It’s 7:30 p.m., and I came to taste every single one of the 12 Margaritas on the menu. Welcome to the land of average tasting Chili’s Margaritas. On the off chance that you have a craving for reaching me, I’d really get a kick out of the chance to meet your companion on account of the amount we look like each other. Kari stepped in to defend me, but not before someone slipped in a “You better be a runner!” After tasting the Tropical Sunrise Margarita — which tastes like a Tequila Sunrise hunch punch with melon liqueur and pineapple — I have to agree. You have shared very helpful an interesting information. I made it and it was just Okay. -Stay cool and stay fresh ! Thanks for sharing this piece of information. The blackberries and blueberries sank to the bottom, but were so worth digging out. (Request) Chili’s Grand Coconut Margarita. Sure, I’d been on trains before, but nothing prepared me for this ride of a lifetime. Or this weekend. The night was warm, it was fuzzy, and it was soooo L.A., complete with a papparzzi-studded red carpet, celebrity appearances (oh the stories we could tell and such a good thing that social media didn’t exist, yet) and lots of money that was generously raised for homeless animals. Jose Cuervo® Silver Tequila, BACARDI® Coconut Rum and Grand Marnier® shaken with coconut puree. Nope! The Coronita Margarita is less cloyingly sweet thanks to the beer, and it’s extremely drinkable. Chili's Grand Patron Margarita Recipe FREE Chili's Margarita Recipes FREE Restaurant Recipes Please visit the Facebook page by clicking this text! Back in the day—aka 10+ years ago and pre-child so I had plenty of extra time—I volunteered as a fundraiser/weekend adoption go-er/dog photo-taker/graphic designer and board member (all hands on deck for the animals!) It is possible that you are driving men to God or you are pushing them away. Thank you. :). I think they’d have to carry me off! This train was owned by self-made billionaire John Paul DeJoria, founder of John Paul Mitchell and Patron Spirits, and was deemed by DeJoria as, “the favorite of my 13 homes.”  But unlike those other homes from New York to Hawaii, this one just happened to be powered by an Amtrak steam engine. Be the first to share what you think! Email me and I’ll send a photo of me or me with my family. And man, how glad am I that he did. More posts from the CopyCatRecipes community. Wow, what great memories! And my word, this drink recipe…I have to make it ASAP! It’s also where my love of tequila was cemented in stone. You know how normally people say you look like someone, but it’s hard for you to see it yourself. A refreshing combination of coconut cream and coconut milk infuse tropical flavors into my favorite reposado tequila margarita, served on the rocks. Thanks for sharing this with us. I always found very much interesting content on your posts. Press J to jump to the feed. Garnish. James wore a flat bill Philadelphia 76ers hat, Mike a Raiders hat. Without a doubt, this site is the best platform to read blogs. There’s no guarantee the Margarita at these joints will be good, but it’ll be there. comment. Add more or less to your taste. Oh my gosh, that TRAIN!! Especially this blog that stood out among the rest. This is the best Chili’s Margarita. We as a maker of FAMOUS MOVIE JACKETS brought to you a wide range of fine quality of jackets in leather, cotton and satin. They have some sleek looking leather jackets, biker jackets and amazing fabric. The big ticket item of the night’s live auction was an overnight trip aboard The Patron Tequila Express. OH HAIL YES. Made these tonight….omg, absolutely delish!!!! What a great post! All aboard the Patron train and break out the tequila. The coconut cream gives the drink a more intense coconut flavor and creamy texture. SERVES: 1. This drink has a good, balanced flavor. I do love it. When we talk about fashion, the thing that instantly come in our mind is styling with jackets. But I added a little simple syrup juuuuust to sweeten it up a little bit. Enter Chili’s Grill and Bar, where saying the chain has a Marg on the menu is like saying New York City has a couple of tall buildings. The ride would be in John Paul DeJoria’s private train car hitched on the tail of an Amtrak train traveling from Los Angeles to San Diego and then back the next day. MAKE IT SHINE! This was the second Margarita I ordered, and I was still getting acclimated to the task. Thanks Dante Coat\, I really like your drink and post. I usually made this Coconut Margarita on weekends for my lovely wife, she starts her day with this delicious dish, and I start my day with her beautiful smile :).

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