He has one son, who was born in 1980. Rouzan Pamboukjian, 1996 Yerke Nayev Aghotk E feat. Tigran Asatryan & Sammy Flash, 2017 Karmir Tsaghik Me Garuni feat. Artikel yang dicadangkan: Harut Pambukchyan Wife Harout Pamboukjian also known as Left Harout born in 1950 in Yerevan. Just two men with their guitars. But it’s the centuries-old sacred and grandiose folk tunes about protecting the soil and fighting in the highlands — "Antranik Pasha," "Sassouni Orore," "Msho Aghchig" — that really get the blood stirring with nationalistic pride. Some of his famous interpretations include "Asmar Aghchig" (Dark Skinned Girl), "Zokanch" (Mother-in-law), "Msho Aghchig" (Girl from Mush), "Msho Dashter" (Fields of Mush), "Hye Kacher" (Armenian Heroes), "50 Daree" (50 Years) and "Hey Jan Ghapama", Learn how and when to remove this template message, https://en.wikipedia.org/w/index.php?title=Harout_Pamboukjian&oldid=984218438, BLP articles lacking sources from October 2010, Articles containing Armenian-language text, Articles containing Western Armenian-language text, Articles with unsourced statements from October 2015, Wikipedia articles with MusicBrainz identifiers, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License, 1980 In Memory Of Those Who Gave Their Lives, 1994 Jambanere Bingyoli feat. Today, there are over 20 Harout albums and counting. Yesterday the entire web was flooded with a video of Harout Pamboukjian, at one of his performances in Glendale, leaving the stage after some protesters, wearing t-shirts with Nikol Pashinyan’s portrait stood in front of the stage with their backs turned to him, showing their disrespect to Pamboukjian. Harout Pamboukjian’s last concert in Yerevan was in 2012. Harout Pamboukjian music, videos, stats, and photos | Last.fm. Only two months after his arrival here, Harout put together a studio band and recorded his first album, Our Eyir Astvats (Where Were You, God? Aypoupen is Managed By Hostitute Domain and Hosting provider. https://aypoupen.com/6512/video-trip-artsakh-nagorno-karabakh/. This page was last edited on 17 June 2013, at 02:28. That first album, now considered a classic, barely resembles the trademark sound he’s become known for since then. During the concert, Harout Pamboukjian descended several times to mingle and be Photographed with his fans, of all ages. Fathers-of-the-bride in places as far away as France have typically shelled out a couple of thousand bucks for just an hour of Harout’s time. Listen closer and you’ll hear some funky wah-wah guitar too, though only a few of the songs are dance-oriented, certainly different from the material that later made him so popular at weddings. An amalgamation of contemporary, folk and patriotic musics, at times it may sound like flashy pop, but with an inescapable earthiness that seems to emanate from the very soul of his people. Harout Pamboukjian (Armenian: Հարութ Փամբուկչյան; Western Armenian: Յարութ Փամպուքճեան), (born in 1950 in Yerevan, Armenian SSR, Soviet Union), known as Dzakh Harut (Ձախ Հարութ Left Harout), is an Armenian American pop singer living in Los Angeles.His Armenian dance, folk, and revolutionary and romantic songs make him a favorite among Armenians worldwide. But it's the centuries-old folk tunes about protecting the soil and fighting in the highlands—"Antranik Pasha," "Sassouni Orore," "Msho Aghchig"—that appeal to his fans' nationalistic pride. The people who behaved in such a way reasoned that in 2017 the singer bowed to Serge Sargsyan and his party at the end of the final event of the RPA election campaign, and this is the answer.

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