What about if you're on horseback? This mod adds stairs and pathways connecting the Windhelm Docks area to both the main bridge into the city as well as a side path leading to Winterhold. Safe to use . Deactivate the file and then delete the esp. ----- All rights reserved. Want to go the other way, arriving at the docks from Solstheim or from points north such as Winterhold and want to head up to the stables or on past them to the main roads in order to travel elsewhere in Skyrim? The powerful open-source mod manager from Nexus Mods. The powerful open-source mod manager from Nexus Mods. Something to be aware of if you have the Dragonborn Official DLC installed is the fact that because there are additional markers and locations for NPC actions as well as a seperate path up to the main route in/out of the city added by this mod, some NPCs added to the docks by that DLC can take a path you wouldn't normally expect when they have wander or sandbox packages active. I almost never use Fast Travel in my games so it always bothered me how difficult it was to get to and from the Windhelm docks from anywhere but the interior of the city as well as the fact that there was no connection from the docks or city to the side route that heads North up towards Winterhold through the snowy fields on that side of the city. This is a completionist, Ironborn mode, Legendary difficulty playthrough of Skyrim. Version History 6,273. Or is there a way to get her to appear? Endorsements. Created by Playereric . This author has not credited anyone else in this file, This mod is not opted-in to receive Donation Points. Compatibility and Load Order It cannot be running out of memory. - removed some of the braziers that appeared to have little to no structural support strong enough to support their weight [03-04-2017] v1.1 - mod ported to the Skyrim Special Edition Windhelm is one of the oldest Tamrielic cities and is a shining example of how great the original Empire of Humans was in its prime. Trending Posts. I get a CTD as I'm walking down the passage way from Windhelm's farm to Windhelm's doors. Windhelm, or the City of Kings is one of the nine major cities in the province of Skyrim. Male Penis Docking. - covered up some static mesh gaps and landscape holes with snow drifts I have fast traveled to all of the other holds and have had no problem. - moved several snowbanks that were clipping into parts of the walkway Skyrim crashing upon going near Windhelm docks So, I'm not entirely sure what is going wrong, but currently I am trying to go to Solstheim to do the Dragonborn quests, however, anytime I get near the docks where the ship is located, my game crashes. - adjusted some lighting positioning to better conform to their sources We clear out all of Windhelm, save a few loose ends. - If you do choose to use this mod along with OCS be aware you'll lose out on some of the connectedness this mod is meant to provide for NPC movement and some guards will also be misplaced with this load order config as the OCS navmesh changes will take precedence over mine causing some NPCs to act confused at best when trying to deal with the new pathways. Oh its just awful, I can't get Shahvee to appear, I just started Blood on ice, and haven't talked the Jarl yet, is it possble that shes dead already? Windhelm Docks Fast Travel - Argonian Assemblage. ------------------- Instead you were expected to make a long, dangerous, and very out of the way loop far to the West just to get back on track for travel between those two cities. Related. Log in to view your list of favourite games. - Load order for this mod shouldn't matter aside from what has already been mentioned, this mod adds new content rather than edits baseline content for the most part so conflicts should be minimal. Windhelm Docks Map marker; Windhelm Docks Map marker. See the Compatibility section below for additional notes on using Open Cites Skyrim with this mod. Also, the dock patrols that exist in the game already have been adjusted to account for the new pathways that need to be secured. Its in the same spot every time. In spoiler is my load order. [02-24-2018] v1.2 - navmesh adjusted for better Dragonborn DLC compatibility and to add a missing door triangle A more serious issue exists with conflicting Navmeshs between these mods. 87. - ajusted the lighting on some braziers to hopefully eliminate or at least reduce flickering Adds a fast travel point to Windhelm Docks, right outside the Argonian Assemblage. I don't get any error, and my game doesn't CTD anywhere else. - Should in theory have no impact on the final Civil War quest on the Imperial side involving the seige of Windhelm either in the default game or in a modded Civil War playthrough but do be aware that this is currently untested as I don't play the Civil War questline at all. Uploaded by Playereric. ------------ When logged in, you can choose up to 12 games that will be displayed as favourites in this menu. - added some missing water flow settings for the water around the Windhelm docks All rights reserved. --------------- Boat Dock Roller Guides. The walkways are fully navmeshed for followers and are able to be used by those on horseback