The Holocaust: AD 1942-1945. From his name, the term Abramic Religions is derived; these are the three religions which trace their roots back to Abraham: Judaism… The most famous of these heroes is Samson, a great slayer of the people who are the Hebrews’ main rivals for this land of milk and honey. The fit go one way, to the prison huts where they will live for a while as unpaid and underfed labourers. No leader or land to call their own as everything was taken from them. The history of Judaism is incredible. Judaism is formed in 515 C.E The concept of secret groups of heretics particularly alarms the church; and the remarkable tenacity of the Jews of Belmonte, in maintaining their faith behind a Catholic facade, proves that there is good cause for the inquisitors’ suspicions. This has been the stronghold of a Canaanite tribe, the Jebusites, since long before the arrival of the Israelites. Rabbis are considered the spiritual leaders and worship is done in synagogues. He is Tomas de Torquemada, who himself comes from a family of converted Jews. Judaism teaches that every person was created “b’tzelem Elohim”, which is Hebrew. The Messiah: from the 6th century BC The concept of the Messiah also enters Judaism during the Babylonian exile, when the hope develops that a descendant of David (like him an ‘anointed’ king, which is the meaning of messiah), will emerge to restore the Jewish people to Jerusalem. The religion was founded by Moses, although Jews trace their history back to Abraham. North of Jerusalem, in the kingdom of Israel, a surviving son of Saul struggles to maintain his inheritance against the Philistine threat. Approximately 20,000 are sent to the concentration camps during the next few days. With the development of trading empires in northwest Europe in the 17th century, Jews begin to be appreciated again for their commercial skills. 1). Aryans and Vedic Period: Expansions of Aryans in India. The book of Genesis describes the events The theory, articulated by Hitler in Mein Kampf and in frequent ranting speeches, taps into a deep-rooted European tradition of anti-Semitism, blends in some 19th-century fantasies about ethnic identity and racial purity, and finally adds a dash of 20th-century neurosis about socialism. Foreign accounts: Greek, Chinese and Arab writers. History seems to begin with the new sense of unity which Moses gives the Hebrews during the years in the Sinai wilderness. Judaism is the original of three Abrahamic faiths, which includes Christianity and Islam. Pre-history and Proto-history: Geographical factors; hunting and gathering (paleolithic and mesolithic); Beginning of agriculture (neolithic and chalcolithic). In Spier in early May, in Worms and Mainz later in the month, and in Cologne, Trier and Metz in June, communities of Jews are seized and massacred by crusaders on their way east. The Pharaoh was afraid of the numbers and put out an order to have all of the male children killed that were being born by the Israelites ("", 2005-2014). Some of this religion main belief is that God is not physical, they believe that with perfect faith that the Creator, blessed be His Name, is not a body, and that He is free from all the properties of matter , and that there can be no physical comparison to Him whatsoever. 7. Judaism was originated in the Middle East over 3500 years ago. Three of his sons die in the battle – including his eldest, Jonathan, loved by both Saul and David. Moses was bought up in Egypt where there beliefs were to many gods. At first some exceptions are made, because of the insistence of the president, Hindenburg, that the law should not apply to Jews who had fought in the 914-18 war or had lost a father or son in that conflict. This was where sacrifices were made to God. Patriarchal: Man holds the greatest legal and moral authority – This created the oldest man in the house to have the say in everything. Even though Judaism is one of the oldest religions, Baha’i is much more of a prevalent religion and, perhaps more modern of the two. Moses: Led the Jews out of bondage in Egypt – The Israelites had been in bondage for many years, and Moses had talked to god and led them out, where they reached Canaan, Saul at first encourages David, making him head of the palace guard, but later he becomes jealous, even to the point of plotting his murder. Circumcision was the defining mark of the religious community. The covenant is based on God asking Abraham to do certain things, in return for which he promises to take special care of them. Most Jews, however, trace their history back to Abraham. World Religions Probably originating in southern Arabia, Semitic people have spread by 3000 BC along the desert caravan routes, up through Sinai and into Syria. Being that I am Jewish, I am somewhat ashamed of that. David’s first act as king of Israel is to seize Jerusalem and to make it his capital, as a central point between the two halves of his kingdom. He also grants the Polish Jews their own parliament, which meets twice a year and has tax-raising powers. The Torah is considered the central and most important religious document in Judaism even though the religion has a rich history of religious text. Once it is blazing, the doors are broken down and others are shoved into the