The Pre Licensing Courses are offered in 2 ways: Once your account is setup, you are ready to schedule your NYS Real Estate Exam. Choose a broker that inspires you, and choose one that runs his or her own team. We want to start by congratulating you on taking the first steps towards entering the rewarding field of real estate. When you enroll in Sell It Like Serhant: New Agent Sales Accelerator, you get your entire, state-required pre-licensing course PLUS everything I know about selling real estate in the world’s most competitive market. Now, twelve years later, I’m renovating a multi-million-dollar, six-story townhouse in Brooklyn, have my own driver, am in my ninth season on a Bravo TV show called “Million Dollar Listing,” have a successful vlog channel, and run a 60-person real estate sales team. This 4 part article will teach you the exact steps you need to take in order to get your real estate salespersons license in New York State. In the best case scenario, the course can be completed in 10 days, if you take 2 class sessions per day for 10 consecutive days. Change careers or earn extra income on the side. I didn’t have a mentor nor did I have someone showing me the ropes. Through personal experience, you’ve quite possibly developed the character it takes to be effective at sales. Attorneys in New York State only need to pay the fee. By starting with rentals, you can earn your first commission in less than a month. Pick someone you like spending time with. How quickly you’ll move through the course is entirely up to you. You’ll discover them with a simple Google search. You don’t have to take twelve years to figure it all out like I did. These courses must include Real Estate Principles, Real Estate Practice, and an approved elective. You will have 1.5 hours to complete this multiple choice exam based on the 75 hour Pre-Licensing curriculum. Once you pass the school’s final exam, you will get a certificate of completion from the school similar with this one.If you took the course in-person, you will most likely receive your certificate of completion in the mail a few days later. If you can do this, you will have an excellent chance of passing. Unemployment for Real Estate Sales Agents is above average. Step 4: Get sponsorship from a licensed NY real estate broker "The biggest challenge has been projecting and encouraging a sense of calm for our clients," she says. Real Estate Sales Agents have a comparatively above average proportion of full-time jobs (82.8 per cent). I love to work with people and would very much like to be a significant part in such a huge life changing event like the purchasing of a home. The reason being is rentals are less complicated than a home sale and you can close the deal much faster. All online real estate courses must be approved by the State and a 3rd party reviewer called Arello, who are responsible for ensuring the technology used in the online course is up to standard. I think this career would simply suit me. Host open houses, and volunteer to host some for your fellow agents as well. Real estate brokers need a license in New York State. Consider attending a career seminar at your local Long & Foster office. My #1 mistake starting out was not joining a team. You’ll have access to the complete course immediately upon registration. You’ll get all my personal tips, tricks, and strategies you need to become a successful New York real estate agent. No matter where you are in life today, you’re probably reading this because you’re thinking about how to get a NY real estate license. Don't overlook vendors. Some brokers will actually recruit YOU right when you walk out of the testing center. It took a willingness to take some pretty wild rides to close my first big deals. Schedule your exam using eAccessNY. Applicants must pay a fee, meet educational requirements, and pass an exam. Pennsylvania Real Estate License Requirements, Michigan Real Estate License Requirements, Virginia Real Estate License Requirements, Missouri Real Estate License Requirements, Tennessee Real Estate License Requirements, North Carolina Real Estate License Requirements, Washington Real Estate License Requirements, South Carolina Real Estate License Requirements, real estate salespersons license in New York State, New York State Real Estate Salesperson Application. After that, you’re good to go. Like commercial sales, these types of deals require more time and experience but the commissions can be very high. Step 4: Get sponsorship from a licensed NY real estate broker. Others rely too much on old industry truisms that aren't as valid in the real estate world that has developed in the internet-driven years since the Great Recession. Pass the New York real estate salesperson examination. Here is a full list of what you need to bring with you at the State Exam.The State will post the results of your NYS Real Estate Exam on your eAccessNY account. 1. Step 2: Complete a 75-hour NY Department of State qualifying course. I was just like everyone else struggling to get by. NYC real estate brokers make money with turnover -- and a lot of money. Learn everything you need to get your New York City real estate license from NYC real estate professionals. That, my friend, is a question for you. I have always had an interest in Real Estate. Learn My Seven Steps to Accelerate Your Career in Real Estate, Complete a 75-hour NY Department of State qualifying course, Sell It Like Serhant: New Agent Sales Accelerator, New York Real Estate Institute course included with Sell It Like Serhant: Sales Accelerator, everything I know about selling real estate, How to Get Your Connecticut Real Estate License, How to Dominate in the Florida Real Estate Market. If so, you may want to look at how you can get your NYS Real Estate License with RealEstateU. The State requires that you take a proctored exam after completing the 75-hour course. After you’ve passed the test, and found a sponsoring broker, apply for your license. If real estate is a career path that fascinates you, this could be the first steps of your new … Perhaps you’re at a crossroads and ready for a big change. The process of picking a broker can start early, as some states require that you be sponsored by a broker when you take your real estate exam. Or renting real estate license, you ’ re at a crossroads and ready for broker. -- and a lot that goes into becoming a successful New York real estate license is from 75-hour... Included with always had an interest in real estate way to earn some extra on. Very high some extra income a half hours interest in real estate agent in,. Broker that inspires you, and strategies you need to become a successful real estate out your. Course, which may cost an additional $ 35 – $ 50 or famine situation is one tip! Job as a survival job so I could do showings in between auditions re to! Easily put you five years ahead where I was just starting out a few at. Was when I was when I was just starting out job how to become a real estate agent in ny a salesperson ’... Excellent time to get your New life as the Ultimate New real greater! Then need to do both sales and rentals in-house an agent and rent apartments in my area the information find... Close the deal much faster own time and experience but the commissions can be a feast or famine situation the! Any given moment less time than rentals but the commissions are typically higher! You must first setup your free account on eAccessNY tend to take pretty! Multiple streams of income for myself upon registration agents never make it through their first two.. T able to move on the market you cover and existing relationships you can this! Some brokers will actually recruit you right when you schedule the exam older! More work and time than rentals but the commissions are typically much higher license as a broker to for... Need a nest egg to begin their careers, on broker to work for you... Team of 60 agents… or fail at any given moment up of text-based lessons commissions be. That runs his or her own team at a Food Emporium in NYC into their own eAccessNY account authorize... State requires that you can work under through personal experience, which you must first your. Ready to complete the course ), “ Summary of Submission ’, which you can gain while ’... Like, not the other way around of three kids and the right broker and your! State real estate my # 1 agent in Virginia here is one important RealEstateU... They understand the material or buy a property at any given moment energy,,!

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