Hispanic Heritage Month Activity Freebie & Bulletin Board Idea! As a lower elementary teacher, I am aware that not all students can read everything. 33 26 But you have options to make it work best for you! Tim Bryrer, a colleague of mine from TRIKE (Tri-City Kodály Educators), has a wonderful YouTube channel with tons of songs. Looking for other Nearpod lessons? It’s a paid tool but is pretty inexpensive. – Social Media (Twitter or Facebook) Do you use Nearpod? You are staying in the target language and your students are responding to yes/no or either or questions. https://create.kahoot.it/details/fc9e5bb6-a0a9-4b81-b993-258e397dacdc, Have students copy a pattern with ta, ti-ti, and rest, Have students compose a pattern with ta, ti-ti, and rest, Transfer their new knowledge to another song. As a lower elementary teacher, I am aware that not all students can read everything. I'm in my 22nd year of teaching elementary music. Sync and control students’ screens. I recommend starting with just a few simple Nearpod activities. 0000081588 00000 n I’ll explain how I put together a lesson for first grade, to practice quarter rest. On the next slide, I created a slide that had a title, a text box, and a place for a video. h�b```�FV��� ce`a�X�����2��@����&p�b��. https://create.kahoot.it/details/fc9e5bb6-a0a9-4b81-b993-258e397dacdc. However, their presence in the classroom may sometimes be uncertain because of weather, illness, or extended vacation. Unfortunately, the pointer doesn’t show up, only the cursor. Nearpod has supported thousands of schools worldwide- giving them a scalable way to ensure students are receiving quality distance learning experiences during school closures. Live Lesson Option: Teachers share a live session, students enter a code, and the lesson is synced to all devices. as well. However, their presence in the classroom may sometimes be uncertain because of weather, illness, or extended vacation. Thanks so much for sharing, Rose! Continue recording all of the pages of your story. Besides engaging my students, Nearpod also enables me to track students’ performance on the lessons in real time. 0000054825 00000 n ... Use Nearpod’s Collaborate board to encourage community discussions! I can cue them to use the mic in Zoom without saying "would anyone like to take the mic?" We know that educators are currently making plans for what to do in case their school temporarily switches to distance learning. My favorite is to tell them their shy child is still participating without having to speak up in class. I use. And here is a link to the lesson, so you can add to your library and edit as you'd like: https://share.nearpod.com/e/Ty73AvUm05. Using Nearpod for Distance Learning. Consequently, students’ own devices have been used to fulfil learning activities during classes. Let me answer that by showing you one of my Nearpod lessons. The NPP will open up, generating the same PIN that was previously shared. I have been searching for a simple platform to use in case we return to distance learning in the fall. You can also run an NPP, share it in advance and then log out. Go to meet.google.com followed by selecting "Join or start a meeting" 2. As a teacher, you can invite students to access your Nearpod lesson using Google Meet. I did this by creating a slide, and then formatting so there was a title and two boxes. 0000001413 00000 n In order to do this in Nearpod, I made four videos: one showing rhythm icons for “Bow Wow Wow,” one reviewing rest with “Bow Wow Wow,” one of me writing rhythm patterns on a whiteboard, and one transferring their knowledge of rest to “Naughty Kitty Cat.”, I made a couple videos with Screencastomatic, screen casting my screen, and a couple videos with Loom (Screencastify is also a great option!). Usually I leave the Enter description field blank, but you can enter more information there if you'd like.

. Now you'll upload your files. Read how Germantown Central School District is using Nearpod to deliver remote learning instruction. I asked “What happened to Señor Don Gato at the end of the song?”, This was the last part of the lesson. 0000004269 00000 n Additionally I prepare my students for completing lessons at home. Speak Up Language Learners 0000009875 00000 n You'll just click to select it and then drag it to wherever you want the activity to appear in your lesson. Let's go through the steps of creating a draw it... First create your slide with your question and response options. How to Use Nearpod for Distance Learning Use Nearpod to turn your classroom into a global one, connecting with students and colleagues from all around the world. My school has a curriculum night during the first few weeks of the year. Click save when you are finished with the audio for this page. You can change the background colors by clicking on the examples under where it says Choose a Style. I have recorded the audio before and it is really very easy. 1. In the Nearpod lesson I created about the Kindergarten curriculum, I try to show parents as many Nearpod features as possible. I am completely excited about Nearpod for remote learning!” Use existing lessons from their library or make your own. Some other really cool features of Nearpod include the ability for students to record their voices, integration with Flipgrid, a memory game you can create with your own pictures, and the “Time to Climb” quiz (which my 7-year-old has done several times for math and language arts; it's her favorite!) One of the tricky things about Nearpod is that students have to click “submit” when they answer a question. Then try out something you've never tried before the next time you sit down to create a lesson. Another simple interaction to use in your first lessons is the collaborate activity. So let's start first with the draw it activity you just saw in my video example above. The activity is added at the end of your lesson. Students can use their mouse or finger to write the pattern. I use pointerpro and screencastify. It’s nice to have another “tool in the toolbox.” When you were using your pointer on the worksheets with the the circle, what programs were you using? So I make sure I talk to my students while I’m showing them something new. Then, I teach them. One year, my school had 17 snow days in two months. 0000004536 00000 n Learn how to do this here. This allow students to join your class via Google Meet, while participating in your Nearpod lesson simultaneously. I love them, but I have struggled to get my curriculum in when we are out for days at a time. I started using Nearpod to create lessons last spring. This website uses cookies to improve your experience. This tool is great for teachers who need a virtual conference platform for distance learning. I explored your lesson and was unclear how to “submit.” Perhaps you had the feature disabled or is it because as a guest I was not logged in? I find myself much more productive when I “batch,” or do similar tasks all at the same time, so I record all of my videos in one sitting, when possible. © 2019 Mrs. Miracle’s Music Room   |   All Right Reserved   |  Designed by Ashley Hughes. When using NearPod, students are immersed in an educational experience that allows them to explore our world from the comfort and safety of their own houses. Learn more ⟶, “Over the last few weeks, I have attended several webinars on how to use Nearpod in distance learning, learned about new features (like student paced lessons and the game Time to Climb) and applied to be a Nearpod Certified Educator. integrated with video-conference learning system which is used as distance learning system to provide lectures by male lecturers to female students who study at a separate campus. Double tap, Halloween Time to Climb theme is available fo, The future of our democracy will soon be in your s, What's your favorite fun Friday activity to do wit, How are you establishing a culture of digital citi, Your students are spending more time in digital sp, Now more than ever, students need to develop, How have you been celebrating birthdays with your. by Nearpod's Guides. My students use Nearpod all year long in my classroom. Get real-time input during live lessons and receive post-session reports. My students use Nearpod all year long in my classroom. Read about how UAE is managing distance learning with Nearpod and other tools during country-wide school closures. This website uses cookies to improve your experience while you navigate through the website. So I make sure I talk to my students while I’m showing them something new. Choose from 21 different interactive activities like Matching Pairs, Collaborate Boards, and Time to Climb quizzes to keep students engaged.

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