without having to dismount, although it can get a bit crowded in a few spots if you hit NPC rush hour at just the wrong time and place. The elegant, powerful, and open-source mod manager, Upgrade your account to unlock all media content, To enjoy the benefits of Nexus Mods, please log in or register a new account, This mod adds a multi-level set of stone stairs and walkways alongside parts of the exterior southern and western walls of Windhelm, connecting the main bridge with the docks and the docks with the edge of the mainland to the north and east of the city that leads to a path that will take you eventually to Winterhold. - because of the above, the Dragonborn DLC is now required to use this mod from this version going forward [04-12-2019] v1.3 - better navmesh cleaning with the latest verison of TES5Edit A patch to fix this conflict isn't currently planned as I don't use OCS myself but I won't completely rule out creating one if there is enough demand for it. - modified the northern entrance to the pathway with some trees, shrubs, flora (snowberry), and general clutter Download: Manual; 0 of 0 File information. - added new idle markers for NPCs to use, changed the positions of several markers and patrol stops to work with the new navmesh Load OCS after this mod in order to keep the main city functioning - loading these mods in the opposite order will break NPC movement in Windhelm entirely so yeah, don't do that. Shouldn't have any affect on save games as there are no scripts present in this mod. Log in to view your list of favourite games. - Open Cities Skyrim (OCS) -> minor static conflict along part of the walkway that NPCs can have issues navigating around. Copyright © 2020 Robin Scott. Tough luck, you'll just have to enter the city instead of skipping it even if you have no current business inside. This quest is only available if the Dragonborn joined the Imperial Legion. When logged in, you can choose up to 12 games that will be displayed as favourites in this menu. There are a 2 additional guards added to the walkways for ambience and security from any wildlife, be it on land or of the flying variety. Last updated 09 November 2019 3:51AM. It is the capital of both the Giant's Run and the Eastmarch region of Skyrim. [edit] for some reason this leaves a small line break in the water texture near the docks. Standard install, use the mod manager of your choice to install or just drop the esp file into your Data directory manually and activate it. - added landscaping (trees and shrubs) in some of the more bare areas of the walkway Windhelm wiki tamriel elder scrolls amino steam munity scouts many marshes how do i get to windhelm docks about dock photos mtgimage skyrim windhelm the unofficial elder scrolls pages uesp. Use the 'disable' command in the console on the offending static wall piece if this really bothers you, it won't affect OCS in any serious way to my knowledge beyond a minor visual gap you'd have to really search for to notice. Back to page. [04-25-2016] v1.0 - Initial Release Why This Mod Exists Men Docking Pics. Installation - extended navcut boxes to some snowdrift and rock locations that were giving NPCs trouble moving around Virus scan. Action and Idle markers have been added in a few spots to allow for some randomness in how NPCs move in and around the paths, also some of the original dockside clutter has been removed or repositioned to allow for smooth navigation along the main travel paths for both NPCs and the player. How to get windhelm docks about dock argonian dock workers elder scrolls the elder scrolls how to get windhelm docks about dock, Windhelm wiki tamriel elder scrolls amino steam munity scouts many marshes how do i get to windhelm docks about dock photos mtgimage skyrim windhelm the unofficial elder scrolls pages uesp, How Do I Get To Windhelm Docks About Dock Photos Mtgimage, Skyrim Dragonborn Windhelm Docks Orcz The S Wiki, Windhelm Docks Pathways At Skyrim Nexus Mods And Munity, Skyrim Dragonborn Dlc How To Get Solstheim Just Push Start, Quick Tip How To Get Eastmarch For The Elder Scroll S, Windhelm Docks Lol By Nophilter On Deviantart, How To Get Windhelm Docks About Dock Photos Mtgimage, Hp 230w Advanced Docking Station A7e38ut Manual. Removal And if you happen to use a mod such as Frostfall that makes it so you really don't want to go swimming in frigid waters for even a moment, well those quick and simple toe dips in that icy water surrounding the docks aren't all that simple anymore are they? Notes If you think an NPC is missing from where they are supposed to be, check along the new paths as they can choose to take these alternate paths at times so they might not be found where you'd normally expect them to be. Copyright © 2020 Robin Scott. Original upload 09 November 2019 3:51AM. If you use Open Cities Skyrim, this can happen much more often as the NPCs normally present in the closed interior version of the city are now present in the main game world and so can and will see and make use of the new pathways and markers outside where they wouldn't from the closed version of the city even with navmesh conflicts.

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