You’ll have the opportunity to include information about your track, so make sure to be as detailed as you can. It might seem like distributing is a long ways off from your first placement, but if your music isn’t available to get listed, there’s nothing to list! Our blog is a place for inspired musicians to read up on music & culture, and advice on production& mastering. Chances are, streaming platforms, playlisters and fans will appreciate it and they help to build your story as an artist. It takes up to a week or so to get the verified status. So how do I make my music ‘better’? Firstly, make sure you’re okay with reposting the music in that chain. It’s as though they already know the day when you’ll say the words: this is a new one I’ve been working on.” says Joe. Learn how to master the fundamentals of electronic music production with the best roadmap for new producers, Sam’s article where he gives 15 practical tips, Leverage existing audiences on the platform, use the Hubspot extension to track email opens. Granted, this won’t usually be the case for huge names in the industry, but email networking works. It’s the human seal of approval that gets you noticed by new fans and maybe even those official playlist editors. They get tons of plays overnight. Otherwise it’ll collect digital dust and no one will listen—let alone playlist it. You don’t just market music, it’s inherently linked to the promotion process. So I shouldn’t have to tell you that as an artist, you are responsible for promoting your own music. A few tips & tricks about sending emails: If you want more promo email etiquette tips, check out this list from an industry professional. It might seem obvious, but many artists don’t know where to start. That’s another topic entirely, and that’s also why we have courses like EDM Foundations and Songwriting for Producers. 11th, 2017, but has since been updated to bring you up-to-date information on the playlisting landscape. 14267 Followers. Leticia is a lover of acid basslines and hypnotic techno. Actually listen to their playlists and suggest where your music would fit best before you reach out. Start small by reaching out and submitting your tracks to independent blogs and playlist curators you follow and trust. A playlist is usually associated to the name of the curator, look them up. ), Get a fresh set of press photos taken and put them in a folder that you can send out with a link (on, Think of approaching blogs with an exclusive release, Make an exclusive music video, sample pack, tutorial or mix to go along with your project. Click on the plus and add ‘Artists’. Get your friends to follow your Facebook fan page by clicking “Invite Friends.”. You wouldn’t spam your friends 5 times a day with a “check out my Soundcloud” post. Producer friends – get your inner circle together and signup to a repost chain. So you’ve released your music, good. “I keep a journal—drawings, paintings, quotes, and in there I put addresses of those I meet at gatherings and shows. Don’t go messaging someone just because they have a lot of followers. LANDR lets you do just that: release your music easily, right from your track library. Apart from that, here are 5 strategies that will get you more plays on Soundcloud: Controversial, but universally true. But this begs the question – should I upload my music if it’s not 100% there yet? Spotify also suggests to include “the instruments on it, whether it’s a cover, and the cultures you or the song belong to.”. The best rule-of-thumb is to treat your fans like your close friends—if you’d be excited to share it with your friends, then share it with your fans. Email. Publicists already have relationships with the media and they know the industry well. Spotify recently reported that there’s over 2 Billion (!) Including key services like Spotify and Apple Music in 2019 is crucial in unlocking the full power of promotion and marketing. “I feel as songwriters we have a responsibility also to encourage others—there’s no need for competition, let’s be open hearted.” — Joe Holtaway. So don’t do it to your fans either. Mainly because I’m frustrated SoundCloud implements features like blocking the following feature for you for a day or more and blocking you from liking a song because you’ve liked too many. Also, some people have a problem with repost chains because it ‘abuses the repost feature’, so have a think if this works for you or not. That’s why we made our guide about promoting your music on a budget. Stream Tracks and Playlists from Playlists on your desktop or mobile device. This is arguable, but on a platform like SoundCloud, the stakes are much lower, with removing tracks being just a click away. “When a song is in the hands of someone who loves it, it will be shared on. Pretty neat. By putting all the chances on your side—distributing music, getting verified, making your own playlists, reaching out to tastemakers and playlisters—you’ll put yourself one step closer for getting listed. Relevant metadata goes beyond the platform into other services like Google, meaning your music will come up in search results too. The way we discover and listen to music has changed. We’ve been exchanging music ever since! When a song is in the hands of someone who loves it, it will be shared on. But if you’re sure you’re ready to put some money into a campaign for your release, it’s worth looking into hiring a publicist. These stats are fake and don’t provide organic growth. Show your taste and how your track fits with other awesome music. If an in-person meeting isn’t in the cards, online reach out can work as well, but remember: Aim to start a meaningful and legitimate interaction. Yet it’s hard to promote your music well without a lot of money. Promo channels. Try to hit as many listeners as possible—you’ll have all the more chances to get heard. Now it’s time to promote your streams! My pastimes include reading, drinking coffee and taking photos. Only one of their songs got a lot of plays in the flow of a playlist. A service like SCPlanner allows you to do this effortlessly. Does it fit with your brand, or will it annoy your followers? Hot Tip: Certain