I'm a bit anal about maintenance so as soon as I got it back from the dealer, I had all the plastic off (which is a pain admittedly), coated everything in ACF50 and cracked every electrical connector I could get to and greased them. I am big bloke and 17+ stones so the rear shocks at at their limit really. It was sold for a total of 12 years with barely any changes. Buying experience: Bought the Silverwing from a dealer in Norfolk, online, and he arranged delivery to Bristol. Apart from a few cosmetic additions, I cannot fault thisvlovelybmachine. Only usually needing a soft squeeze to hault even from speed. Job done. I'm so glad I made the jump to the maxi scooter. Apart from this, no problems. Out on the open road it's not lacking either and happily cruises between 80 - 85mph and doesn't take long to get there either. Buying experience: Mine is a 2006 model bought used with 12k miles, from a dealer. I change my oil more frequently primarily because it can be done in 10 minutes and it only require 2 litres. Can't seem to coax it any higher in calm wind. Plenty of luggage space, all very well thought out. Fuel consumption is the same as any other big bike, about 50 to 55 mpg. Unsurprisingly, the Silver Wing was Honda’s fastest scooter ever, with a 0-60 mph time of 8 seconds and a top speed of 105mph (170km/hr). It’s cheaper than Suzuki’s Burgman 650 but considerably lighter and has the advantage of Honda reliability. Once you are rolling, the Silver Wing is generally viewed as a very stable and agile bike. See the need for a larger windshield and a rack. I know it's faster than my Super Cub was and a lot slower than the Mooney. Thanks for the info onf the LT, I'd read it should do 130mph, I haven't pushed it over a ton yet and that's by speedo which seems to be off about 5-10%. A pair of Hagons have sorted that. I do my own servicing which is a doddle on this bike. I keep meticulous records and I have a low of 54mpg (in winter) and a high of 64 mpg (in summer). The bike is a decent all round bike, can carry huge amounts with an additional top box, good weather protection and providing the wind is not too strong, good for long motorway cruising stay at 70 all day long. And while the Silver Wing’s pricier than Yamaha’s XP500 T-Max, it’s got a bit more power. My C650GT is a bit faster at top speed than the Silverwing. For GL riders my '90 1500 would top out very near 115mph and my '06 1800 hit the limiter a bit over 125mph. This gives even more rider seat room. As a commuter it makes no more sense than a GS or Blade (too fat for town work) but as a cross country toy or two up tourer it is an incredible machine. Company Number: LP003328 Registered Office: Academic House, 24-28 Oval Road, London, NW1 7DT. Sold from 2002 to 2013, the 600cc Silver Wing (FSC600) was by far Honda’s largest scooter offering. 100mph sounds fast to me - but 97mph does not. The rear seat backrest is adjustable for the passenger and works well for its size. Registered Office: Media House, Peterborough Business Park, Lynch Wood, Peterborough, PE2 6EA H Bauer Publishing, You really don't realise your riding a scooter. Never dangerous but you need a bit more concentration which, IMHO, is no bad thing. The change to the Silverwing 600 was viewed with caution, but in reality, the useable performance is not a lot different. The panels can be a bit rattly and vibey at times. I am a member on several motorcycle forums and one common thread is "how can I get my bike (or scooter) to go faster?" Short answer, faster than common sense should allow. The fuel injection’s slick and delivery’s seamless but fuel economy can suffer if you really cane a Honda FJS600 Silver Wing. I've upgraded the screen and fitted heated grips to give that bit of extra weather protection and comfort. Even on souped-up bikes, our Honda Silver Wing 600 power tuner adds serious horsepower to your daily- or race riding. The styling remained fresh and it withstood the test of time better than its Suzuki competitors which have now been redesigned. Vast amounts of storage space. Brake pads and front tyre seem to last for ever, a rear tyre goes every 4K. Bike was XBR500S Honda---I do have picture on way, but don't know how to send or care. The Honda FJS600 Silver Wing also has two glove compartments and a cavernous section under the seat mean loads of storage space. To achieve this, Honda designed their impressive 582cc parallel twin cylinder ‘DACT’ engine. If the rpms are too high Honda should have set the rpm limiter down. At higher speeds, the FSC600 offers decent wind protection and a more comforting ride that most smaller scooters offer. He could have gone faster, but so could I. Two up me and her are on the weight limit and scampering about the hills had the rear shocks bottoming out. With special appeal to those who relish the freedom of two wheels, the Silver Wing has all the comforts of four. Top speed & performance: Max power: 48 bhp: Max torque: 37 ft-lb: Top speed: 112 mph: 1/4 mile acceleration: 15 secs: Tank range: ... 9 owners have reviewed their HONDA SILVER WING 600 … I can't complain about the buying process which was handled well but the costs of servicing are ludicrously high. I use mine for commuting daily, shopping, days out and longer (300 mile plus) trips. An all round brilliant bike. The seat is very comfortable for the driver and reasonably comfy for a passenger. Yes I know it's not cutting edge fuel efficient (still high 50s/gallon). My SWing is very smooth (on smooth road) at top speed but things could get ugly if I hit a bump, had to take an evasive manuver, or need to brake quickly. It's silver, has 31,000 on the clock with fsh and I paid £1700 for it in a private sale. The design of the bike is very modern, which I like, the front and rear light clusters could easily have been removed from Hondas latest sports bike as well as the dash. I don't see how the weight of the sliders or rollers would make much difference if you're using the otherwise stock variator since any weight roller should have the thing wedged out all the way at that rpm. If you don’t reckon scooters are your thing, the  Honda FJS600 Silver Wing could come as a bit of a shock. Unsurprisingly, the Silver Wing was Honda’s fastest scooter ever, with a 0-60 mph time of 8 seconds and a top speed of 105mph (170km/hr).

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