja Ghouls Actually Titan Shifters? The ghouls can also be the ones that are considered weird like Emos, goths e.c.t. Aside from the great use of stories within the manga, Sui Ishida also makes great use of symbolism to help tell his story. Reviews, Atelier Emily It has been a blast studying up on these topics to make this post, and finding out a lot more about each topic than I had known before. He completely lets go of his humanity during this scene and lets his ghoul side take over. Tokyo Ghoul: The Lonely Life of Touka Kirishima, the Rabbit Ghoul, Tokyo Ghoul Fans Think They've Found a Hidden Tribute in Chainsaw Man, The God of High School Gives a Fallen Fighter a Tokyo Ghoul Transformation, Ken had suffered serious injuries after Rize's attack, become a confused and desperate Ghoul himself. Change ), You are commenting using your Twitter account. Run by Mr. Yoshimura, a powerful Ghoul in his own right, the elderly proprietor became a grandfatherly figure to Touka. Years later, Touka found work at the café Anteiku, a neutral ground where Ghouls and human beings could co-exist and relax without any fear of violence. He realizes that in order to become strong and to protect those he cares about, he must sacrifice his humanity and completely embrace his ghoul instincts of violence and consumption. I will still appreciate the craftsmanship that goes into an incredibly detailed image, but I won’t be thinking about it as much as some of my favorite manga series.

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