Paraguay Virgin Islands (British) Wyoming. Turkey Slovakia In the event of a return, the refund amount will be split across the items in your order and the referral code. San Marino Georgia Madagascar Liechtenstein Sint Maarten Australia Peloton is a registered trademark of Peloton Interactive, Inc. Guinea-Bissau Nigeria Albania Copyright © Vietnam Madagascar Uganda Uganda If you are still having trouble logging in to your Apparel account please feel free to reach out to our Support! St. Helena Kenya Northern Mariana Islands Don't see your question here? Sweden Mozambique As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases. New Caledonia American Samoa Florida Sierra Leone Mali West Virginia Uruguay Angola The referral reward cannot be used for the purchase of gift cards or merchandise credits. Falkland Islands Romania It looks like Peloton is about to drop another new line of clothing items & accessories in the Peloton Apparel store soon.. Update – The new collection went live just after 10am ET on September 3rd. Guinea Maine San Marino Equatorial Guinea Morocco United Arab Emirates Orders may be delayed from shipment due to discrepancies in payment or billing/shipping information. Montserrat Jersey (Channel Islands) Virgin Islands (British) Arkansas France Guyana Norfolk Island Bonaire, Saint Eustatius and Saba Comoros French Polynesia Colombia Gibraltar Dominica Algeria Singapore Mexico Close. Guernsey Saint Kitts and Nevis Libya Luxembourg Trinidad and Tobago Lithuania St. Pierre and Miquelon Vatican City State (Holy See) We will update this post once the sale goes live. Aruba Sudan Christmas Island Tanzania Saint Lucia Niger Q: I can’t login to my Apparel account. Greece Don’t wait to pick up your favorite pieces as several recent collaborations have sold out quickly. This is an unofficial site and is in no way officially affiliated with Peloton Cycle or Peloton Interactive. Cameroon Svalbard and Jan Mayen Islands Somalia Haiti Thailand Cape Verde Please visit to begin your return or exchange. Guam Christmas Island Kansas Alaska Germany Andorra Dominican Republic Swaziland Turks and Caicos Islands Austria Iowa Western Sahara New Caledonia Paraguay Tajikistan Finland Guernsey Benin Oklahoma I am excited to release this functionality to the group. Tennessee Netherlands French Southern Territories Panama Wisconsin Kiribati Moldova, Republic of Palau Serbia Timor-Leste Any items purchased online excluding final sale items may be exchanged or returned for a full refund within 30 days of the original purchase date. Barbados French Polynesia Reunion Martinique You can shop the entire line at Peloton Apparel. You can chat or email our Support and we can assist in honoring your referral code. Algeria Curacao Kyrgyzstan Cambodia Jordan Canada New Mexico Saint Vincent and the Grenadines United States of America Vermont Qatar On Monday, Peloton released their latest apparel collection with the theme “Make Room for Joy.” While Peloton’s brick and mortar stores may be closed, you can still purchase the new collection online. Maldives Bahamas 10/29- Peloton Black Friday & Cyber Monday – No free accessories with Bike or Tread. Saint Martin Chad Niue Antarctica Oman Somalia Faroe Islands There will be an option to include any “Gift card or discount code.” After you apply your referral code, your order will be discounted the value of $100.Q: Can I return an order purchased with a referral code? Guatemala Moldova, Republic of Congo All Ground packages are shipped via USPS. Hawaii Afghanistan Spain Typically we do not restock our seasonal collections. Washington D.C. Maldives Louisiana Click here or anywhere outside the form to close! Cayman Islands Chad What do I do? Referral codes are applied to each item in your order. British Indian Ocean Territory Netherlands Russia Svalbard and Jan Mayen Islands Posted by 1 year ago. Ireland Bosnia and Herzegovina Mauritania Fiji Montserrat 9/20 – Peloton has announced they are adding Barre classes. St. Helena Bhutan Philippines Sweden Azerbaijan Select Your Country If an order was purchased with a referral code, please contact our Support through our live chat or email. Ethiopia Belarus Zambia 9/20 – Peloton has announced they are adding Barre classes. New Jersey North Carolina Saint Vincent and the Grenadines Anguilla Jordan Vermont Equatorial Guinea Brunei Darussalam Washington The email with the online Apparel store code may take 3-5 days to send out. Ohio Morocco North Carolina in your email inbox. Mongolia Ghana Finland Bahrain Republic of Kosovo Indonesia Jamaica Gambia Georgia Nauru Aaland Islands Canada Bolivia Jersey (Channel Islands) Western Sahara You may chat or email our Support if you still have not received yours.Q: Does my referral code cover shipping? Croatia South Africa Samoa (Independent) Latvia Pennsylvania Reward codes are valid for six months from issuance.Q: How do I apply my referral code to an order? Eritrea Iceland Lesotho Portugal Rwanda Slovenia Bangladesh Ecuador Shop for Peloton running, cycling, yoga and fitness apparel for men and women at the Peloton Apparel store. Iceland Switzerland Tennessee Ghana South Dakota 2020 You can reach out to our Support through our Live Chat or email us at No worries! Iran Click here or anywhere outside the form to close! Chile Wisconsin Syria Tuvalu We will be able to help assist with referral refunds.Q: How long does it take for me to get a refund?

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