64%-72%: By far the easiest part in the level. 60%-67%: I try to skip the transition (yes, it's possible) because it has a chance of messing with me. 90%-100%: I screwed up here a few times, and trust me it was NOT fun. Mine is: Stereo Madness 1/10 Polargiest 1.2/10 Base After Base 1.5/10 Dry Out 1.5/10 Back on Track 2/10 Can't let Go 3/10 Jumper 3.8/10 xStep 4/10 OH MY GOD YESSSS YEEEEEEEEEEESSSSSSSSSSS. Clubstep (This is the level that caused the most suffering for me.). 0%-13%: Like always, a basic start. Deadlocked (Not hard, but the wave and memory ship. Clubstep, the first official demon, has many annoying parts that will drive you crazy. However, the hardest level is Silent Club by Play 1107696. Please Login or Register. < > Showing 1-15 of 23 comments . Tags: geometry dash 2.0 , geometry dash , geometry dash 2.0 apk , geometry dash apk , geometry dash online , geometry dash lite , geometry dash 2.0 download , game frozen islands , game gas blast , game fisher cat , game fireboy and watergirl, Geometry Dash attention to pass the level, How did the app Geometry Dash get so many reviews, Why do some of my levels disappear in geometry dash, How long would it take to develop the skills to make games like Geometry Dash, How can you change the colour multiple times in one level on Geometry Dash, What is the hardest level in Geometry Dash, © 2023 by Kathy Schulders. You just gotta focus. This is also harder than cataclysm and aftermath which are also apart of the 3 part series. The eventual community's shift to higher refresh rate monitorsallowed people to complete levels that had not been finished legitimately before due to the limitations of lower refresh rates. No doubt. 86%-100%: "I frustrated so much after 97% and 98% fails..." -AleXPain24 commenting on Supersonic, 6. I think Sonic wave has the title of hardest legit level though. And search up some edited together videos of it before you dare even considering otherwise. Good graphics, the dual parts get me every time! Anyone with decent skills like Cyclic, Riot, Souls TRK and more intermediate players can beat it legit. 51-70%: Hectic but easy. I have to say, comparing Bloodbath to Sonic Wave is like comparing Stereo Madness to Sonic Wave. Yes, but Ice carbon has been verified by riot and guitar and souls too I believe. I used to play geometry dash but I quid a few months ago the game seems interesting again so I'm coming back to the geometry dash community a better player. Ok, all of these like Sonic Wave, Bloodbath, Erebus, all are to be honest, sorta tied. Oh and I think I have to mention the last ship... pure torture. 0%-37%: Insidiousness + triple spikes = this part can take several tries. Cookies help us deliver our Services. No doubt about it. Hardest demon ever. ':(. It dose not deserve this place. However, by the time you get here, you'll likely be so nervous you'll end up making it harder than it is. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wzTNcwF2ZXg, 10. Fingerdash (First introduction to the dash orbs was not fun at all.) Other News. This level has the most tight of all time flying sections! Okay so this level has a lot of hard dual parts and the mini double gravity orbs are really hard! Many GD players have said that this is the hardest demon. 43-51%: I screw up at this part about as often as I find four-leaf clovers. The hardest wave parts in any rated level ing game. This website saves cookies to your browser in order to improve your online experience and show you personalized content. Bro time machine took me 150ish attempts but it feels like it took 193749404, why yall think time machine is harder than cycles cycles has freaking medium demon gameplay, This is definitely coming from someone with below 10 demon completions, For the time you beat it, cycles is hard demon, Blast processing is a 1/5 (same difficulty as jumper). You will feel the pressure. Geometry Dash Forum. Will. The level with the weirdest coin placement (I mean, 2 coins in 10%, come on Rub), Electroman Adventures features some really easy sections and some really hard sections. How the hell did Sunix beat this? ), ToE 2 (OK, this is harder than Clubstep. The first of the only official level series, ToE has something in store for you. 0%-26%: Harder than it looks until you memorize. Cataclysm8. (cough cough second coin cough cough Nine Circles confirmed). 0%-35%: The amount of triple spikes here is inhumane. For you which is the most difficult level of all Geometry Dash? 8. The King of the official levels. Many say it's easier than Hexagon Force, but I dont think so. Although it was listed in the “ Impossible Category”, but some people has completed it with Start Position ( Zobros completed with Start Position from 52% to 100% ). And conical depression is below it!?! Tight rocket spaces, precise square and ball areas, ufo timing areas, and deadly wave parts. Cycles (I think we all know why this is on the list). 34%-52%: "Easy" -Zobros on pretty much ANY LEVEL HE MAKES. I'm not that good at the game but the demon list says it's the hardest and I trust the large group of great players that create that list. Once it was rated Demon, but Cyclic found out a hard-to-find secret way. JUST KIDDING Sonic Wave truly is the ultimate challenge. Deadlocked (I'm interested to see how much debate I end up causing because of this.). Now despite what people think about bloodbath and bloodlust sonic wave is the hardest to ever be verified due to the near impossible wave section. Intermediate, as defined by the Webster's online dictionary, is " relating to or having the knowledge or skill of someone who is more advanced than a beginner but not yet an expert" check your definitions before posting lol, because there is not an Intermediate player in the world that could beat Bloodbath, This is the hardest level in the world. The first coin is the real nusiance IMO. GBoy were you trying to make the world go nuts or something?! Time Machine (It was really hard to decide over #6, but this won by a hair.). that's my favourite part lol. With Memorization, UFO and the hardest coin in the game, ToE is a really good challenge for newcomers. Someone below said that only "Intermediate" players can beat it. This part's kind of easy but you can get nervous. However, the hardest level is Silent Club by Play 1107696. 85%-89%: Obviously you're Riot himself if the transition never killed you. Read our Privacy Policy and Cookie Policy to get more information and learn how to set up your preferences. I currently have 15,000 attempts on it and I can't even get to the end. 18%-27%: This part can take a while to master. That feeling when everyone says modern is the only good style but i have my old 1.9 levels ready to upload: get a load of this idiot, www.youtube.com/channel/UCU8tvbuXN_FIuvBsaKVawQA, www.youtube.com/channel/UCerjs7m64UfnFBxuapSXOyg. 4. I saw the preview, medium demon, get off of this list. ToE 2 is the continuation of ToE, and the difficulty increased by a LOT. Holy shizy this I don't think is a demon, but it's hard. © 2023 by Kathy Schulders. Definitely one of the hardest, with so much detail making it hard for you to see what to do, and don't forget the length! Unpopular opinion but in my opinion this is harder than zodiac. Numbah eight: Theory of Everything. 1. I have an idea there was a level series which planned to have 118 levels from element 1-element 118 I'm thinking of recreating it.My in game username is: WampergameZ so send me a message if you are interested,Thank you. Everyone knows Electrodynamix for it's evil speedchanges, creating very hard gameplay, especially for the ship. 80%-82%: Kim-Jong Un made this part. Bloodlust is basically a buffed and lengthened version of bloodbath, which was once the hardest demon on geometry dash. Clutterfunk (Not hard at all, but the coins are kinda tricky) 24%-30%: After Theory of Everything 2, this part is nothing.

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