A white horse or a grey one indicates prosperity. According to 2nd century dream interpreter Artemidorus, luck in love. There is some chaos occurring in your life. Black horses are said to point out delays; white horses reinforce the positive and transformative aspects of life; gray horses may point to the difficulties in the dreamers current situation; piebald horses are symbolic of confusion; brown horses are associated with mental pursuits; tan horses are said to be symbolic of love and sex. See animals... Dream Meanings of Versatile. Tame, working or domesticated horses in dreams therefore suggest energy and the sort of enthusiasm or feelings of well-being that can help to ‘carry’ you through the day. These natural drives can motivate you or drag you along unwillingly. You may be … Controlling the horse, or fear of it: Trying to control your feelings of passion and sexuality. Ancient Greeks revered the horse as a sacred creature to Artemis, the goddess of the moon and forests. Running away from a horse or from charging cavalry: Fear of sexuality, including anxieties towards the responsibilities of parenthood and relationships; you may be avoiding the need to direct or control your feelings and urges. Some change to your current plans might work in your favor.... My Dream Interpretation, (Also see Ride)... Islamic Dream Interpretation. ... A Guide to Dreams and Sleep Experiences. A flying horse with two wings in a dream means that one may be tried with affections toward a perverted boy or a woman who will tempt him then follow him. Ifone is attacked by a horse in a dream, it means that a noble person, or a youngboy will stand to him and require ajust retribution from him. To dream of riding a horse suggests scarcity of resources that hinders achievement of goals. The origin of the phrase "horsing around" is obscure at best. If you attempt to fit a broken shoe which is too small for the horse’s foot, you will be charged with making fraudulent deals with unsuspecting parties. Ifone sees his horse drowning in a dream, it means that he may die from an illness. 6:2 ... Christian Dream Symbols, Positive image of nature, energy, vitality, and purity. Leading a horse in a halter: take time and evaluate an important decision you are about to make for your future. Dreaming of horses means you can tame your passions and, therefore, your will has control of your actions. If the horse in vour dream speaks, it is either the voice of your unconscious, or some part of it, or the voice of vour true self, your inner centre. Holding tighdy to the reins: you are allowing the above- mentioned energies to come to the fore. But it his habit is to mount such a horse his status will increase and he will become happy.... Islamic Dream Interpretation, If such a horse is seen as well-trained and obedient it means good fate awaits him and if it is not seen as obedient then ill fate awaits him.... Islamic Dream Interpretation, A horse meant for carrying burden symbolises a person’s fortune and luck.... Islamic Dream Interpretation, Symbolic of death, Rev. Threat is dissolved when fear is dissolved by love that can embrace even horrific things. Galloping: Ecstasy, ambition, and the emotional self. A white horse in a dream heightens the meaning of the positive symbols, a black horse adds to the negative symbols. a horse in the dream symbolises person’s status, rank, honur, dignity, power and glory. A white horse, most of all, has spiritual meaning, but it also stands for ambitious goals, intellectual strength, and the ability to create. This dream states your manifestation may be…, Dear Nicoewa, Dream about strapped dead cheetahs is a premonition for rewards, vulnerability and obstacles. For Rasoolullah (Sallallaahu-alayhi-wasallam) has said : “The horse. Shying, as in a horse fright, in a dream means hastening to undertake ajourney, moving quickly from one place to another, or substituting one school of thought for another, adopting a new ideology, or changing one’s religion. If run-down and abused, this represents feeling unappreciated no matter how much you do. If one kills a horse in his dream, it means that he will be awarded status, rank and money. A saddled horse in a dream means a woman in her menstrual period, during which time it is not permissible for the husband to engage in marital intercourse with her. You admire or look up to the person being levitated. This will help you see if your unconscious is going along with, or rebelling against, you. The dreams you do not write to the most relevant page will get automatically deleted by the system. To find a horseshoe hanging on the fence, denotes that your interests will advance beyond your most sanguine expectations. If the horses are rampaging, either your emotions are threatening riot if you do not seriously attend to their requests or you are allowing your emotions to rule you. 1. To ride bareback in company with men, you will have honest people to aid you, and your success will be merited. Ten Thousand Dream Interpretation, A measure of success in love (to play a game of horseshoes). The dream suggests you keep this in mind because “Lady Luck is fickle.”... Dreamers Dictionary. Yo need to be more environmentally conscious. To pick one up in the road, you will receive profit from a source you know not of. The horse is a powerful animal representing noble and forthright actions. As a dream symbol it can represent a wide range of positive thoughts and ideas about self or others. It may mention that you have made too strong a statement.... Ariadne's Book of Dream, To see or taste horseradish in your dream suggests that you have made an overly strong statement. Spiritually, we can link the horseshoe with a talisman or amulet that protects us and our personal space. Falling off horse: A sign that you are relating badly to your basic urges and needs. It gives a feeling of being on top. Uneasy on ride: If this image appears in your dreams you may feel as if you are being taken for a ride or feel that your emotions are taking over your life. Seahorses represent being transported into the waters of intuition or the subconscious with significant insight resulting. Jung noted that horse dreams could often be indicative of health conditions. See White.... Little Giant Encyclopedia, The Complete Guide to Interpreting Your Dreams. The horse- shoe is also connected as a lucky symbol to weddings. The same is the interpretation if he sees himself owning, acquiring or securing the horse. Horse mating is an indication for failure in honoring your obligation and commitments. To dream of dark horses, signifies prosperous conditions, but a large amount of discontent. You may be experiencing the burdens and responsibilities involved with taking care and providing for a family. To see a horseman leading a procession, a caravan, or a group of travellers in a dream means going on a distant journey, recovering from an illness, or it could mean business activity. Some wishes will be gratified at an unexpected time. ... New American Dream Dictionary, According to Freud, the outline of the horseshoe represents the opening of the female sex organ.... Little Giant Encyclopedia. If a dog attacks a workhorse in a dream, it represents an enemy who will follow his wife. You are not really expressing how you really feel. The common expression, ‘get off your high horse’ refers to the need to be less arrogant and to be more down to earth. It's … If you dream of a red horse, then this represents playfulness, humor, and balancing hard work with joy. If a descendent of the family of God’s Prophet, upon whom be peace, sees himself flying on a winged horse in a dream, it means that he will rise in station and preside over people. A gathering of horses in a dream represents a gathering of women for a funeral or a wedding. Thanks the Interpretation has really helped me. It is the best of all horses insofar as interpretation is concerned.... Islamic Dream Interpretation, Symbolic of war, Rev. Ten Thousand Dream Dictionary. General: pleasurable energy and exuberance; dynamic sexual drive. In Greek myths, horses were linked to Hades, god of the underground and death. Riding an untamed horse is a sign that you’re being carried away by your emotions.... Dream Symbols and Analysis.

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