Discover what to watch this November, including a documentary series that dives deep into the Marvel Universe, a reboot of a beloved '90s animated series, and a special that celebrates a very important Star Wars holiday. His books include Black Wall Street, Up From the Ashes, Acres of Aspiration, Apartheid in Indian Country, and Tulsa’s Historic Greenwood District, Available for everyone, funded by readers. Even now to this day the burning of Greenwood STILL goes unpaid. GREAT MOVIE.... They gunned people down and set fires throughout the district. The Tulsa Lynching of 1921: A Hidden Story, State of Fear: Murder and Memory on Black Wall Street. White employers made arrangements to grant the African American citizens their freedom by issuing wearable green tags which, in order to be valid, needed to be signed by a white employer. While the precise source of this lapse is unclear, it is crystal clear that the decision poses a significant threat to the physical and emotional wellbeing of many Tulsans of all stripes. Has it All Today Americans still debate what occurred between Dick Rowland and Sarah Page in the Drexel building elevator on downtown of Tulsa’s Main Street on May 30, 1921. This realization led to the city beginning a reconstruction commission. By the 1920s, the African American community in Tulsa, Oklahoma, emerged as a nationally renowned entrepreneurial center. They would also try to destroy every vestige of black prosperity.”9 The Tulsa Race Race Riot was the first race riot of its kind in America. Drama. It’s absolutely absurd that people try to not only avoid responsibility but also try to erase it as a whole.   |  So do enduring inequalities: disparities in education, healthcare, criminal justice, employment and even lifespan remain a fact of life for black Tulsans. Historians have dubbed this blood-soaked era the “nadir” of race relations in America. All rights reserved. Some African Americans fled Tulsa, never to return. While Black Wall Street made a strong comeback following World War II, it slowly waned in the decades to follow thanks to urban renewal initiatives that strained its economic stability. Post-civil war land allotments awarded to black members of Native American tribes helped fuel the economic engines of black communities throughout Oklahoma, including the Greenwood district. The Tulsa race massacre of 1921, when mobs of white residents rampaged. Planes, likely privately owned, dropped incendiary devices on the Greenwood district. It is interesting to read about this because they’re still, maybe not surprisingly, are racial riots happening in the US right now. Integration undermined the financial foundation of Black Wall Street’s largely insular black economy. In lynching them, white vigilantes were exacting lethal retribution for the crime of being black men with more business acumen than a white competitor. That thing he caught happened to be the arm of a white elevator operator, Sarah Page.1. On top of that, the city refused to accept responsibility for the riot or for the reconstruction and blamed the mayhem on the African American residents of Greenwood.14, The white political and business leaders of Tulsa were ashamed once they recognized the reality of the unapologetic racism displayed by the white mobs during the night of which the destruction of the primarily African American portion of the city ensued. Of all possible times and venues to launch a re-election bid, this choice reeks of insensitivity – poor judgment at best, calculated callousness at worst. : The Story of Larry Nassar and his 499 Victims, "You have the right to an attorney..." or Not, Live Rattlesnakes and Rock n' Roll: The Story of ZZ Top's "Worldwide Texas Tour", Impaled: The Impossible Story of Phineas Gage, How the Soviet Union Compelled the United States to Build the World's Fastest Jet: The Lockheed A-12 OXCART, Jonas Salk: Discovering The Shot that Saved the World - 20th century Polio Virus Epidemic, American Enemy? (co-director). And while the officers conducted the investigation quietly, The Tulsa Tribune printed their article, intentionally portraying the incident with a skewed perspective.17. The Tulsa race massacre… The violence and vandalism resulted in upwards of 300 people killed, with most being African American. Watch Black Wall Street Burning Online | Vimeo On Demand This film is a retelling of the worst act of American terrorism and racism in American History. Even when you google the riot and read about it through Wikipedia it states that there were only 