blogs are indexed by Hype Machine, a curated music aggregator that puts music shared on blogs into one handy feed. are looking for accounts to join repost chains, because the bigger it gets, the more valuable. You have something in common: A love of music. Hiring a publicist is not typically something you do right when you’re starting out. And use the Hubspot extension to track email opens, you’ll thank me later. Some of them have quite a bit of following. Get in touch with radio stations too. It hunts. And I’m sure we’d all get a boost from being on major label playlist like Sony’s Filtr, Warner’s Digster and Universal’s Topsify. Festivals often include panels and workshops in addition to performances. Send it out to online radio stations. Follow up – not everybody is in a position to do something the first time around. Once you release your music, you have to promote it. Often sharing recordings starts from there with a note the next day, a shared song link” advises Joe. If you think you’re ready to get a publicist, do your research and talk to artists they represent. Most times they won’t notice. Be concise – the recipient is likely already time-poor, so get to the point. People don’t buy a vacuum cleaner if they don’t want one, so people won’t listen to music if they don’t like it. They’re all great, but it needs to start with you. Make it thematic (e.g. Search the major streaming platforms directly or use sites like SoundCloud is still a big player, but it shouldn’t be the only one you consider in your overall strategy. Use an ‘@’ before their SoundCloud name to link their profile. Never forget this golden rule of music promotion – your music is the marketing. The best way to do that is metadata. But don’t be spammy. In this case, it was a form that sends them an email, but the point still stands. You can grab it free below: If you have questions about marketing and promoting your music, let me know at [email protected] – I’d be happy to answer. Here’s a list of all the blogs indexed by Hype Machine. Random chains – if you just need exposure, try Googling ‘repost chain’ and you’ll see a bunch of results for submissions to certain chains. Reach out to the artists you’ve included and mention that you like their stuff. Press J to jump to the feed. Send one message at a time and once again, treat them like a human. A simple cold email might not work—so get creative. Spotify’s new beta feature gives you access to direct playlist submission to curators and Spotify’s editorial team. This is what’s worked for me: make a playlist and tag the artist on Facebook when you share it. Just get a few music buddies in a chain and one person submits new tracks to the chain. Find channels on Soundcloud that can repost your music to larger numbers of people than you ever could. By following these strategies, you can increase the number of plays you’ll get on SoundCloud, as well as followers and likes. Often sharing recordings starts from there with a note the next day, a shared song link” Update your social media profiles (e.g. Now that the ‘Discover’ tab exists on Soundcloud, the aim is to get your music featured on this new avenue of discovery. Plus, Spotify states that no one can pay to get their track on a playlist—which is quite a relief! Cross-promote with everyone in your network and build a community and following organically. Once you’ve got a list, you need to find a email marketing service. It’s old, but it’s still the best. With the decline of plays on SoundCloud (due to the lower visibility of the ‘Stream’), it’s important your core audience still gets to hear your music when it’s released, and what better way to this than email marketing? All good promotion starts organically, from great music and a real feeling. Build a landing page that gives people the option to stream or buy your track on their favourite platform like LANDR Promolinks. But sometimes those artists have trouble filling up a bar if they play a show—because people don’t actually know who they are. You can always do some research online to find who the Playlist Editors are (LinkedIn or a quick Google search). You don’t know what opportunities can happen if you don’t try. Joe Holtaway is a singer-songwriter from England who’s also a part of the LANDR community. Here’s a list of independent playlisters to contact: Even in the age of data-driven success stories, it still matters to have press and music journalists on your side. It’s a series of meaningful creators united under the love of music and the craft of creating. A network isn’t just huge pool of email addresses you mass-message every time you release something. “I feel songs want to be shared. Link all your profiles together. LANDR Promolinks lets you create one simple webpage for your streaming links. If it’s your first release, start with smaller local blogs. There’s tons of articles out there with ‘hacks’ on how to get on a playlist. It represents … Each time it started a musical friendship. In essence, a repost chain is simply a group of people who automatically repost a track, each at a timed interval, to maximise exposure. This won’t get you on Spotify’s Fresh Finds tomorrow… but it’ll put all the chances on your side to get your music heard. A friend suggested I could send some songs to their Introducing Mixtape program. That way, you can build a list to send your music to next time you have something to release! 5000+ followers only). Streams are nothing if you don’t have real fans who will support your shows, buy merch and get stoked on your next release. Like I said before, every little thing counts. See, your display name is the first thing people engage with. Approach them well in advance, and with a set release date you can follow through on. Establish a genuine relationship to give yourself a better shot at a sustainable and successful journey for your music. How to create a playlist on Google Play Music, list of all the blogs indexed by Hype Machine. So play a few of their previous uploads/shares and make a decision. Tastemakers and playlist curators still make some of the best playlists.

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