, Your email address will not be published. complex (before returning to its nest) We are not invincible and need to be capable of recognizing when to call upon the power of strength in numbers. var _g1; I’ve been struggling with my life recently but it makes sense now. Solitude can be good for you, and being alone can teach you so many things. I’m smart enough to know that was a huge sign. ….Looking at it again, seeing a different perspective. . Or maybe its just meant to be a symbol of who I am and to not worry about the things I cannot control? There is a song in Russia about Cranes- taking the spirits of people who have passed on- up to heaven.I do not speak Russian so don’t know the words- I learned this while listening to the beautiful Russian Baritone singer the late Dmetri Hvorostovski =I am so sorry he has passed on. We were out hiking when I spotted a Red Tailed Hawk and pointed it out to the teacher whom I was walking alongside. I think, now, that the spirit of the heron is with me, and thank you for this information. That has never happened me before. But, you should learn the art of patience. Today I had a great blue heron swoop 5 feet in front of me at a stop sign and sat beside my car on the side of Car. It gives you the good judgment and wisdom you need to accomplish this. Without knowing what the heron means in a symbolic way I felt content with myself, at least for a short time. Thank you, but I would imagine that 6 Herons flying across my path, and not wading, may make some difference in interpretation or message?? I too am at a crossroads in my life, trying to decide whether to leave my career as a lawyer to pursue my dreams of opening a spiritual healing centre, in the past 4 weeks I have seen 3 pairs of Herons flying over my car (the most recent almost hitting my windscreen! The dance in it's mystical movements can release old patterns and past fears for relationships that need healing. It then seizes the prey tightly with its beak before flying away gracefully. Heron symbolism is also closely defined by the idea of having absolute determination to achieve what you want. Not to mention you have various life skills and high self-confidence gained from being exposed to different kinds of elements. You seem to have been very impressed by the last heron, it seems like a beautiful thing may surprise you soon (or has already!). I still don’t know if I will recover completely, nor am I sure about the paths I am walking on. Otherwise, you could miss out on some very important opportunities. The Great Heron symbolizes the unity of two elegant energies; land and water. By continuing your efforts in this manner, you enable yourself to achieve more success. Our data base contains over 800 random affirmations. If the heron totem is your animal spirit, it means you are the type that is patient. Their calmness is what others like about then and is the main reason they are trusted and loved. Your curiosity and appetite for knowledge will increase dramatically. You are self-reliant and know very well when to come out and make yourself count. For us, this signifies the great rewards that come with patience and watchfulness. It is said that on the other side of fear is your greatest power. This is not necessarily a bad thing, although at first it may seem cutthroat. It’s very comforting and my life is improving daily. Another was facing in my direction but a little further away with the 3rd quite a ways away. My two friends who I was with missed the sighting so I really felt it was for my eyes (and awareness). Perhaps I’ve answered my own question. Recently, I have been struggling emotionally. It is this juicy energy that fills the Universe with creative possibility, the conquest of the seemingly impossible and new life. You are present in any situation, and this helps you to always be one step ahead. The people here referred to the heron as the “Lady of the Lake.”. I had just prayed 30 min before this sighting and asked G*d for direction, resolve and protection for our family in these tumultuous times. I have seen three blue herons in the past two weeks. People may never understand fully how you live. He was oblivous to us as we were sitting in the dark. In Ancient Egypt, on the other hand, they linked the heron to their god Osiris. I know the heron is my spirit animal, I had a magical moment that left me engulfed in a vapor and left me motionless with just me and the heron. i have always thought from emotions, now i will be grounded. I told her about the sightings and how I feel inexplicably drawn to her despite our differences and the next morning I gained a friend for life. There is a family of them on my property that frequent my pond.

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