Is there anything i can do to help. I’m so sorry. My Californian doe just had a litter of two. However, I had one litter when the buck spooked the doe while birthing and half her litter wasn’t in the nest with their siblings. It’s been about 4 hours ago. Orphaned baby bunnies in human care have a 90% chance of death. Sometimes a baby can be brought back from the brink of death, only to gape, gasp, and die even though it seemed you were able to warm it up. She’d hop in circles around him and use him as her support/bolster to keep from falling over. Wouldn’t it be easier to just throw them in the microwave for 10-15 seconds? Beautiful Spring Picture Books for Children, Playing in Nature Protects Our Children During…, 50+ Spring Nature Activities for Kids of…, 9 Special Ways to Celebrate Summer Solstice…, Rock Climbing and Hiking Around Las Vegas…, Family-Friendly Adventures on BC’s Sunshine Coast, Rock Climbing with Kids in Jasper National…, Family Adventures in Jasper National Park: 10…, Visiting the Capilano Suspension Bridge Park in…, Outdoor Family Adventures in Metro Vancouver, Exploring Deep Cove and Quarry Rock Trail, Biking Through Pacific Spirit Regional Park. I knew that the rabbits can breed fast, but never thought it would be that fast…-sit in corner-. Hi , my newborn bunnies haven’t moved for a full day now and they don’t seem to have been fed by the mother and I don’t know what to do ? Positioning therapy also provides comfort and support. Thinking the cold got it and mom ate it… . Today’s day 27 and this is both of the buck and Does first litter aswell as mine. Conscious touch allows a caregiver to give and receive information. Amazingly, no, "My daughter's dog found a nest. Be quiet when near the bunny. I’m sorry. While you may need nothing more than your own warm skin to help your baby rabbit regain its body heat, you should be prepared to take additional steps that require some supplies: The first thing you can do, which requires no preparation, is to place the kit under your shirt up against your warm skin. After the baby is warmed up and wriggling, place it back into the nest box with its littermates. She didn’t pull much fur either so I can’t really rely on that. They can become distressed from excessive handling and die. Gently place a little of the fur, tissue, low pile plush fabric or a terry cloth washcloth on top of the rabbits for warmth and security. I ran into the house, and hollered for my everyone to to give me a hand, we had baby rabbits born outside the nest box, they were cold and lifeless, and I wanted to try to save them. These foods can give the rabbits diarrhea or painful gas. Success! If you can put them in with another litter of rabbits they will have a better chance. Sorry the two didn’t make it. I read it a few days ago after my doe kindled before realizing I would need it. Its heartbreaking to find cold kits on the wire. I was hoping this was the case. One cold small kit was left and I revived it by using the methods above and then fostered the kit with the other doe who has six healthy growing kits. Unlike cats or dogs, rabbits do not retrieve or transport their young. You can just see the ripstop nylon “sock” (purple and red) that he wore on the right leg to protect his toes and help keep them from dragging when he scooted across the floor. What a wonderful feeling it is to begin letting go – with love! There was a little fur in one corner of the cage that hadn’t been there yesterday, one of the kits was in halves, another was missing a leg. Relax and breathe evenly so that tension is not communicated to the bunny. "The information on this site has been really valuable to me. I have taken pictures every day to record, "When a neighborhood cat killed 5 baby bunnies, we rescued the last one still in the nest. Place the kit into a storage baggie (be sure to leave the top open and hold it securely) and place the storage baggie in the water bath so that the baby is laying against the warm water inside the baggie. I can think of no better Christmas gift for me than to see my family working hard against difficult odds, then celebrating a minor success in the face of an overwhelming loss. Will then reassess. If so, the small kits might be a result of the doe having too much stress on her body and not having enough nutrients/fat/energy to support both the developing kits inside her and those nursing. my bunny unexpectedly had 5 bunnies. I don't think the other rabbit just had one kit but he might smell like her and get rejected not sure. And will check on her. I hope all went well! It’s freezing outside and even though I have a heat lamp on out there, I’m scared that it’s gonna get cold again. They would most likely receive life threatening burns if put in a microwave, even for the shortest amount of time. So much so that when it was time to receive medication, the little fuzzy lop was able to race down the hall and scoot under the bed – propelled by her back legs only! Hold your bunny for short periods – initially this may be seconds – each day, doing nothing but providing comfort. See if you can find a vet, rabbit society/club or humane society -- you have to know what you are doing to raise a baby bunny and the mortality rate is very high even under the best of circumstances.

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