36 deaths (according to 1921). OW Gurley owned rental properties, a rooming house, a grocery store, and a hotel. In less than 24 hours, a white mob reduced a vibrant, 35-block area to rubble and dead bodies. Renouncing Citizenship for Freedom and Enhancing Rights for All Americans, Henry Lee Lucas: The Tellings of a Serial Confessor, The Non-Stick Chemical That Stuck DuPont with a Stiff Bill In The Courtroom, Hope and Grief: Robert Kennedy's Speech on the night of Dr. King's Assassination, Katherine Johnson, The Brains of Freedom 7, Adrian Vidal: A Tejano Caught Between Two Wars, The World’s Amazing (Accidental) Discovery of Penicillin, The 1917 Bath Riots: An Untold Story Of The Border, The Warren Commission Report: Conspiracy Theories Addressed on the Assassination of President John F. Kennedy, US-Emergence of Modern America (1890-1930), US-Postwar United States (1945-early 1970s), US-Contemporary United States (1968-present), Richard Lloyd Jones, “Nab Negro for Attacking Girl in Elevator,”, Scott Ellsworth, “Tulsa’s Successful History,”, Griff Palmer, “Tulsa’s Greenwood Centre Was Once ‘Black Wall Street of the Southwest’,”, Vincent E. Miles, “Tulsa Oklahoma, Race Riot of 1921,”, Alfred L. Brophy, “Tulsa, Oklahoma, Race Riot of 1921,”, Jim Yardley, “Panel Recommends Reparations In Long-Ignored Tulsa Race Riot,”. A Student Organization of St. Mary's University of San Antonio Texas, College of Arts, Humanities, and Social Sciences, St. Mary's University, Department of History, St. Mary's University, Department of Political Science, St. Mary's University, Center for Catholic Studies, St. Mary's University, The Learning Assistance Center, St. Mary's University, Louis J. Blume Library Services, St. Mary's University, STRIVE Career Center, St. Mary's University, Academic Technology Services, St. Mary's University, US-Colonization and Settlement (1585-1763), US-Revolution and the New Nation (1754-1820s), US-Civil War & Reconstruction (1850-1877), Gun Violence in America: The Sandy Hook Story, E-Cigarettes: An Incredible Invention or Complete Catastrophy? At this time, the Tulsa Tribune was a Republican paper, edited and published since 1919 by the controversial racist Richard Lloyd Jones. And, of course, systemic racism continued unchecked. Adam Hergenreder Shares His Catastrophic Experience, Drugs, Alcohol, and Arrests: The Downside to Robert Downey Jr.'s Acting Career, Deaths, Deformities, and Illnesses: The Consequences of Agent Orange during the Vietnam War, Raping and Killing: "Casualties of War" in Vietnam, Breaking Silence or Just Speaking Louder? Also, if these type of stories are not brought into history books, how can we learn? How sad that they were attempting to cover up this great injustice after they caused so many African Americans to be injured and lose their property. They planned to use the land as an industrial park or a railroad station, and passed strict building ordinances requiring the use of fireproof material.15 The cost of the requirements made the rebuilding of Greenwood nearly impossible for its African American residents. Glad that the author chose to tell this story though because those people to this dy have not gotten the justice they deserve. The area, centered around Tulsa’s Greenwood district, was known as “Black Wall Street”. On top of those stipulations, African American victims of the riot were expected to rebuild their community from scratch which inadvertently forced many to live in tent-cities. In Tulsa, "Black Wall Street Burning" will show Feb. 14-20 at Circle Cinema, 10 S Lewis Ave. To mark Black History Month, Riggins and Brown will participate in a Q&A following the 7:30 p.m. Feb. 15 screening at Circle Cinema. Property damage, conservatively estimated, ranged from $1.5m to $2m, well over $25m in present value. What upset me the most was that the town tried to repurpose the land rather than restore it to the way it was prior to the riot. In recent years forensic scientists have been searching Tulsa for possible mass graves. As witnesses later recounted the events of that night, they argued that the white rioters had forgotten about Dick Rowland entirely, and their motivation became to “settle for nothing less than scorched earth. So do enduring inequalities. This article brings back a lot of unsettling memories of America’s racist past, and its very sad to hear such an innocent incident transform into a community wide riot, ultimately effecting lives and homes of African american citizens.

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