Good quotes should be versatile. She excitedly “ran home” (l.14) to tell her. Notice the command term “compare and contrast” and the important part after it. Example Paper 1: 7 See the following commentary for an example of a well-structured commentary that keeps the theme and purposes relevant throughout the essay. Mrs. Gardiner’s instructive tone, acting in her nieces best interests, emphasizes the close nature of their relationship – an exception to social norms, as in Austen’s context, relationships were largely created for the ulterior motive of financial security. Read through the following example comparative essay and annotate as a marker would. 1.5 hours for Standard Level (SL) students, and 2 hours for Higher Level (HL) students. Darcy’s dialogue reiterates the need for education to increase the likelihood of a marriage proposal. A flurry of pages turning and sliding. Prime Education is Sydney's Top HSC tutoring college for Year 7 to 12 students. Comparative Commentary/Paper 1. It helped me to memorise quotes, learn which quotes are better than others, and learn certain pairs of themes, characters and techniques that work well in my texts for comparison and contrast. However, the themesportrayed are different that Nellie Wong indicates the significance of the meaning of thename and having one more than one could cause confusion in identity and Cisnerosillustrates that having strong connection between person and name brings identity andconfidence. I’d push for 30 minutes in a two hour exam. Her thesis won the Dame Leonie Kramer university prize, and her essays and poetry are published in Australia and internationally. The importance of education and familial relationships has remained, but has changed in how they are perceived by society, thus affecting the lives of women. The points that you choose for your two texts are very important, in terms of how the points relate to each other and to the prompt. The end goal is to be able to tick off at least half of this list: What can you do to improve your understanding? This is because there aren’t usually any existing online resources that help you compare and contrast your specific selection of texts. Weldon’s awareness deepens the intensity behind dialogue within Pride and Prejudice, knowing the possible hidden tension resulting from the strict social etiquette expected of women. This is the part where most IB English students stumble. In these 1000 to 1500 words, your task is to write a comparative essay, which — you guessed it — means comparing similarities and contrasting differences between the texts you’ve studied in class for Paper 2 (i.e., poems, novels, plays or short stories) . The quotes are easier to remember because they have a context. Think of it as an algorithm, a set of steps that you repeat. We are shown through juxtaposition, the strict social conduct towards familial relationships in Austen’s context, thus highlighting relationships as being based on one’s public actions. As you probably know, IB English Paper 2 does not allow you to bring the texts into the exam. Therefore, it can be seen that familial attitudes and relationships have undergone great change over time for women. Thus the value of sharing advice is seen to be relevant to women’s lives, past and present, in the study of Pride and Prejudice and Letters to Alice. They helped me a lot once. What do you see? Comparative Essay: A Thousand Acres and King Lear, Example of compare & contrast paragraphs(1), Paper 1 comparative commentary general advice2, Hyundai AD Rhetorical Situation 13 June 2012, No public clipboards found for this slide. Le Chatelier’s Principle | Haber Process | HSC Chemistry, Diffraction | X-ray and the Braggs | HSC Physics. Tegan has several degrees from the University of Sydney, including a Bachelor of Medical Science, a Master of Letters in English, and a Master of Arts Research in the field of Australian poetry. More often than not, our texts do not contain anything explicitly related to the prompt’s key, say, the theme of “imprisonment”. paper_1_example.docx: File Size: 171 kb: File Type: docx: Download File. The comparative study of the texts together has significant synergistic value, allowing the reader to make informed judgments about the ideas and values pervading the lives of women in both contexts. It’s there to spark ideas, to get the juices flowing in your brain. A graphical illustration of how IB English Paper 2 texts should relate to each other. Hi Jackson, I’m just wondering what you think the best time plan for during the exam would be? There are two ways that this can be achieved: In reality, you have to morph both your texts and the prompt in order to reach a snug fit between the two.

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