On the top of the Zoldyck estate on Kukuroo Mountain, Illumi stood beneath the bathing moon light. His suffering is too much. Pressing his bloodied right palm to the frozen cave wall, Death watched as Illumi propelled himself forward, deeper into the cave until he no longer felt the winter draft trail along his neck at each fresh blast. They didn't hold his attention like the rest of her figure did. Killua had been able to remorselessly attack his own family, the people who are supposed to care for and protect him until he reaches his majority. To sleep now meant that Illumi would die, and the boy was far from ready to give in to death. His mother's voice rang out, praising Killua's skill in attacking both her and Milluki, Illumi's first brother as Killua was his second. Illumi Zoldyck It's due to the needle's influence that Killua surrenders. The white vapor was prominent against the solid black, playfully climbing its way up and down the ethereal being's body before approaching Illumi. Illumi has all the benefits granted by his status as a Hunter. When a storm approaches them, Gittarackur and Hisoka decide to help Gon's team. The red head's smile finally broke and his features fell into a pout, his eyes diverted down to yet another body. The caress on his cheek… it almost felt tender. He is willing to handle Alluka's power, even if it costs him his own life. Stumbling once more, Death watched as Illumi caught himself. Following Killua all throughout the Hunter's Exam, Illumi had seen a new side to his brother. It was hinted that Illumi knew Chrollo Lucilfer before the Yorknew City arc started. [8] He almost fails the second phase due to Menchi's temper. Illumi blinked as he stood still once more, no longer surrounded in the familiar setting of his home. Where were they going that there was so much mist? This one's left arm was nearly dismembered from his body, hanging on by a little bit of skin that would soon tear apart under the law of gravity. Nen NeedlesManipulationNeedlemen Illumi, after smashing through the window, had picked up a large piece of glass and used it as a weapon. Shortly afterward, Silva and Zeno deduce that Killua has removed the needle. The assassin would not die surrounded in a field of innocence. [27] He might have superhuman control over his body, as he told Hisoka he was going to sleep for five days. Though the eldest son wanted, desperately, to help his brother to escape, he had had no choice but to follow him under their father's orders. He served as a secondary antagonist of the Hunter Exam arc and is the primary one of the 13th Hunter Chairman Election arc. The pin he had implanted in his little brother's brain years ago would always allow Illumi to find him. Powers/Skills Occupation The cold substance came only to his knees, inhibiting his once fluid motions enough that he was sweating. And maybe one day, Illumi could help his three other brothers to escape as well. [30], Illumi can throw multiple needles all at once[16] or in quick succession with great accuracy. "Come…" Death's hollow whisper echoed around Illumi's thoughts. He praises Gon's combat potential and is about to kill him for corrupting Killua when he is stopped by Hisoka. To ensure that Killua would live to carry on the Zoldyck family business, and as a means of protecting his little brother, Illumi had implanted a needle in to Killua's brain, by forcing the latter to run from battles he wasn't sure he could win. Illumi frowned as he thought about it… what he had thought he had just experienced was a memory from three years ago. Illumi's Death. [26] His Nen abilities allow him to change his physical appearance,[32] control the dead[19] and the living alike[26] with overpowering mind and body control, and influence others with subtler types of Manipulation,[5] a range of applications that suggests a great mastery over this Nen category. Even if Needlemen survives, they will be permanently disabled. He and his father had also trained his third little brother Killua to become an assassin as well. In the shadows, watching the scene without a flicker of emotion, stood Death. "Assassins have no need for friends." Laughing at the blood and death Illumi had created and which turned his own stomach. They believed he was on another continent, hunting a target that did not actually exist. An expression he could only wear in the darkest hour of the night and only when he was able to look upon the sleeping faces of his beloved younger brothers. "Are you sure Illumi?" In contrast to his expressionless demeanor, Illumi often speaks in a somewhat joyful and absent-minded tone. Tripping over himself in his haste to get free of the chilling wind Illumi's right hand scrapped the rough stone of the small cave and he collapsed in the entrance. A river in the after world? Raising his eyes, Illumi stopped to look around him. If Illumi had looked back he would have seen the obvious trail he was leaving; two deep and wavering lines that marred the once perfect field of snow, including the spot where he had fallen.

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