cauldron. Throughout this paper I will discuss some important historical conflicts in Judaism, the beliefs, and finally some myths about the Jewish community. Thus begins one of the abiding images of the holocaust – trains of cattle trucks into which Jews are crowded, heading for an unknown destination. surrounding the lives of the four patriarchs: Abraham, Isaac, Jacob King Nebuchadnezzar: destroys first temple. These books include the Bresheit (Genesis), Shemot (Exodus), Vayicra... ...James Viloria Their first activity in a new area is usually that of the merchant, making use of their international network of contacts. The family is soon represented in all the important centres of the continent. Rumours on both counts – intellectual and material – prompt the Queen of Sheba to visit Solomon, bringing some ‘hard questions’ and much gold. New beginnings: 17th century AD. From now on these people are not Hebrews or Israelites but Jews, the people of Judah. The common ground (shared beliefs) for these sects was the belief in One God and that this One God had made a covenant with the people of Israel. In his grandson’s the two kingdoms will split apart. Part of the reason is the Christian community’s wish to control the Jewish minority in its midst; and part is the need of the Jews themselves for protection from Christian mobs. Issued jointly by the USA, the USSR, Great Britain and the governments in exile of nine occupied European countries, the declaration condemns in the strongest possible terms Germany’s ‘bestial policy of cold-blooded extermination’. But the law of April 7 is amended in 1935, after Hindeburg’s death, and by the end of the following year there are no ‘non-Aryans’ in public employment. The Jews, no longer indispensable, are expelled from England in 1290 and from France in 1306. The first massacres of Jews occur in France in the spring and summer of 1348. These books include the Bresheit (Genesis), Shemot (Exodus), Vayicra... ... Even though it is a very old religion, Jews are less than one percent of the world. So steps are taken to provide larger-scale death camps with permanent buildings. This is the dynasty established by Sargon. Iranian and Macedonian invasions and their impact. Briefly list the main events in Moses’ life according to the Old Testament. In another... ...and created another temple. But the Nazis are already working on a less visible and more efficient method of achieving their purpose. This religion is mostly spread in Israel, Europe and United States of America. Their position as money-lenders to the rich and powerful is eroded from the 13th century when merchants from northern Italy (collectively described as Lombards) develop banking activities. The Tanach was broken down into parts where people especially high ranked Rabbis interpret the Tanach into another book, the Talmud. There are many aspects of Christianity that roots back to Judaism Both historically and theologically; Christianity shares a tie with Judaism. He was spoken about throughout the book of Exodus as the founder of the Ten Commandments and the rules of living for the Jewish people. Second temple is rebuilt Pre-history and Proto-history: Geographical factors; hunting and gathering (paleolithic and mesolithic); Beginning of agriculture (neolithic and chalcolithic). It is undeniable that historically Christianity roots back to Judaism. Zealots: rebel groups The topics of focus for my brochure are two of the major festivals: the Passover and Yom Kippur. Strayer University The Torah, the aforementioned central religious document of Judaism, is the first part of the Jewish Bible. Forces and Factors That Impact School Reform, Investigating New Teachers’ Experiences: Easing the Transition through Professional Development. The Hebrew bible is recorded in the Tanach. “The Jewish religion is most commonly referred to as a type of ethical monotheism, as it assumes the existence of a Creator-God whose benevolence and goodness are reflected in His love of humanity and who has imparted to the Jews ethical principles by which they (and the rest of the human race) are expected to live by.” (367) . Joseph McCarthy The king himself, severely wounded, commits suicide. Some of this religion main belief is that God is not physical, they believe that with perfect faith that the Creator, blessed be His Name, is not a body, and that He is free from all the properties of matter , and that there can be no physical comparison to Him whatsoever. Jews believe that there is only one God with whom they have covenant. Both of them - ' this world ' and ' the world who will come ' - linked by the ' Age Messiah ' who is always seen as a period that is limited . Ezra: start collection of the scriptures in 430 B.C.E History of Judaism Circa 2000 BCE, the G-d of the ancient Israelites established a divine covenant with Abraham, making him the patriarch of many nations. In spite of the resounding story about the walls of Jericho falling down when Joshua (the chosen successor of Moses) marches round them, the texts make it plain that the move into Canaan is a long and fiercely contested process – with the various tribes achieving their own small victories and glorying in their own local heroes.

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